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time while in the employ of the committee, and the latter a large portion of his time, to the discharge of the duties to which they were appointed. Their work has given eminent satisfaction to the committee, as we trust it will to the Church at large.

The setting of the type, both of the music and the words, was allotted to the "J. E. White Publishing Company;" the electrotyping, printing, and binding, to the "S. D. Adventist Publishing Association." To the efficiency of the work, in all departments, the appearance of these pages will bear witness.

The plan of the book provides for one or more pieces of music for each page; and generally every hymn on the page can be sung to the tune which there appears; but as others may in some instances be preferred, two or three appropriate tunes are referred to by numbers at the head of each hymn; and whenever a hymn is set to a new tune, the first reference is always to an old and familiar tune. All references are to the number of the hymn, not to the page. Whenever a hymn is given that cannot be sung to the tune given on the same page, the tune in which it can be sung, together with its number, is given at the head of the hymn. Due attention to these facts will enable all to avoid mistakes. A few favorite tunes which have become inseparably connected with a number of hymns, are for this reason repeated.

The theology of the present day is still largely tinged, in some particulars, with pagan and papal errors. To eliminate these, it has been necessary to change the phraseology of some hymns. This has been done only so far as it has been conscientiously felt to be a necessity. Some hymns found to have been unnecessarily changed from their originals have been changed back. Other changes which have been so long used that but few know them in any other form, have been for this reason suffered to remain. The hymns will be found generally of a high order of literary merit, and strictly in harmony with the teachings of the Scriptures.

A special effort has been made to gather up and preserve some old melodies which were favorites in the great Advent movement of 1840-44, but which have for some reason fallen into disuse. The older members of the household of faith, at least, will be pleased to meet with these again, in this book.

That all will be pleased with everything in this collection, would be, of course, too much to expect; but that all will find enough in it to make it a

treasure to them, we confidently hope. It is printed on an all-linen paper, and bound in a manner to make it substantial and durable. No pains nor expense have been spared to make it first-class in every respect, a worthy representative of the cause to which it belongs.

For the use of those who do not care for the music, a book of words only, is issued, containing all the hymns of the large book, and numbered in exactly the same manner, so that both books can be used simultaneously without any confusion. But in order to promote congregational singing, and uniformity in the rendering of the hymns, the committee recommend all to procure the large book, and all to join in the singing. All the profits arising from the sale of the book are to be appropriated to the missionary work.

Parties wishing to republish any of the pieces marked "copyrighted" or "by permission," must obtain the privilege from those who own the copyrights.

We now commend this work to the charitable acceptance of that people who are waiting for the coming and kingdom of CHRIST, humbly hoping that it may prove a means of increasing their love to GOD and his worship, and aid them in the preparation necessary to associate with the redeemed, and join in singing the new song on MOUNT ZION..

Sept. 1, 1886.




Once more



Jl J


1. O Thou who dwellest up on high, To whom our prayers and praises fly,



our voic-es all

u - nite

54, 3, 19.

2 Our humble gratitude we speak,
For all the blessings of the week,
As at thy throne of
grace we bow
And ask thee for a blessing now.

3 0 bless us as we meet to-day,

While unto thee we sing and pray;
O bless the word of truth we hear,
And to each heart be very near.

4 T is vain within these walls to kneel
Unless our need of thee we feel;
'Tis vain to lift the voice in praise
Unless devotion tunes our lays.


5 Help us to worship thee aright;
Let self be banished from our sight,
Unless thy Spirit prompts the view
To search our motives through and through.



In song to thee, O God



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of light!


47, 64, 168.

1 FATHER supreme, whose wondrous love
Our utmost thought so far exceeds,
We seek thy blessing from above,
A rich supply for all our needs.

2 On thee alone our hopes we rest,

To thee alone we lift our eyes; Regard our prayer, though unexpressed, Accept our spirit's sacrifice.

3 T is not for present power or wealth,
Or worldly fame, we look to thee;
We ask thy gift of heavenly health,
The gift of immortality.

4 Fulfill in us thy faithful word,

Through Him who died to make it sure.—
Our Mercy-seat, our Righteousness,
Who lives again to die no more.



1. How pleasant, how




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divine-ly fair, O Lord of hosts, thy dwell-ings are!


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3 Blest are the souls that find a place
Within the temple of thy grace;
There they behold thy gentle rays,
And seek thy face and learn thy praise.

4 Blest are the men whose hearts are set
To find the way to Zion's gate:
God is their strength; and through the road
They lean upon their helper, God.


47, 64, 58.

1 LORD, grant thy blessing here to-day; O give thy people joy and peace! The tokens of thy love display,

And favor that shall never cease.

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5 Cheerful they walk, with growing strength. 6
Till all shall meet in heaven at length;
Till all before thy face appear,
And join in nobler worship there.


Isaac Watts.

2 We seek the truth which Jesus brought; His path of light we long to tread; May here his holy word be taught,

And here its purest influence shed.



3 May faith and hope and love abound,
Our sins and errors be forgiven;
And we, from day to day, be found
Children of God and heirs of heaven.


2 From busy scenes we now retreat,

That we may here converse with thee:
Dear Lord, behold us at thy feet!

Let this the gate of heaven be.
3 Chief of ten thousand, now appear,

That we by faith may see thy face;
O speak, that we thy voice may hear!
And let thy presence fill this place.

Thomas Kelly.

58, 51, 336.

THY presence, gracious God, afford;
Prepare us to receive thy word;
Now let thy voice engage our ear,
And faith be mixed with what we hear.

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