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Ordinary and miscellaneous revenue, 1,171,411 90 The results of the foregoing statements and estimates

exhibit the financial condition of the Commonwealth, in

$4,047,050 62 a flourishing and creditable state, and is calculated to To which add balance in the Trea

inspire confidence in the present healthful condition, sury, 1st November, 1832,

117,167 16 and future prosperity of the State.

The receipts into the Treasury, during the past finanMaking an aggregate of

$4,164,217 78 cial year, have enabled the Government to meet the

demands on it, for all ordinary expenditures-to pay 4. Total disbursements of the financial year 1833.

large portions of appropriations to miscellaneous ob

jects, as they were called for—to refund to the Canal Balance of loan, per act of 30th

Treasury $135,896 16 taken to meet the deficiency of March, 1832, for canal and rail

interest on the public debt, the 1st August, 1832: and purposes,

598,680 00

to pay the interest on all the loans borrowed, for the Temporary loan, per act of 27th

purpose of internal improvement, leaving a balance in March, 1833, for do.

100,000 00 the Treasury, at the end of the fiscal year, of $367,Part of loan per act of 16th February

423 30. 1833, do.

1,311,307 00

If, as is confidently believed, the estimates of receipts Loan per act of 27th March,1833, do. 530,000 00 into the Treasury for the current fiscal year, shall prove To pay interest on debt, for canals

correct, and the amount of revenue ihus estimated, be and rail roads, and to pay collect.

realized, the Government will be enabled to meet all ors and lock-keepers,

755,444 01 the demands on it for ordinary expenditures—to pay Ordinary expenses of Government,

the estimated amount of appropriations lo miscelane. including appropriations to speci

ous objects, now authorized which will be probably refic objects-- (See statement A.) 501,363 47 quired to pay the interest, as it falls due on the whole

amount of the public debt, and to pay $380,000 of the

3,796,794 48 stock loan of 1824, redeemable on the 1st May, 1834, Balance in the Treasury, 1st Novem

thus reducing so much of the public debt, and leave in ber, 1833,

367,423 30 the Treasury, ou the 1st November, 1834, a balance of

$32,667 02 exclusive of premiums which may be re. 5. Estimates of receipts and expenditures, al the State ceived for future loans. Treasury, during the financial year ending 31st of Oc.

The annual estimates of the receipts into the Treasu. tober, 1834, exclusive of future loans, firemiums on ry, from the ordinary sources of revenue, are made by future loans, and appropriations which may be made a careful comparison with those of previous years, and to miscellaneous objects.-( See statement B.)

varied by such information, as the State Treasurer is

able to collect, of all matters having a bearing on the RECEIPTS, Vız.

probable amounts to be derived, from the various items Balance of loan per act of 16th Feb.

of which the estimates are composed. ruary, 1833, fur canal and rail road

It frequently happens, that a deficiency occurs in purposes,

$1,229,354 44 some of the items, but in others there is a correspond. Premiums on same,

166,085 78 ent increase, so that in the aggregate, the amount of Canal tolls,

500,000 00 revenue received, most generally corresponds with the Ordinary and miscellaneous revenues, 892,320 00 estimates. To wbich add balance in the Treasu

It is difficult to form an estimate of the amount to be ry, 1st November, 1833,

367,423 30 derived from the receipts for patenting lands, which

lately have been more fluctuating, than most of the Total amount of receipts,

$3,155,183 52 other sources of revenue. They were during the last

year much below the receipts of previous years, and the 6. Estimated expenditures for the financial yeur, ending ed on the fact, that the law extending the time for bring

advance in the estimate of the present year, is predicat. 31st October, 1834, viz.

ing suits, expires in April next; a circumstance which Balance of loan, per act of 16th February,

it is believed, will increase the payment from this source 1833, for canal and rail road pur.

into the Treasury the current fiscal year. poses,

1,229,354 44

The advance in the estimate of receipts from the tax Interest on loans for canal and rail road

on bank dividends, is foundled on the fact, that several purposes, and to pay lock-keepers

new banks which have not heretofore paid any thing on and toll collectors,

951 700 00

account of this tax, will make their dividends this year, Penitentiaries, and other miscellane.

on which this tax is assessed. ous objects,-(See statement C.) 175,857 06

There is a small advance on the estimates of the reFor ordinary expenses of Government, 385,605 00

ceipts derived from tavern licenses and shop tax, from To pay part of the stock loan of 1824,

the circumstance, that the usual amount of revenue which is redeemable 1st May, 1834, 380,000 00

derived from these sources, was not paid into the Trea

sury within the last financial year, which will be brought 3,122 516 50

into the revenues of the present year.

