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My title this shall be,

To join Thy white-robed train,
When humbled worlds shall bow the knee,
And Thou alone shalt reign.


Jesus ! how much Thy name unfolds

To every opened ear;
The pardon'd sinner's memory holds
None other half so dear.

Jesus !_it speaks a life of love,

And sorrows meekly borne ; It tells of sympathy above,

Whatever sins we mourn.

It tells us of Thy sinless walk

In fellowship with God;
And, to our ears, no tale so sweet

As Thine atoning blood.

This name encircles every grace

That God, as man, could shew ; There only can the spirit trace

A perfect life below.

The mention of Thy name shall bow

Our hearts to worship Thee;
The chiefest of ten thousand Thou,

The chief of sinners we.

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