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To-day shall Chr 292
To-day the Savio 414
To each the soul 1013
To each thy saer
Together let us s 760
Together let us w 1141
Together oft they 1013
Together to their 895
To heaven, the p
To him, enthron
To him I owe my
To him that o'er 1352



To him who reig
To him who suffe
Toiling early in t 1058
Toil on, faiut not 1036
Toil on, nor dee 1196
To Jesus Christ I 807
To meditate thy 211
To me has been b 1271
To my enlighten 138
Tones of thunder 838
Too soon we rise 1122
To others let me
To our benighted 148
To our bountiful 1353
To pray and wait
To shelter the di




To songs of prais
To speak our doo
To spread the ra
Tossed on time's
To that bright, b
To that cross I c 120
To thee I tell my 734
To thee my trem
To thee shall age 24
To thee we glad 1072
To thee we now e 260
To the Lord their 38
To them the cross 121
To them the priv 693
To thy benign, i 49
To thy sure love, 54
Touched by the q 454
Touched with as 351
Touch with thy 584
To us, O Lord, th 56
To us remains, n 1033
To us the light of 136
To waste these S 561
To watch and pr 137
To what a stubb 386
To you, in David 288
Tread in his step 1090
Trespasses in wo 460
Trials make the
Trials must and 713
True 'tis a straig 593
Truly blessed is 534
Trusting only in 1275
Trust in him who 1246
Truth! how sacr 277
Truth! O trusty 606
Turn to the Lord 1308
Turn, turn us mi 386
Turn us with gen 154
'Twas a heathen 1311
'Twas all that I 1293
'Twas by watch 615
'Twas Christ, t 1096
'Twas grace that 441
'Twas sown in w 946




Un hangeable, a 55
Undaunted to th 592
Unnumbered com 77
Until released fr 642
Until the trump 1125
Unto the hopes b 704
Unto us a child i 294
Unworthy we cry 1209
Up and ever at o 1038
U and take thy 605
Uphold us with t 550
Upon the battle-fi 530
Up to the hills w 546
Upward still to p 768
U's into thy prote 760

Vain are all the

133 Vainer still the h 1066 Vain, sinful man 10 Vain the stone, t 342 inly we offer e 298 with rock 33 of mercy 1011

Waiting and wat 1323
Waiting for a bri 1327
Waiting, hoping, 1340
Waiting, waiting 1341
Wait, then, my s 48
Walk in the ligh 635
Wan reaper in th 1057
Wash me, and m 1103
Was it for crimes 322
Wasting all your 1276
Watch and pray, 1255
Watch for thou t 615
Watchman, see t 842
Watchman, tell u 828
Watchmen, hail 842
Watch, tls your 810
Water, pure wat 1378
Water the sacred 1043
Water with heav 149
We accept of thy 1231
Weak as I am, y 69s
Weak as you are
Weak is the effor 118
Weak though we 333
Weak, unworthy 1116
We are going ho 1006
We are in the ti 843
We are sinful; e 166
We are thine, do 775
We are traveling 482
Weary, helpless, 1194
Weary of wander 807
Weary pilgrim, 1 1151
We ask not, Fath 727
We bless thy nam 213
We bring them, L 1075
We dream of rest 1366
Weep not as thos 918
Weep, O my soul 878
We exalt thee, w 295
We feel the ive 1175
We feel the resur 679
We fight not agai 602
We follow thee, o 799
We hail thy brig 1165
We have a house 947
We have found t 854
We have heard o 1010
We have nothing 1365
We have not rea
We have one hop 1099
We hear the voic 933
We humbly bese 1209
Weighed in the b 1345
We join to sing t 247
We laid them do 815
We laugh to scor 760
Welcome and pre 229
Welcome, welco 240
Welcome, welco 1313
Well may you ha 865
Well might the h 443
Well might the s
Well pleased the 440
Well, the delight 123
We'll bear the co 1173
We'll build on th 1210
We'll crowd thy 19
We'll gird our loi 496
We'll gladly exch 1171
We'll live in ten 1262
We'll meet them 1355
We'll range the 492
We'll tarry by th 1214
We'll trust thee a 1219
We'll watch and 1321
We'll watch unto 1339
We live, we die: 932
We long to heart 802
We long to heart 815
We long to meet 8
We love thy nam 1080
We love to sing a 497
We may sleep, b 963
We meet at thy c 473
We meet the grac 11
We offer thee the 761
We patient pray, 791
We praise thee fo 263
We praise thee, O 1191
We praise thee, o 235
Were half the bre 515
Were not the ten 199
Were these tried 995
Were the whole r 315
We rise with him 1084
We seek the trut 4
We shall all with 1158
We shall greet th 1832