There are balances of the revenues, derived from the Balance in the 'Treasury, on the 1st

tax on county rates and levies, and on personal proper. November, 1834,

$32,667 02

ty, of the assessments of 1832, and a considerable porA tabular statement, (marked C,) is appended to this tion of the assessments of 1833, together with the tax report, exhibiting the appropriations and balances of on unseated lands, (but little of which, if any, has come appropriations by former acıs, and estimates of the pro- into the Treasury,) which will be received during the bable amount of those appropriations, which will be year 1834, all which, together with what will be rerequired during the current fiscal year.

ceived from the assessments of 1834, justifies, it is be. Estimates of the probable condition of the Treasury, lieved, the opinion, that the estimates of these sources on the 1st February and August next, the periods fixed of revenue will be rather increased than diminished. for the payment of interest on the public debt, will be The revenue derived from auction duties, was, dur. found in the report of the Commissioners of the Inter-ing the last year, much below the receipts of previous nal Improvement Fund, and is consequently considered years, owing it is believed, to cash payment of duties on unnecessary to be introduced into this report. foreign merchandize, being exacted, and the failure of one and death of another of the principal auctioneers and support this estimate, the estimate has been made of the city of Philadelphia. Upon the belief that their by the Commissioners of the Internal Improvement places will be speedily supplied, is founded the advance fund, and the Canal Commissioners, after a careful and on the estimate of this item of revenue.

cautious investigation of all the circumstances baving a The estimates of the receipts from the tolls on canals bearing on the subject; and is submitted to the Legis. and rail roads, belonging to the State, is sanctioned by lature by the State Treasurer, with all the confidence the Commissioners of the Internal Improvement Fund, of certain conviction, on his part, of its fairness and reaand by the opinions and judgments of the Canal Com sonableness missioners. On the correctness of the estimate of the In estimating the future productiveness of the public receipts into the Treasury from this source, will much works, their intimate connection with those of the state depend, whether the gratifying results exhibited in the of Ohio is viewed as a matter highly important. Fortu. foregoing statements will be realized.

nately, within a short period, the serious attention of As the duty was first imposed on the State Treasurer, the citizens of the commercial metropolis of the state to make an annual report, on the subject of finance to has been awakened to the absolute necessity of this the Legislature, at the last session, his attention was connection, to sustain and support its prosperity-and directed to the point, how far the public works were in the excitement produced, has had the most salutary to be regarded and likely to prore valuable sources of effect, of originating measures, which cannot fail to inrevenue, and his views of the subject were therein sure their speedy union, a consummation which will fully exhibited.

verify the most sanguine calculations, of the most arThe experience of the past year fully confirms, in dent friends of internal improvement of the state. his judgment, the correciness of those views, and he is By a fortunate coincidence, forty-seven miles of the not aware of any untoward event of a character to Columbia rail road, is madle to form a part of a great change the favourable opinions he then entertained and line of communication, by a continuous rail road from expressed, of the future productivenesss of the public New York to the city of Washington, a great part of works.

which, is now constructed, and all of which will be in The tolls of the past fiscal year amounted to $151,- use, within a short period of time,a circumstance which 419 61, falling short of the estimate of the receipts from will greatly increase the productiveness of this part of this source, $48,580 39, a deficiency wbich arose from the Pennsylvania improvements. the interruption of the navigation of the canals, in con- These topics, which have been briefly referred to, sequence of the great food which occurred in May have been deemed proper, to illustrate the subject, on last, the like of which had not been experienced for which it has been made the duty of the State Treasurer forty years past.

