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Angelic gratulations rend the skies, Pride falls unpitied, never more to rise, Humility is crown'd, and Faith receives the prize.


The days and years of time are fled,
Sun, moon, and stars have shone their last,
The earth and sea gave up their dead,
Then vanish'd at th' archangel's blast ;
All secret things have been reveal'd,
Judgement is pass'd, the sentence seald,
And man to all eternity
What he is now henceforth must be.

From Adam to his youngest heir,
Not one escaped that muster-roll,
Each, as if he alone were there,
Stood up, and won or lost his soul
These from the Judge's presence go
Down into everlasting wo;
Vengeance hath barr'd the gates of hell,
The scenes within no tongue can tell.

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But lo! far off the righteous pass
To glory from the King's right hand ;
In silence, on the sea of glass,
Heaven's numbers without number stand,
While He who bore the cross lays down
His priestly robe and victor crown;
The mediatorial reign complete,
All things are put beneath His feet.

Then every eye in Him shall see,
(While thrones and powers before Him fall,)
The fulness of the Deity,
Where God himself is all in all :
O how eternity shall ring
With the first note the ransom'd sing !
While in that strain all voices blend,
Which once begun shall never end.
In that unutterable song,
Shall I employ immortal breath ?
Or with the wicked borne along,
For ever die the second death ?"
-Jesus, my life, my light, Thou art;
Thy word is in my mouth, my heart:
Lord, I believe,--my spirit save
From sinking lower than the grave.




These lucid moments suddenly present A glance of truth as tho' the heavens were rent; And thro' the chasm of pure celestial light, The future breaks upon the startled sight: And though o'erwhelming to the dazzled brain, These are the moments when the mind is sane ; For then a hope of heaven, a Saviour's Cross, Seem what they are, and all things else but loss. O to be ready--ready for that day, Would we not give earth’s fairest toys away ? Alas ! how soon its interests cloud the view, Rush in, and plunge us in the world anew!



Here we have no continuing city, but we seek one to come.-Heb. xiii. 14.

The people that dwell therein shall be forgiven their iniquity. ISAIAR xxxiii. 24.

And their inheritance shall be for ever.-PSALM Xxxvii. 18.

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I love to think of Heaven, where I shall meet
My fellow-travellers, and where no more
With grief or sin my mind will be disturb’d,
Where holy saints and holy angels dwell
In constant harmony and mutual love.
But when my heart anticipates the sight
Of God Incarnate, wearing on His side,
And hands and feet, those marks of love divine,
Which He on Calvary for me endur'd,
All heaven beside seems swallow'd up in this ;
And He who is my hope of heav'n below,
Appears the glory of my heav'n above.


What is Heaven ?-A resting place,

Unto weary wanderers given :
Every passion there shall cease ;

Nothing sinful enters heaven.

What is Heaven ? -A holy calm

For the spirit tempest-tost ;
Every grief there finds a balm ;

Every sorrow there is lost.

What is Heaven ?- A place of love ;

There lost friends again shall meet,
Friendship's purest joys to prove,

And partake communion sweet.

What is Heaven ?-A glorious place,

Such as mortals never trod;
Nor can aught its joys efface,

All is pure-for there is God,

What is Heaven ?-No earthly thought

Ever imag'd scenes so fair ;
And in vain on earth is sought
Perfect bliss—for God is there !

“ SONGS OF Heaven.”

There is a fold whence none can stray,

And pastures ever green, Where sultry sun or stormy day,

Or night, is never seen.

Far up the everlasting hills,

In God's own light it lies ; His smile its vast dimension fills

With joy that never dies.

One narrow vale-one darksome wave,

Divides that land from this :
I have a Shepherd, pledged to save,

And bear me home to bliss.

Soon at His feet my soul will lie

In life's last struggling breath ; But I shall only seem to die,-

I shall not taste of death.

Far from this guilty world, to be

Exempt from toil and strife, To spend eternity with Thee,

My Saviour, this is LIFE!


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