We shall have a 1158
We shall join the 1374
We shall know a 13:4
We shall meet hi 904
We shall meet to 1374
We shall meet w 1871
We shall see him 1158
We shall see the 1374
We shall sing on 1333
We shall sing so 1374
We share our mu 1022
We sink beneath 1080
We soon shall se 799
We speak of its f 505
We take the brea 1110
We taste thee, O 108
We tell him all o 89
We thank thee fo 224
We trust thy sac 106
We've met in lov 474
We've no abiding 977
We wait to see on 802
We want the trut 199
We who were all 1105
We will all go out 1326
We will rest in t 1360
We will tell the p 1175
We will trust thy 280
What a gatherin 1329
What do we here 8
Whate'er events 732
Whate'er in me 442
Whate'er pursuit 626
Whatever ills the 874
Whatever thy da 1240
What glory then 682
What is it keeps 453
What is my bein
What is the repo 245
What, is there th 596
What is wordly p 1201
What languages 330
What of truth we
What peaceful h 581
What says the B 1305
What strange su 1105
What, then, is h 625
What though in 1 716
What though in s 68
What though the 508
What though the 792
What though the 809
What though the 1055
What though the 485
What though the 622
What though wa 831
What thou, my L 330
What! to be bani 889
What troubles ha 479
What truth and 1 301
When all I am I 109
When all the po 208
When at last I ne 769
When black the 700
When by afflictio 807
When by earth's 710
When chilling de 748
When danger ho 1219
When darkness 8 666
When doubts dis 65
When drooping p 718
When, each canf 1014
When earth looks 1291
Whene'er becalm
Whene'er I feel t 325
Wheue'er the an 629
Whene'er to call 143
When fainting u
When first before 708
When first to the 1217
When free from e 1014
When gladness w 81
When God is mi 350
When God's own 179
When grace has 219
When he applies 447
When he comes, 820
When here, O Lo 1135
When here thy m 1135
When I appear in
When in his eart 113
When I review m 385
When I tread the 773
When I tread the 1218
When Jesus bids 936
When Jesus has 1271
When life sinks a 98
When love, in on 1014
When mid-day's 517
When Moses stoo 515





While pilgrims h 667
While place we a 1039
While the foe be 860
While the herald 1065
While the souls o 1069
While this thorn 273
While they arou 129
While thou bring 241
While through th 138
While we hear th 18
While we journey 1024
While we praise 242
While we seek su 244
While we thus w 1116
Whither should m 466
Who by the close 67
Who can behold t 59
Who can tell the 900
Who has love so 1280
Who his advent 411
Who is like God? 20
Who is this Jesu 1269
Who is this King 336
Wholly thine, wh 1201
Who may share t 500
Whosoever shall 1304
Who so strong as 1247
Who suffer with t 1143
Who, who would 1178
Who would not w 915
Who would reject 1108
Why art thou cas 481
Why do they shu 596
Why do they, the 506
Why faint, my so 100
Why should my f 725
Why should my p 572
Why should this
Why should web 1109
Why should we d 730
Why should we t 1282
Why shrinks my
Why vex our sou 1393
Wicked spirits g 847
Wide as the worl
Wide it unvails e
Wildly the storm 507
Wilt thou not bid 586
Wisdom, and zea 137
Wisdom its dicta 173
With all my pow 198
With boldness, t 347
With bounding s 303
With calm and t 603
With cheerful fee 1073
With contrite hea 761
With faith in thy 1079
With harmony th 1016
With harps and 909
With hearts and 1 1043
With him, I on Z 840
With him sweet 665
With his preciou 131
With holy kiss, w 1120
Within that boso 579
Within these wal 1134
Within these wal 973
Within the tent's 207
Within thy circli 53
Within thy prese 764
Within thy sacr 171
With joy I accept 1166
With joy we brin 562
With joy the cho 289
With joy we in h 1071
With joy we tell 1097
With kind regard 967
With longing eye 71
With meek subm 717
With mine and n 923
With my burden 531
With my lamp w 856
With pitying eye 373
With power he v 976
With prayer and 604
With purple robe 832
With rapture sha 72
With sacred awe 29
With shining fac 306
With sweet delig 286
With tender anx 1298