to make an annual report to the Legislature. The pubThe interruption to the navigation of the canals by lic works, the extraordinary expenditures incurred to this extraordinary flood, had a disastrous effect, particu- execute them, and the probable amount of revenues to larly on the Delaware and Branch canals; notwithstand be derived from them, constitute the most important ing these adverse circumstances, the receipts of tolls items of the finances of the Commonwealth. into the Treasury for the last fiscal year, have amount

These statements are submitted, under a proper ed to the sum stated: viz. $151,419 61.' And it cannot sense of the responsibility which necessarily attaches to be doubted, but that for the causes above stated, the the importance of the subject; and in their correctness tolls would have greatly exceeded the amount of the and reasonableness, the State Treasurer feels confirmed estimate; causes which are not within the range of pru- by his own investigations and reflections. dential calculation, and which are not to be expected sion and deception, it is certainly a gratifying considera

If these statements and views are not founded in illuto occur in the ordinary course of nature.

The estimate of the receipts from tolls, for the cur. tion, that notwithstanding the gloomy forebodings, rent fiscal year, is based on the experience of the past which predicted the embarrassment of the State, and year, taking into consideration the adverse circumstances the insolvency of the Treasury, an opposite state of stated, the great extent of canals and rail roads which things is presented; and if, in the incipient stage of the will be open in the spring, for navigation and travel, public works, under the many adverse circumstances and on the important fact, that the great thoroughfare attending them, the finances of the Commonwealth ex. between Philadelphia and Pittsburg, will have the az. t.ibit so flourishing an aspect, an earnest is afforded of vantage of an entire line of rail road and canal complet. the future prosperity of the State, when the public ed, on the opening of the spring.

works will be in a situation to develope the rich and vaWhatever disappointments have heretofore taken rying resources of the State, still dormant. And should place, in the calculations which have been presented, the estimated amount of revenue to be derived from the from time to time, of the extent of canals and rail roads public works, during the present year, be realized, and which will be prepared for use, there can no longer ex- permanent, leaving out of view its certain future in. ist a doubt of the fact, that there will be completed and crease, the highly interesting and gratifying truth is fit for use the ensuing season, five hundred and four- presented, that, inasmuch as $500,000 ou will pay the teen miles of canal, and one hundred and eighteen interest, at five per cent on ten millions of dollars, it is miles of rail road, which information, will be furnished a virtual reduction of the public debt, created for the by the Canal Commissioners, in their annual report. purposes of internal improvement, From UPWARDS OF If, in the unfinished state of the public works,enjoying a

SEVENTEEN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO SEVES!! limited and partial operation, subject to the interruptions It is with some degree of pride, that the State Treato which new works of the kind, are ordinarily exposed, surer adverts to the fact, presented in the exhibit of and visited by two most extraordinary foods, such as the state of the Treasury, at the end of the fiscal year have not occurred within a period of forty years before, 1834; from which it appears, that there will then rethe increase of tolls, in the two last years has been from main a balance in the Treasuary of $32,667 02, after $45,550 58 to $151,419 69, it cannot be considered as paying all ordinary expenses of the Government, all extravagant to estimate the receipts of tolls from the miscellaneous appropriations now authorized by law, public works, during the current fiscal year at $500,- which will probably be required, the interest on the 000 00, when the great line of communication, will be public debt, and in addition, pay off a portion of the in active operation, and in addition to it, the Columbia public debt filling due within that year, viz: $380,rail road will have a single track completed in use. 000 00 of the stock loan of 1824.

A comparison of the increase of to!ls, on the canals of At the last session of the Legislature, a law was pass. other states, particularly the canals of New York and ed authorizing the Commissioners of the Internal ImOhio, in the incipient stages, with the progressive in-provement Fund, to apply so much of the funds approcrease of tolls of the canals of this state, will sustain priated to the construction of the public works as might





be necessary to meet the deficiency of interest, due on Interest on loans not pertaining to canals, 103,725 00 the public debt in August last, and although the four. Pennsylvania claimants,

300 00 ishing condition of the Treasury rendered a resort to State maps,

100 00 the provisions of that law unnecessary, as many of the Conveying convicts and fugitives,

2,000 00 important demands on the Treasury are fixed and cer- Miscellaneous,

9,000 00 tain, and the revenues of the Commonwealth are in Appropriations, &c. per statement C. 175,857 06 their nature subject to Auctuation, prudence would Salaries of penitentiary officers,

7,480 00 dictate the propriety of making some provision, to guard Interest on canal loans, and to pay toll against a possible deficiency during the current fiscal collectors and lock keepers,

951,700 00 year. And as the adoption of plans, to increase the Loan under act of 1824 redeemable 1st permanent revenues of the Commonwealth, are deem. May 1834.

