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With soft compassion touch'd, He knows,

For He has felt, the sinner's grief, To all our doubts, and all our woes,

He promises and gives relief: My soul, dismiss thy self-distracting fears, Thy Saviour-Priest for thee in heav'n appears.


The wandering star, and fleeting wind,
Are emblems of the fickle mind;
The morning cloud and early dew
Bring our inconstancy to view.

But cloud and wind, and dew and star,
Only a faint resemblance bear ;
Nor can there aught in nature be
So changeable and frail as we.

Our outward walk and inward frame,
Are scarcely through an hour the same ;
We vow, and straight our vows forget,
And then those very vows repeat:

We sin forsake, to sin return;
Are hot, then cold, now freeze, now burn;
Now sink to hell, in dark despair,
Then soar to heaven, and triumph there.

With flowing tears, Lord, we confess
Our folly and unsteadfastness ;

When shall these hearts more stable be,
Fix'd by Thy grace alone on Thee !


O Lord, how vile am I,

Unholy and unclean !
How can I venture to draw nigh

With such a load of sin !

Myself can hardly bear

This wretched heart of mine : How hateful must it then appear

To those pure eyes of Thine !

And must I then indeed

Sink in despair and die ?
Fain would I hope that Thou did’st bleed

For such a wretch as I.

That blood, which Thou hast spilt,

That grace, which is Thy own, Can cleanse the vilest sinner's guilt,

And soften hearts of stone.

Low at Thy feet I bow,

O pity and forgive :
Here will I lie and wait, till Thou

Shalt bid me rise and live.


A dying, risen Jesus,
Seen by the eye of faith,
At once from danger frees us
And saves the soul from death :
Come then to this Physician,
His help He'll freely give-
He makes no hard condition,
'Tis only-Look and live.


Why did I leave the narrow path

To pluck life's withering flowers ?
Why dare the Almighty's righteous wrath,

For such a world as our's ?
Why wander from the ways of Heaven,

The holy and the true ?
Why leave the springs so freely given,

And broken cisterns hew ?

Saviour of sinners, Son of God!

Is there no mercy now?
I feel Thy pure and precious blood

Can never cease to flow ;
Thy birth a holy light revealed,

Whose glory cannot die,
Thy death a fountain's depth unsealed
That never can be dry.


BEHOLD, I stand at the door and knock.-Rev. iii. 18.

Let him that is athirst, come: and whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely Rev. xxii. 17.

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Ho! every one that thirsts draw nigh,

The living Well behold;
Mercy and free salvation buy,

But offer neither gem nor gold.

See from the rock a fountain rise,

Midst arid sands and barren wastes ;
The sinner who to Christ applies,

His unbought love and pardon tastes.

Why seek ye that which is not good,

Such vain and worthless toys embrace ?
Lo! here is pure untainted food,
The bread of life, the word of grace.

Wesley. (altered.)

Oh, hearken to the healing voice
That speaks from heaven in tones so mild !
To-day are life and death our choice;
To-day, through mercy reconciled,
Our all to God we yet may give ;
Now let us hear His voice and live.


Lord, I accept, with grateful heart,
The hope those precious words impart ;
I come with trembling, yet rejoice,
And bless Thy kind inviting voice.

My Saviour ! may Thy powerful love
Confirm my faith, my fears remove,
And sweetly influence my breast,
Till Thou shalt give me perfect rest.


Behold a Stranger at the door!
He gently knocks, has knock'd before :
Has waited long, is waiting still ;
You use no other friend so ill.

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