Yea, amen! let a 906
Yea, and before 87
Yes, bring him in 787
Yearly in our co 962
Yea though my f 1291
Yea, though the 57
Ye call me Lord a 110i
Ye chosen seed of 111
Ye daughters of 134
Ye dwellers in th 946
Ye fearful saints 74
Ye feeble saints, 1233
Ye little flock wi 1075
Ye men of earth, 884
Ye mortals, mark 556
Ye seraphs whos
Yes, every secret 891
Yes gladder by fa 1378
Ye shall be happ 1096
Ye shall be mine 492
Yes heavenly wis 704
Yes he will come 795
Ye sinners, come 396
Ye sinners seek h 887
Yes I open this p 1294
Yes let it go, one
Yes let men rage 623
Yes my earth-wo 1352
Yes sleeping ong 13-7
Yes, the prize sh 855
Yes this is our h 1339
Yes, we'll gather 1362
Yes, we shall me 969
Yes, whosoever 405
Yet, again we ho 960
Yet, a third and 859
Yet does one sho
Yet faith may tri 987
Yet he found me 1268
Yet I may love th 79
Yet I mourn my 589
Yet, Lord, bring 237
Yet, Lord, forgiv 197
Yet, Lord, where 734
Yet men would f 185
Yet Mercy calls 380
Yet mighty Lord 21

Yet not one anxi 914
Yet save a tremb 434
Yet stay, the vis 876
Yet this my soul 64
Yet the seed upra 956
Yet these, new-r 919
Yet we come in C 1085
Ye wheels of nat 794
Yet when bowed 1196
Ye who are of de 229
Ye who, forsakin 128
Ye whose sins ha 1236
Ye who the world 415
Yet why, dear Lo
Yonder Rum's ca 1987
You call me Lord 1096
Your lofty theme
Your willing ear 399
Youth on length 96:



With that blessed
With thee conver
With thee, in the 269
With thee to lead 724 You who by the t 1037
With thee when 269

When most I feel 1237
When my dim re 65
When my pilgri 1114
When night is da 776
When not e'en fr 696
When on the sult 752
When on thine o
When our days o 778
When our earth 533
When our work o
When, 0, when, 481
When penitence 378
When poor and h 670
When Sabbathsh 236
When sad with a 1136
When Satan app
When Satan's w 747
When sense with 747
When shall I rea 991
When shail I rea 1360
When shall I see 102
When shall love 270
When shall the t 933
When shriveling 877
When soft the de 542
When sorrowing 707
When sorrow sw 378
When that illust 599
When the amaze 338
When the angel 1329
When the apostl 769
When the Archa 1343
When the Chief 259
When the Conqu 1167
When the evil se 1288
When the foe's d 1167
When the golden 1329
When the holy a 1352
When the King e 1319
When the loud la 1343
When the mists 1354
When the morn o 958
When the pangs 313
When the sky ab 772
When the solemn 905
When the stormi 772
When the sun of 130
When the trump 1167
When the weary 827
When the woes o 130
When the world i 1167
When thou come 1324
When through fle
When thy soul is 772
When toiling in 710
When tossed upo 992
When to the cros 1104
When trouble, I 110
When weary with 1214
When we asunde 1022
When we behold 319
When we disclos 577
When we see a p 963
When we think h 1024

When will the tr 839
Where all our toi 1041
Where all things 559
Where are the br 1234
Where are the re 1248
Where'er I turn 73
Where'er the wo 190
Wherever he ma 743
Wherever in the 744
Where is that spi 140
Where no fruit a 1059
Where no wintry 958
Where streams of 1015
Where the night 1260
Where the rich g 1172
Where the tears 1009
Where will the si 913
Whether in suus 1239
While flowers are 580
While he affords 762
While here a str 597
While here in 'th 1177
While his high p 34
While I am a píl 531
While in faith w 1117
While in grateful 584
While in sweet a 1118
While in thy hou
While Jesus is o
While Jesus is o
While life's dark
While many spen
While on earth o
While our days o
While our prayer


With them let us 379

With those who i 26 Zlon enjoys her 51 87 With thy righteo 406 Zion, the desolat 979

No. With understand 14 With whatgriefa 964 With wicked spir 602 With winged spe 797 With what joyful 843 With whom dost 54 Wondrous honor 1062 Word of the ever 157 Words of battle e 1247 Work and wait, 125% Work and watch 1251 Work, for the ni 1056 Work is abundan 1263 Work on, despair 1648 Work till the su 1251 Work with a hea 1251 Worn and weary 1398 Worship, honor, 358 Worthy is he that 105 Worthy the Lam 112 Wouldst bring a 1287 Would ye to the 835 Would you be a 1304 Would you kneel 1227 Would you offer u 1227