380,000 00 ed at present premature, the State Treasurer would respectfully suggest the propriety of the passage of a

3,122,516 50 law, similar to that passed at the last session of the Le- Balance in the Treasury 1 Nov, 1834. 32,667 02 gislature, to meet the event of a deficiency, during the current financial year.

$3,155,183 52 All which is respectfully submitted.

A. MAHON, State Treasurer. December 6, 1833.

STATEMENT C. Note.—Receipts of canal tolls into the Treasury, Appropriations and balances of appropriations, unpaid from 1st of November, 1833, till 6th December, 1833,

1st November, 1833, with an estimate of the amount date of this report, $24,205 54; principal western col.

likely to be called for, during the year 1834. lectors not heard from.

Estimate for 1834. Springhouse, Northamp

ton and STATEMENT A.

Bethlehem Exhibiting the receipts and payments at the Treasury Lycoming and Potter,


$15,000 00

2,898 62 $2,898 62 Office of Pennsylvania, during the year ending 31st Clifford and Wilkesbarre, 1,677 16 October, 1833, (as already published on page 347,) | York and Gettysburg,

6 09 $4,047,050 62, and payments per do. $3,796,794 48. Downingtown, Ephrata and STATEMENT B.


69 63

Waynesburg, GreencasEstimate of Receipts and Payments at the Treasury tle, and Mercersburg, of Pennsylvania, for the year ending 31st October, Huntingdon, Cambria, and

3,620 04 1834.


25 95

Philadelphia, Brandywine, Balance of loan per act of 16th Febru

and New London, 12,500 00 ary, 1833,

$1,229,354 44 Washington and Pittsburg, 199 01 Premium on the same,

166,085 78 Washington and Williams Lands and land office fees,


98 37

65,000 00 Chambersburg and BedAuction commissions,

16,000 00 Auction duties,

ford, 100,00C 00

118 22 Dividends on bank stock,

New Alexandria and Con

140,000 00 Dividends on bridge, navigation and turn


75 93 pike stock,

Harrisburg anıl Millerstown), 300 50 Tax on bank dividends,

50,000 00

22 04 Tax on certain offices,

Derrstown and Northum

14,500 00 Tax on writs, &c.

20,000 00

4,607 50 Fees of the Secretary's office,

600 00 Milesburg and Smeths. Tavern licenses,

55,000 00

5,362 44 5,362 44 Retailers do.

65,000 00 Gettysburg and Hagers. State maps,

100 00

20,000 00 Collateral inheritances,

30,005 00

York-Haven and Harris. Pamphlet laws,

120 00

burg Bridge, Turnpike Militia and exempt fines,

1,600 00

6,186 00

6,186 00 Tin and clock pedlers' licenses,

2,400 00

Mount Pleasant and Pitts-
Hawkers and pedlers' do

3,000 00

210 00

210 00 Increase of county rates and levies, 205,000 00

Juniata Bridge,

1,000 00 Tax on personal property,

Robbstown Bridge, 45,000 00

6,000 00

6,000 00

Columbia Bridge, Escheats,

1,500 00

50,000 00 Canal tolls,

500,000 00

Bridge over Ten Mile
Premiums on bank charters,

700 00
Creek, per act of 1832,
42,500 00

700 00 Old debts and miscellaneous,

5,000 00 Bridge over Ten Mile

Creek, per act of 1833, 1,000 00 1,000 00

2,787,760 22 Monongahela Bridge at Add balance in the Treasury 31st Octo

Williamsport, per act

of 1833, ber, 1833,

367,423 30

15,000 00
Jefferson College, $1,000
$3,155,183 52

from 1st
per annum,

May, 1832, (for 4 years, 2,000 00 1,000 00 Washington College, $500

per annum, from 4th Balance of loan per act of 16th February,

April, 1831, (for 4 1833, $1,229,354 44 years,)

