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1. How shall the young se-cure their hearts And guard their lives from sin?

Thy word the choicest rules im

120, 7, 227.

2 'Tis like the sun, a heavenly light,
That guides me all the day;
And through the dangers of the night,
A lamp to lead my way.

3 Thy precepts make me truly wise; I hate the sinner's road;

I hate my own vain thoughts that rise,
But love thy law, my God.

4 Thy word is everlasting truth;
How pure is every page!
That holy book shall guide my youth,
And well support my age.

Isaac Watts.


175, 395, 438.

1 LIGHT of the world, shine on our souls;
Thy grace to us afford;

And while we meet to learn thy truth,
Be thou our teacher, Lord.

2 As once thou didst thy word expound
To those that walked with thee,
So teach us, Lord, to understand,

And its blest fullness see;

Its joyful news of saving grace
By blest experience learn.

4 Thus may thy word be dearer still,
And studied more each day;
And as it richly dwells within,
Thyself in it display.

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2 Not the most perfect rules they gave
Could show one sin forgiven,
Nor lead a step beyond the grave;
But thine conducts to heaven.

3 Yet men would fain be just with God
By works their hands have wrought;
But thy commands, exceeding broad,
Extend to every thought.

3 Its richness, sweetness, power, and depth, 2 Jesus, thy word, with friendly aid,

Its holiness discern;

Restores our wandering feet;
Converts the sorrows of the mind
To joys divinely sweet.

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by F. E. Belden.






1. Lamp of our feet, where-by we trace Our path when wont to stray; d


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William Hammond.

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201, 227, 183.

1 WHAT is the chaff, the word of man,
When set against the wheat?
Can it a dying soul sustain

Like that immortal meat?


Thy word, O God, with heavenly bread
Thy children doth supply;
And those who by thy word are fed,
Their souls shall never die.

3 'Tis like a field where hidden lies
The pearl of price unknown,
And he indeed is truly wise
Who makes this pearl his own.

Isaac Watts.


669, 117, 175.

1 ALMIGHTY God, thy word is cast
Like seed upon the ground;

O let the dew of heaven descend,
And shed its influence round.

2 Let not the foe of Christ and man
This holy seed remove;
May it take root in every heart,
And grow in faith and love.

3 Let not this life's deceitful cares,
Nor worldly wealth and joy,
Nor scorching beam, nor stormy blast,
The rising plant destroy.

4 Where'er the word of life is sown,
A large increase bestow,
That all who hear thy message, Lord,
Its saving power may know.
John Caw

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192 [Tune, Pleyel, No. 240,] 1 HOLY Bible! book divine! Precious treasure, thou art mine! Mine to tell me whence I came; Mine to teach me what I am;

2 Mine to chide me when I rove;

Mine to show a Saviour's love; Mine art thou to guide my feet; Mine to judge, condemn, acquit; 3 Mine to comfort in distress, If the Holy Spirit bless; Mine to show by living faith, Man can triumph over death; 4 Mine to tell of joys to come, And the rebel sinner's doom; O thou holy book divine! Precious treasure, thou art mine!

John Burton.

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75. 194


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securely trust.


85, 89, 601.

1 IMPOSTURE shrinks from light,
And dreads the curious eye;
But sacred truths the test invite,
They bid us search and try.
20 may we still maintain

A meek, inquiring mind,
Assured we shall not search in vain,
But hidden treasures find.

3 With understanding blessed,
Created to be free,

Our faith on man we dare not rest,
We trust alone in thee.


8s & 7s.

[Tune, Stockwell, No. 162.] BLESSED Bible, how I love it! How it doth my bosom cheer! What hath earth like this to covet? O, what stores of wealth are here! 2 "T is a fountain ever bursting,

Whence the weary may obtain Water for the soul that's thirsting, That it may not thirst again. 3 "T is a chart that never faileth,

One which God to man has given ; And though oft the storm assaileth,

It will guide you safe to heaven. 4 'Tis a pearl of price exceeding

All the gems in ocean found;
And, its sacred precepts heeding,
So shall you in grace abound.




1. O word of God in car-nate, O wis-dom from on high, Otruth unchanged, un

CHENIES. 7s & 6s. D.

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our dark sky! We praise thee


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A lamp to guide our footsteps, Shines on from age to age.

3 It floateth like a banner

Before God's host unfurled,
It shineth like a beacon

Above the stormy world;
It is the chart and compass

That o'er life's raging sea, 'Mid mists and rocks and quicksands, Still guides, O Christ, to thee!

4 O, make thy church, dear Saviour, A lamp of burnished gold, To bear before the nations

Thy true light as of old; O, teach thy wandering pilgrims By this their path to trace, Till, clouds and darkness ended, They see thee face to face.

William How.


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492, 611, 246.

1 THE heavens declare his glory,
Their Maker's skill, the skies;
Each day repeats the story,

And night to night replies.
Their silent proclamation

Throughout the earth is heard,-
The record of creation,

The page of nature's word.

2 But there's a radiance streaming
More bright than that of day,
"Tis God's own glory beaming

In truth's celestial ray:
So pure, so soul restoring,

It makes the simple wise;
And, balm of comfort pouring,
Each aching heart supplies.
3 Thy word is richer treasure

Than lurks within the mine;
And daintiest fare less pleasure

Yields than this food divine.
How wise each kind monition!

Led by thy counsels, Lord,
How safe the saints' condition!
How great is their reward!
Josiah Conder.





1. God's law demands one living faith, And not a crowd of life less creeds;


o pé å le

Its war-rant is


a firm "God saith; " Its claim not words, but living deeds.


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212, 215, 51.

TRUTH is the gem for which we seek,
O tell us where shall it be found!
For this we search, and pray, and weep,
That truth may in our hearts abound.

2 We want the truth on every point,
We want it all to practice by;
Do thou, O Lord, our eyes anoint
With a fresh unction from on high.
3 Were not the ten commandments given
By the great Source of light and truth,
For all who tread the path to heaven

From the dark wilderness of earth ?


Then, as we would our God obey,
In letter and in spirit too,
O, let us keep the seventh day,
For it is plainly brought to view.

Charlotte Haskins.


136, 108, 215.

1 O PERFECT law of the Most High!
Law ever holy, just, and good!
No other code with thee can vie,
Unrivaled thou hast ever stood.

2 Let thy ten words my soul convert

From every false and sinful way; Write thy pure precepts on my heart,

That from thy truth I may not stray. 3 Then in the glorious world to come,

No more I'll need the chastening rod; For all who reach that blissful home Will be in harmony with God.

R. F. Cottrell

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