Abide with me! Fast falls the..568
According to thy gracious.....1104
Acquaint thyself quickly.
A day of awful grandeur...
A few more years shall
Afflicted saint, to Christ.
Again our earthly cares
Against the God that.
Again the day returns of.
A glory gilds the sacred.
A glory in the word we.
Ah! guilty sinner, ruined by.
Ah! how shall fallen man......384
Ah! whither should I go.......453
Ah! why should doubts.
Alas! and did my Saviour......322
A little while, our Lord..... 788
All hail the power of...... .111, 1229
All praise to our redeeming...1017
All praise to thee, eternal Lord 284
All that I was, my sin, my......446
All things are ready
All things are thine; no.......1128
All ye nations, praise the........40
All you that are weary..
Almighty Father, bless the... 263
Almighty God, thy word is.. 190
Almost persuaded now to....... 1283
A lovely infant sleeps in
Amazing grace! how sweet... 441
Am I a soldier of the cross 599, 1144
Am I my brother's keeper?....1234
Among the mountain trees ....334
An angel's voice now breaks..1187
And art thou, gracious Master..657
And is the gospel peace.... 629
And is there, Lord, a rest...... 986
And must I be to Judgment....891
And must I part with.....
And must this body die?
And though our bodies....
And will the Judge...
And wilt thou, O eternal.
Angels, from the realms..
Angels! roll the rock..


Angel voices sweetly singing..1364
Another day is gone,.
Another six days' work is......215
Anywhere, dear Saviour,..
A parting hymn we sing,....
A pilgrim through this.

...419 ..893 .817 .695


.368 .249


.179 ..423

..649 ..950 1041

887 .1131

297 .341

.1260 ..1112 311

Are vain desires within
Are we almost there?..
Are you Christ's light-bearer.. 1244
Are you doers of the word,. ..1317
Are you ready for the.
Arise, my soul, arise,..
Arise, ye mourning saints,.....799
As drowsy earth is dreaming...789
As Jesus died, and rose.. ..895
Ask for the Guide Book,
Ask for the old paths,.
Ask not to be excused,
Asleep in Jesus! blessed ......924
As oft, with worn and..
As pants the wearied hart......100
As the hart, with eager..
As the sweet flower that...
As through this changing.
As time rolls on amid..
As when in silence vernal.
As with gladness men
A thrilling cry, we hear
At the sounding of the.
At thy command, O Lord......1097
Author of good to thee I.....758
Awaked from sin's delusive....433
Awake! Jerusalem, awake!...1011
Awake, my heart, arise,
Awake, my heart, my soul,. .214
Awake, my soul, in joyful 110, 1168
Awake, my soul! lift up... .594
Awake, my soul! stretch.. .598
Awake, ye saints, and raise....794
Away from his home....... 1412
Away my unbelieving fear ..668
Away with our sorrow and.....841




Baptized into our Saviour's...1076
Baptize us anew, with fire.....1209
Beautiful valley of Eden..
Beautiful Zion, built....
Before Jehovah's awful.
Before the heavens were..
Before the throne of God.
Begin, my tongue, some..
Behold a Stranger at the..
Behold God's own exalted.
Behold how sweet, how........918
Behold I come! the Saviour....797
Behold the Christian warrior...592
Behold, the day is come;.......888

1346 996 19

287 .352


.393 .1108


Behold, the expected time......790
Behold the Lord of earth......1109
Behold the Saviour at the door! 787
Behold the Saviour of man. ...323
Behold the throne of grace!.....528
Behold the western evening....938
Behold what manner of love...1403
Behold, where, in a mortal. .309
Be joyful in God all ye lands of..46
Be patient, be patient, no......1182
Be perfect; holiness pursue:...264
Be merciful unto me, O God!...449
Be still, my heart! these..... .708
Be tranquil, O my soul,..

Be with us, Lord, where'er .....261
Beyond the smiling and.. 1347, 1409
Beyond the starry skies,.
Beyond this gloomy night. .988
Blessed are the poor in spirit..1408
Blessed are they henceforth... 916
Blessed Bible, how I love it....194
Blessed Jesus, heavenly Lamb, 459
Blessed Jesus, meek and............501
Blessed Lord, how much I.....1198
Blest are the pure in heart.. ..653
Blest are the undefiled in. .205
Blest be the tie that binds.
Blest Comforter divine..
Blest hour, when mortal..
Blest Saviour, we thy.


Bound upon the accursed tree,..335
Break, break, eternal day,......819
Breast the wave, Christian,.....617
Brethren, let us walk..........1024
Brethren, while we sojourn here 609
Brightest and best of the. .298
Britania, rouse thee! queen....... .1388
Broad is the road that leads....361
Brother pilgrim, be not weary..830
Brother, you may work..
Builder of mighty worlds......1138
Buried beneath the yielding...101
Buried with Christ! yes.......1084
Burst, ye emerald gates,.