1,000 00

500 00 Expenses of government, 213,000 00 Dickinson College, 3,000 00

3,000 00 Militia expenses,

20,000 CO Warren Academy, per act Pensions and gratuities,

30,000 00 of 1832,

2,000 00

30,000 00 Little Conestoga,


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name that with the Ohio Canal, which is now the subject of discussion at the Warren Convention. Next to that we deem it important to connect the City of Phila.

delphia with the Erie Canal, by the North Branch of 8,000 00 the Susquehaina. We are mistaken, if the southern

counties of New York would not then become the regular tributaries of Philadelphia, while the whole line

of the Erie Canal, including the immense Salt Works at 5,000 00 Onondago, would depend for its fuel upon the Coal

Mines of Wyoming.

In determining the latter connection, the proposed Rail Road between the Lehigh, at Mauch Chunk, and the North Branch, at Wilkesbarre, should not be lost sight of. Whenever the City of Philadelphia understands its true interests, that Rail road will be made.

[blocks in formation]

Deaf and Dumb Institu

tion not to exceed $8,000 per annum, for 5 vears from 1st April,

1833, per act of 1833, 36,000 00 House of Refuge, $5,000

per annum, from 2d March, 1833, for 3

years, per act of 1832, 10,000 00 Commissioners of Erie

county, to be collected from the owners of unpatented lands,

2,500 00 Improving a road from

the mouth of Juniata to Mohontongo creek, per act of April, 1827. The direction of this appropriation changed to another road, per act

of 9th April, 1833, 600 00 Penitentiary near Pittsburg, old balance,

114 98 Do. per act of 1833, 40,000 00 Eastern Penitentiary,per act of 1833,

90,000 00 Susquehanna and branch

es, act of 1821, 2,000 00 Susquehanna, from Co.

lumbia to tide water. Act of 26th March, 1833, directs this bal ance to be paid to the Columbia Bridge com. pany, when

double tracks of rail-road shall

be laid on said bridge, 4,012 52 Susquehanna from Co.

lumbia to Northumberland,

10,878 00 Delaware River, per act

of 1821, new Commissioners appointed per act of 1833,

1,000 00 Towanda Bridge, per act of 1833,

10,000 00 Repairing and painting

public buildings, per resolution of 4th April, 1833,

1,000 00

Lehigh Coal Company,
Little Schuylkill Coal Co. 10

North American Coal Co.
40,000 00 Delaware Coal Co.

S. B. Reeve & Co.
90,000 00 M'Canles, Chambers & Co o

J. S. Silver, *
J. W. Downing,
Blight, Wallace & Co.
Eldridge & Brick,

A. J. Bolton,
By 8 firms or individuals* i o

42 203 136 383
5 81 24| 1101

191 90 17) 101 11129

0 111 23) 134 1S 64 23 90

63 18 86 23 53! 151 1011 (

15 42 4 81

18 08 11 0 12 6 90 48 144


[blocks in formation]

$362,783 00

From the Commercial Herald.

During the session of the Legislature, there are maThe following table, showing the number of vessels ny long but important documents to be inserted, which have departed from Philadelphia, freighted with which will occasionally exclude variety from our coCoal, during the present season, up to the 1st Nov. lumns—but must ultimately render the Register more furnishes one of the strongest practical illustrations of the benefits which our city has derived from internal valuable as a work of reference, as it is principally deimprovements. The immense coasting trade thus ex. signed to be. The present number contains the Go. hibited has been literally created within the last six vernor's message, and the Treasurer's and Autor's years—and


far to account for the continued pros. reports on Finance. perity and vigorous growth of Philadelphia, after a sen- will confer upon us a favour by furnishing reports and

Our friends in the Legislature sible diminution of her foreign commerce.

