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501, 499, 95.

1 PRAISE to thee, O dear Redeemer,
For the riches of thy grace;
Bow, my soul, no idle dreamer,
Worship him who saves the race;
He who reigned with God on high,
He who laid his glory by:
Sing his praises, sing his praises,

Sing of him who came to die. 2 How shall mortal man adore thee,

Thou the high, Immortal One?
Sinful dust might bow before thee
While the countless ages run;

Yet 't were vain to worship thee
Unless love the motive be.
O my Saviour! O my Saviour!

Grant this gift of love to me.
3 Vain are all the words I've spoken,
Lord, to show that love is mine;
Godly life shall be the token

Of my love for things divine.

This I covet, this bestow,Strength to live aright below; Then how much thy child doth love thee, O my Saviour, thou shalt know!

FE. Belden.

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1. O Thou in whose presence my soul takes delight, On whom in afflic-tion I call,


The star that on Israel shone?
Say if in your tents my Beloved has been,
And where with his flock he has gone.

2 Ye daughters of Zion, declare, have you 14 His lips, as a fountain of righteousness flow,

To water the gardens of grace;


From which their salvation the Gentiles

3 His voice, as the sound of the dulcimer sweet,

Is heard through the shadows of death; The cedars of Lebanon bow at his feet, The air is perfumed with his breath.




2 Saviour, let thy kingdom come!
Now the man of sin consume;
Bring thy blest millenium,
Holy Lamb.

shall know,

And bask in the smiles of his face.


He looks, and ten thousands of angels rejoice,

And myriads wait for his word;
He speaks, and eternity, filled with his

Re-echoes the praise of the Lord.
Joseph Swain.

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3 Thus may we each moment feel.
Love him, serve him, praise him still,
Till we all on Zion's hill

See the Lamb.


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1. Come, gracious Spir-it, heavenly Dove, With light and com-fort from a-bove;




Be thou our guardian, thou our guide; O'er all our thoughts and steps pre-side.




47, 3, 58.

2 To us the light of truth display,
And make us know and choose thy way;
Plant holy fear in every heart,
That we from God may ne'er depart.
3 Lead us to holiness,-the road

That we must take to dwell with God;
Lead us to Christ, the living way,
Nor let us from his precepts stray.
4 Lead us to God, our final rest,
To be with him forever blest;
Lead us to heaven, its bliss to share-
Fullness of joy forever there!

Simon Browne.

58, 140, 47.

1 POUR out thy Spirit from on high;
Lord, thine assembled servants bless;
Graces and gifts to each supply,

And clothe us all with righteousness. 2 Wisdom, and zeal, and faith impart,

Firmness, with meekness from above, To bear thy people on our heart,

And love the souls whom thou dost love;

GEORGE Kingsley.


3 To watch and pray, and never faint,

By day and night strict guard to keep; To warn the sinner, cheer the saint,

Nourish thy lambs, and feed thy sheep. 4 Then, when our work is finished here,

In humble hope our charge resign: When the chief Shepherd shall appear, O God! may they and we be thine! James Montgomery.


168, 212, 215,

1 COME, blessed Spirit, source of light, Whose power and grace are unconfined, Dispel the gloomy shades of night,

The thicker darkness of the mind.

2 To my enlightened eyes display

The glorious truth thy words reveal; Cause me to run the heavenly way,

Make me delight to do thy will.

3 Thine inward teachings make me know,
The wonders of redeeming love,
The vanity of things below,

And excellence of things above.

4 While through these dubious paths I stray,
Spread, like the sun, thy beams abroad;
Show me the dangers of the way,

And guide my feeble steps to God.
Benjamin Beddome.


215, 171, 219.

1 COME, Holy Spirit, calm my mind,
And fit me to approach my God;
Remove each vain, each worldly thought,
And lead me to thy blest abode.
Hast thou imparted to my soul


A living spark of holy fire?
O, kindle now the sacred flame;

Make me to burn with pure desire. 3 A brighter faith and hope impart,

And let me now my Saviour see;
O, soothe and cheer my burdened heart,
And bid my spirit rest in thee.


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9:23 54

1. O for that flame of living fire Which shone so bright in saints of old;


Which bade their souls to heaven as-pire,

Brightened Isaiah's vivid page,

And breathed in David's hallowed lays? 4 Is not thy grace as mighty now

As when Elijah felt its power? When glory beamed from Moses' brow, Or Job endured the trying hour?

5 Remember, Lord, the ancient days;

Renew thy work, thy grace restore; And while to thee our hearts we raise, On us thy Holy Spirit pour.

Wm. H. Bathurst.


3, 64, 51.

1 COME, Holy Spirit, heavenly guest,
And make thy mansion in my breast;
Dispel my doubts, my fears control,
And heal the anguish of my soul.

212, 8, 47.

2 Where is that spirit, Lord, which dwelt
In Abram's breast, and sealed him thine?
Which made Paul's heart with sorrow melt,
And glow with energy divine?-
3 That spirit which from


age to age Proclaimed thy love, and taught thy ways?

That heavenly influence let me find
In holy silence of the mind;
While every grace maintains its bloom,
Diffusing wide its rich perfume.

2 Thou God of love and peace divine,
O make thy light within me shine!
Forgive my sins, my guilt remove,
And send the tokens of thy love.

3 Come with thy healing from above,
Fill each and every heart with love;
O turn to flesh the flinty stone,
And let thy sovereign power be known!
Philip Doddridge.


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136, 101, 58.

1 As when in silence vernal showers Descend and cheer the fainting flowers, So, in the secrecy of love,

Falls the sweet influence from above.

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3 Awake our souls to joyful songs;
Let pure devotions rise;

Till praise employs our thankful tongues,
And doubt forever dies.

4 Father, we would no longer live
At this poor, dying rate,
To thee our thankful love we give,
For thine to us is great.

5 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove,
With all thy quickening powers;
Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love,
And that shall kindle ours.

Isaac Watts.


74, 120, 546.

1 ETERNAL Spirit, power of truth,
Our contrite hearts inspire;
Revive the flame of heavenly love,
And feed the pure

sacred love In these


2 'Tis thine to soothe the sorrowing mind,
With guilt and fear oppressed;
"Tis thine to bid the dying live,
And give the weary rest.

3 Subdue the power of every sin,
Whate'er that sin may be;
That we, in singleness of heart,
May worship only thee.

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27, 74, 147.

2 O raise our thoughts from things below, 4 Then with our spirits witness bear

From vanities and toys!

Then shall we with fresh courage go
To reach eternal joys.

That we are sons of God,
Redeemed from sin, and death, and hell,
Through Christ's atoning blood.

ly Dove, With all thy quickening powers;



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