By Christ redeemed, in..... ..1125 By cool Siloam's shady rill. .....647 By faith in Christ I walk. .......665 By living faith we now can see, 343

Called to the feast by the King 1319 Call them in; the poor,........1257

.154 .216 1079


No. Calm on the listening ear........ 292 Can sinners hope for heaven....387 Cast thy bread upon the. ..1064 Cast thy burden on the....722, 1377 Cheer up, weary heart.. 1363 Cheer up, ye soldiers of the.. 622 Chief of sinners though I.. .489 Child of sin and sorrow,. 421 Child of sin and sorrow, Children of the heavenly King..482 Christ, from whom all.... Christian brethren, ere we. Christian, seek not yet............ Christian, the morn breaks. Christian, thy warfare will... Christian, wherefore yield.. .712 | Christ is coming! let. ..858 Christ is knocking at my. 1294 Christ is risen, our Lord.. .....342 Christ, the Lord, will come.....823 Christ, who came my.. .......1091 Choose ye his cross to.........1090 Church of the ever-living. Closer to thee, my Father......1199 Closing Sabbath! Ah, how soon 245 Clouds of glory lingering,.. Come, all ye saints, to.... .1163 Come, all ye saints of God, .....127 Come, and let us sweetly join..1026 Come and reign; come and....1176 Come, blessed Spirit, source ..138 Come, dearest Lord, and feed...229 Come, Desire of nations,.. .826 Come, divine and peaceful. ....160 Come, gracious Spirit,..... 136 Come hither, all ye weary ....392 Come, Holy Ghost, in love ....155 Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts .149 Come, Holy Spirit, calm... 139 Come, Holy Spirit, come, 151 Come, Holy Spirit, Dove 1080 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly G.141 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly D.144 Come, humble sinner, in

.398 .... 124 ...510

Come join, ye saints, with
Come, let us anew, our.....
Come, let us join our cheerful..112
Come, let us join our songs.....356
Come, let us pray! 'tis sweet...587
Come, let us sing the song.
Come, let us to the Lord.

Come, Lord, and tarry not;.....814
Come, my Redeemer, come..
Come, my soul, thy suit.
Come, O my soul, in sacred,. 61
Come, O my soul, to Calvary. 332
Come on, my partners in ......1143
Come, O thou Traveler.........683
Come, saith Jesus' sacred voice 408
Come, sound his praise..... 32
Come, Spirit, source of light,...153
Come, O thou all-victorious.....402
Come, thou beloved Redeemer, 233
thou Desire of all thy. .9



1031 .274 .615





104 582

1221 .531


Come, thou Fount of every.....503
Come, thou long-expected..
Come, thou almighty King,.... .36
Come, thou soul-transforming.. 157
Come to Jesus, come to........1149
Come to the living waters..... 399
Come unto me when shadows...714
Come, weary souls with....
Come, ye disconsolate,..
Come, ye sinners, poor and.
Come, ye souls by sin.


.420 .412


Come, ye that fear the Lord,.
Come, ye that know and........ 70
Come, ye that love the Saviour's 113
Come ye who love the Lord,.. .30
Coming Saviour, now
Command thy blessing from....475
Cross, reproach,and tribulation! 661
Crowded is your heart with........1276
Crown him with many..... ...125

Faith adds new charms.........675 Faith is the polar star..........689 Far down the ages now, ..... ..811 Farewell, all earthly treasures, 493 Farewell! we meet no more....955 Far from mortal cares.... Far from my thoughts, vain.....472 Far from the world, O Lord, I..523 Father, hear the prayer.... ..1061 Father, hear thy humble child, 490 Father, how wide thy glory.. .....84 Father, I know that all my.....744 Father, I stretch my hands....1183 Father of mercies, bow thine..1033 Father of mercies, in thy......173 Father of mercies, send thy.. Father supreme, whose... Father, we come to thee, .1277 Father, whate'er of earthly bliss 643 Fear not, little flock, 'tis.......867 Few in number, little..........1052 Fierce and wild the storm is...1194 For a season called to part,... 272 Forbid them not, the Saviour..1078 For Caanan I've started,. ...1185 Forever here my rest shall.....1103 Forever with the Lord.... ..1358 Forgive us, Lord, to thee we....432 For the mercies of the day......273 Forth from the dark and........754 Friend after friend departs... 957 Friend and companion, dear... 969 From all that dwell below.......23 From every stormy wind.......514 From Greenland's icy.........1055 From lips divine, like .......704 From the lips of angels spoken 295 From the table now.... .457 .......1119

326 1005 903 863




Dark brood the heavens over...876
Dark is the hour when death...967
Dark was the night, and...
Daughter of Zion, awake..
Day of Judgment, day of...
Day of redemption! when....
Dear as thou wert, and.
Dear Lord, we would thy
Dear Saviour, here we ....
Dear Saviour, lead my.
Dear Saviour, we would
Deep are the wounds which
Deign, Jesus, Lord, my soul.
Delay not, delay not, O.... .418
Delightful day, best gift....... 213
Delightful work! young...... 648
Depth of mercy! can there
Did Christ o'er sinners weep?..456
Dismiss us with thy...
Does the gospel word proclaim 458
Down to the sacred wave..... 1088
Draw near us to-day, and a....1124
Drooping souls, no longer.....1156
Dust, receive thy kindred!......965

776 803 ....363 .747


[blocks in formation]





Gently, dear Saviour, now...
Give me the Bible, star...
Give to the winds thy fears,....783
Giver and Guardian of.......
Glad tidings! glad tidings!.....871
Glorious things of thee are
Glory be to God above,..........
Glory, honor, praise, and..
Glory to God on high!..
Glory to thee, my God,.
Go bury thy sorrow; the....
God bids his people on.