Any increase of our internal communications, by other documents as early as possible, after they are which the mineral and cultural wealth of the interior printed. We are already under obligations to Mr. Mil.; may be poured into this market, and by which for- ler for his attention in this way. Our space will not eign articles of necessity and luxury may be returned, will have a corresponding effect on the prosperity of permit the insertion of some notices of the proceed. the City. llence the importance of completing, with ings of the General Assembly which we had prepares the least possible delay, the great system of improvement within our borders, and of uniting our public works at suitable points with those of other States. As first

Printed every Saturday morning by Wm. F. Gedde in value among the connections proposed, we would | No. 9, Library street.





NO. 311




CANAL COMMISSIONER'S REPORT. placed under contract,are called the "new
Report of the Canal Commissioners of Pennsylvania, — In 1830. On the Western division, 3} miles
Read in the Senate, December 7, 1833.
of canal

The Canal Commissioners respectfully submit the
following report:

In 1831. On the West Branch division 424 miles, As the public improvements of Pennsylvania, which

The Lewisburg side cut have been required by law to be constructed, at the ex

On the Juniata division 38} pense of the State, are approximating to completion, it

On do. navigable feeder 31 inay be useful and satisfactory to the citizens of the

On the Beaver division

22 Commonwealth, to present them with an account of the

On the French creek division 221 commencement and progress of the most splendid sys

On the North Branch division 17 tem of internal improvement, that has ever been under

On do.

do. navigataken and executed in so short a period, by any coun

ble feeder


On the Eastern division
The first law authorizing the construction of canals
and rail roads, exclusively at the expense and for the

Miles of canal and feeder

1551 benefit of the Commonwealth, was passed on the 25th There were forty-one and a fourth miles of February, 1826, and on the 4th of July in the same of road bed formation, and thirty-two and year, the first ground was broken near Harrisburg. a half miles of single track of rails of the

The several lines were put under contract in the fol- Columbia railway, put under contract, (of lowing order:

which twelve and a half miles of the single In 1836. On the Eastern division 22} miles. track of rails was by law suspended,)being On the Western division

equal in cost to about twenty-two and a

half of railway, finished, with double tracks 22: Miles of canal

464 There was also put'under contract thirty

six and three-fourths miles of road bed for. In 1827. On the Western division 51 miles, mation, upon the Portage railway, being On the Juniata division


equal in cost to about fourteen and three-
On the Susquehanna division 39

fourths miles of railway, with double tracks
On the Delaware division 18
On the French Creek Feeder 9

Miles of railway, and canal feeder 193
On the Eastern division 1)

In 1832. On the French Creek feeder 4 miles.
Miles of canal

On the Beaver division


On the West Branch division 15
In 1823. On the North Branch division 46 miles.
On the Juniata division 45

Miles of canal
Navigable feeder on do. 1

There was also put under contract one.
On the Delaware division

fourth of a mile of additional length of road
On the Western Division 261

bed formation, through the city of LancasOn the West Branch division 24

ter,and twenty-four miles of single track of On the French Creek feeder 103

rails, on the Columbia railway,being equal On the Eastern division 10

in cost to about seven and a half miles of

railway completed Miles of canal and navigable feeder

198 Also, forty-four miles of single track of There was also forty and a half miles of

rails, on the Portage railway, being equal road bed formation, on the Columbia rail

in cost to about thirteen and a half miles of way, placed under contract, being equal

double track of railway, completed

131 to about two-fifths of the cost of a finished railway with double tracks,ôr say about

Milcs of canal and rail road

283 sixteen miles of a double track of railway


In 1833. On the Beaver division, of tow-
Miles of railway, canal and feeder 2143

ing-path along the pool of the
Shenango dam

6 miles. In 1829. On the North Branch division 94 iniles.

On the West Branch division,
On the Delaware diyision 64

the Bald Fagle side cut 33

On the Western division, of na-
Miles of canal


vigable feeder at the town
of Conemaugh

The foregoing four hundred and thirty-
nine and a half miles of railway, canal and

Miles of canal feeder

11 navigable feeder, have been denominated

Contracts have also been made for laying the ** old lines," and those subsequently

a double track of rails on sixty miles of the VOL. XII.





[blocks in formation]
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