God calling yet! shall I..

God has said, Forever blessed..774
God, in the gospel of his Son...173
God is Love; his mercy..........2
God is my strong salvation... .612
God is our refuge and........
God is the name my soul,
God is the refuge of his...
God moves in a mysterious....
God of light and matchless..
God of love that hearest........767
God of mercy, God of grace, ...588
God of my life, to thee belong...66

57 59 .51 .74


9:30 1300


...1007 ...1029

.37 129


1372 1262


[ocr errors]


God of my life, to thee I call....697

God of my life, whose.

God of our salvation,..




God of the morning, at.....
God of the morning ray.
God of the prophet's power!...1043
God of the universe, to............1136
God's holy law, transgressed,...381
God's law demands one......
God's perfect law converts the..203
Go forth on wings of faith.....1050
Go forward, Christian soldier,..613
Go, labor on, while yet 'tis....1036
Go, messenger of peace and...1038
Go not far from me, O my......745
Go, preach the gospel, saith...1032
Go to dark Gethsemane,..........

875 1135

Hasten, sinner, to be wise:.....409 Haste, traveler, haste! the......894 Have I need of aught, O........... 1215 Hear the glorious proclamation 1157 Hear the temp`rance call,......1391 Hear the words our Saviour..........1303 Hear what the voice from.... Heavy clouds are gathering.. He dies! the Friend of sinners..317 Heed not the tempter's siren....636 He is coming, yes, he's..... ..1342 He has come the Christ of God, 294 Heir of the kingdom, O why ...866 He leadeth me! O blessed 749 He reigns, the Lord, the.......... Here, in thy name, Eternal.. Here o'er the earth as a...... .618 Here, O my Lord, I see thee...1122 Here, Saviour, we would come 1087 He's coming once again, 899 He sleeps in Jesus, peaceful... 920 He that goeth forth with..1063, 1256 High in the heavens, eternal .47 His earthly work is done.... .360 I am coming to the cross......1289 Ho! idlers in the vineyard, . 1054 I am resting in the shadow....1200 Hold to the helm, sailor,........... .1301 I am waiting for Jesus to......1341 Hold up thy light, O child. ....1037 I am waiting for the morning..1340 Holy and reverend is the.... 29 I ask not, Lord, for less to.. Holy as thou, O Lord, is none;...60 I bring my sins to thee. Holy Bible! book divine!.......192 If God is mine, then present.... Holy day! Jehovah's rest..242, 1313 If I in thy likeness, O Lord, ....968 Holy, holy, holy, Lord God......99 If through unruffled seas,......736 Holy Sabbath, sacred rest,......241 If 'tis sweet to mingle where...276 Holy Spirit, faithful Guide. If you cannot on the ocean.... 1070 Holy Spirit, fount of blessing...164 I gave my life for thee,..... ..1295 Holy Spirit, lamp of light,... I have a Saviour, he's pleading 1271 Holy Spirit, light divine,...... I have set watchmen upon. ...1401 Holy Spirit, source of gladness, 163 I heard a voice, the sweetest. ..451 Hail glorious day! ere long. Holy Spirit, truth divine,.......161 I heard the voice of Jesus......450 Hail, happy day! thou day. Home, home, beameth before...832 I hear the Saviour say....... Hail peaceful day! divinely ....234 Hope of our hearts, O Lord,....868 I hear thy voice, O Lord,...................1293 Hail peaceful morn! thy.... 235 Ho! reapers of life's harvest,..1053 I know not why my Saviour...1238 Hail, sacred truth! whose. 186 How beauteous are their feet.. 1C40 I know that my Redeemer lives, 350 Hail the day that sees him .340 How beauteous were the marks 302 I know that my Redeemer lives, 337 Hail, thou bright and.... .248 How blest are they who always 210 I know that my Redeemer lives, 923 Hail, thou once despised Jesus 358 How blest the children of the...177 I lay my sins on Jesus,....... .461 Hail to the brightness of......1004 How blest the hour when......1081 I left it all with Jesus, long....1222 Happy the heart where graces..674 How blest the sacred tie.......1013 I'll sing you a song of a city...1350 Happy the home when God.....552 How bright a day was that......232 I long to behold Him arrayed...840 Hark! hark! hear the blest.....831 How can we see the children,...549 I love thee, I love thee, I love...511 Hark, bark! my soul, .. ..1212 How charming is the place......14 I love the Lord; he heard my...522 Hark! my soul, it is the Lord;..587 How cheering is the Christian's 680 I love the sacred book of.......171 Hark, sinner, while God from..427 How far from home? I asked,..1147 I love thine earthly Sabbaths,...226 Hark! ten thousand harps and. 132 How firm a foundation, ye.. ...781 I love thy kingdom, Lord, ...........1021 Hark! that shout of rapture 904 How gentle God's commands!...91 I love to steal awhile away.....519 Hark! the Archangel's trump..906 How great thy wisdom, power, 379 I love to tell the story ...1204 Hark, the glad sound!. 894 How happy are the little flock..874 I'm kneeling at the cross,.... 1237 Hark! the herald angels. ....293 How happy every child of .....679 I'm a lonely traveler here,......616 Hark! the song of jubilee, .....901 How helpless guilty nature.....373 I'm a pilgrim, and I'm a.......1150 Hark! the voice of Jesus......1069 How long, O Lord, our Saviour 833 I'm but a stranger here. .......485 Hark! what mean those holy...296 How long, O Lord, shall I. .....571 I'm going home; the tidings...1359 Haste, my dull soul, arise......659 How long shall Death, the......933 I'm not ashamed to own my........637 Hasten, Lord, the glorious time 824 | How long we've been the heirs.791 Imposture shrinks from........193 Hasten, Lord, the promised.........825 | How oft this wretched, sinful...580 | I'm weary of staying;...........864



Go to thy rest in peace,..



Gracious Father, guard thy.
Gracions Father, lend thine..
Gracious God, ere we part.. 271
Gracious Spirit, love divine,....159
Gracions Redeemer, shake
Gracious Saviour, we adore....1094
Grant me within thy courts.....477
Great God, attend while Zion....25
Great God, how infinite thou....78
Great God, I own thy sentence 937
Great God, what do I see and...910
Great God, when I approach..
Great God, whose universal....976
Great God, with wonder and....178
Great is the the Lord, and gr..1402
Great King of glory, come. 1126
Great Spirit, by whose mighty..150
Guide and guard us, O our......280
Guide me, O thou great...778, 1218





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How peaceful is the grave!
How perfect is Thy word!
How pleasant, how divinely
How precious is the book.
How prone are professors..
How sad our state by nature....
How shall I follow him...
llow shall the young secure. 183
How slender is life's silver.....942
How sweet are the tidings.....1169
How sweet, how heavenly is...1014
How sweetly flowed the gospel 307
How sweet the hour of closing..913
How sweet the light of....
How sweet the name of Jesus..118
How sweet, to leave the world....5
How sweet to reflect on those..1181
How sweet upon this sacred....230
How tedious and tasteless the..506
How tender is thy hand,.
How vain are all things.

How vain is all beneath..




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I need thee, precious Jesus,....462
In every trying hour...
In expectation sweet,... ...816
Infinite Love! what precious...367 |
In grief and fear, to thee, O.....761
In heavenly love abiding...
In imitation, Lord, of thee,
In mercy, not in wrath,.


In the Christian's home in.
In the cross of Christ I glory...130
In the glad time of the.
In the resurrection morning...1175
In these our days exalt thy ... 1049
In the sun, and moon, and stars, 821
In the vineyard of our...... 1058
In thy house, while now we.... 18
In vain we seek for peace.. .374
I saw a way-worn traveler.....1145
I saw one weary, sad, and torn..667
I seek the mercy-seat.


I sing the mighty power.





Is not the way to heavenly....
Is this the kind return.....
It came upon the midnight.
I think of a home in the.
It is thy hand, my God;.
It may be at morn, when the... 1318
It was not sleep that bound.... 1394
I want a principle within.......486
I will follow thee, my Saviour..494
I will never, never leave

I will sing of Jesus' love.......1192 I will sing you a song.. .......1357

I would be, dear Saviour,......1201
I would not live alway.........1178

.743 1102 .454



No. Jesus, my Lord, to thee I cry,..1272 Jesus, my Saviour, let me be...631 Jesus, my strength, my hope,...651 Jesus, our Hope, our Life, our..800 Jesus, our Lord, make no... .8 Jesus our Saviour says, I will...878 Jesus, Saviour of our race,.....464 Jesus, Saviour, pilot me

Jesus, thou joy of loving..

Jesus, the Lord of glory, died...353
Jesus, the very thought of thee 117
Jesus, thine all-victorious.. ..578
Jesus, thy blood and..
Jesus, thy love shall we.... 327
Jesus, thy word is my delight...188
Jesus, to thee I now can..........
Jesus, we look to thee,....
Jesus wept those tears are....313
Jesus, we thy promise claim....483
Jesus, where'er thy people.....471
Jesus, while our hearts are... .959
Jesus, who knows full well.....529
Joyfully, joyfully, onward......619
Joy to the world, the Lord will 886
Just as I am, without one.....428


Jehovah, God, thy gracious.. Jerusalem, my glorious........1404 Jerusalem, my happy home,.. ... 981 Jerusalem the glorious,. ......999 Jerusalem the golden,... Jesus, and didst thou leave.....443 Jesus, and shall it ever be..... 101 Jesus, at thy command ........785 Jesus calls us o'er the tumult..660 Jesus demands this heart.......575 Jesus died on Calvary's..... ...820 Jesus, engrave it on my.........366 Jesus, faithful to his word,.....900 Jesus, Friend of sinners, hear..591 Jesus! full of all compassion...466 Jesus, great Shepherd of the....760 Jesus, I my cross have taken,...499 Jesus invites his saints....... 1110 Jesus is passing,... ....1279 Jesus, Lord, we look to thee,..1027 Jesus, lover of my soul,.... 770, 771 Jesus, lover of my soul,.. 1224, 1225 Jesus made known the path ..934 Jesus, merciful and mild,. .465 Jesus, my Advocate above,.. 244 Jesus, my all, to heaven is 436, 1186 Jesus, my love, my chief....... 102


Kind are the words that......

769 108

442 .11


Laborers of Christ, arise,..
Lamb of God! to thee I cry;
Lamp of our feet, whereby.
Land ahead! its fruits are..
Launch the life-boat! see;.....1384
Lead, kindly Light, amid the...777
Lead them, my God, to thee,..1291
Let all the heathen writers.....183
Let everlasting glories..
Let every lamp be burning. .852
Let me but hear my Saviour.... 633
Let me go where saints are.. 504
Let others boast of wealth or...181
Let others seek a home.... 805
Let party names no more.. 1023
Let plenteous grace descend...1073
Let thy Spirit, blessed Saviour.. 162
Let us gather up the sunbeams 1395
Let us hear the conclusion.... 1316
Let us keep steadfast guard....813
Let worldly minds the world....638
Lift him up, 'tis he that..
Lift the voice, and sound..
Lift up the trumpet, and..
Lift your heads with..

Lift your heads, ye friends.....855
Light after darkness,.
Light of the world, shine.. ..184
Light of those whose dreary.. 850
Like as a father pities his..... 1296
Like shadows gliding o'er......932
Like sheep we went astray. ...382
Lo! an angel loud proclaiming 859
Lo! He comes; the Archangel's 907
Lo! He comes, with clouds.....

.1044 491 .187 1348

.1252 1067 1330



Lo, He cometh! countless......911 Lonely and weary, by sorrow...620 Lone pilgrim, cease that.

Long for my Saviour I've.... Long upon the mountains. Look for the way-marks..... Look not upon the wine.......1383 Look to the cross, sinner,. 1273 Look upon the golden image... ...1311 Lord, at this closing hour. .267 Lord, at thy feet we humbly....445 Lord, at thy table we behold...1105 Lord, dismiss ns with thy... Lord, forgive me, day by day,...460 Lord, grant thy blessing here.....4 Lord, how mysterious are. .....64 Lord, how secure my. 204 Lord, I believe; thy power I....675 Lord, I cannot let thee go.......332 Lord, I care not for riches.....1205 Lord, I hear of showers of......495 Lord, I was blind; I could not..437 Lord, in humble, sweet........1085 Lord, in the morning, thou.....546 Lord, in the strength of grace...634 Lord, in thy presence here.....1016 Lord Jesus, when we stand.....319 Lord, my weak thought in.......65 Lord of all being, throned afar...52 Lord of glory! thou hast.......1062 Lord of heaven and earth........44 Lord of hosts, how lovely, fair,..16 Lord of my life, O may thy........ 347 Lord of the harvest, hear.. ....1042 Lord of the Sabbath and its.. ....212 Lord of the Sabbath, hear us....223 Lord, on this Sabbath-day.. .....224 Lord! thou hast searched....... 53 Lord, thy children guide and....768 Lord, thy glory fills the................... Lord, we are vile, and full of...362 Lord, we come before thee.......15 Lord! when I all things would..646 Lord, when my raptured..... Lord! when we bend before....57 Lord, with glowing heart........ 96 Lo! round the throne, a....... 974 Lo! the day of God is breaking 1246 Lo! the time hastens on.......1153 Lo! what a glorious sight..982, 1162 Lo! what an entertaining sight 1015 Love divine, all love excelling, 165

.792 872

.844 1344


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