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Oct. 28, 1941


Miss mit. Thomas

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1849,

BY LANE & SCOTT, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Southern District

of New-York.





The Hymn Book heretofore in use among us was, in our opinion, unsurpassed. But the General Conference of 1848, judging that the volume could be improved by a careful revision, and by judiciously multiplying the number of hymns, appointed a Committee, composed of ministers and laymen, to prepare a Standard Edition of the Methodist Hymn Book.* This Committee, having finished the work assigned them, submitted it to the examination of the Book Committee, and of the Editors of the Book Concern; and having been approved by them, it came before us for a final review. Our examination has been as thorough as the limited time at our disposal allowed. Although we reluctantly part with some of the familiar hymns of the old book, and though, perhaps, in the judgment of some, they have not, in every instance, been substituted by hymns of greater merit, yet we can confidently approve this Revised Copy; and we do, most cordially, recommend it as a greatly improved and standard edition of the Methodist Hymn Book. We congratulate you, brethren, on having now such a Book as, from the number, variety, and adaptation of its hymns, will not require another revision for generations to come.

* The Committee were Rev. D. Dailey, Rev. J. B. Alverson, Rev. J. Floy, Rev. D. Patten, jun., Rev. F. Merrick, Mr. R. A. West, and Mr. D. Creamer.

In presenting to you this Standard Hymn Book, we believe that we are putting into your hands one of the choicest selections of evangelical Hymns for Private Devotion, as well as for Family, Social, and Public Worship. We are gratified also to add, that no mercenary ends are sought in this publication ; for after the necessary expenses are met, its avails, if

any, will be sacredly devoted to charitable and religious objects, as were the profits of the former edition. We urge you, therefore, by your regard for our Church, and for the authority of the General Conference, to purchase only such Methodist Hymn Books as are published by our Agents, and have the names of your Bishops.

We exhort you, dear brethren, to sing with the Spirit, and with the understanding also; and we shall rejoice to join you in time and in eternity. Your affectionate pastors in Christ,


EDMUND S. JANES." New-York, May, 1849.

After a careful examination by the Editors and Book Committee, the following resolution was unanimously adopted, at a joint meeting in New-York, May 4, 1849:

Whereas, We believe the Revised Hymn Book, as a whole, will

be found, in view of its objects, superior to any other in the

English language, therefore Resolved,—That in our judgment the thanks of the Church are due to the Committee to Revise the Hymn Book, for their faithful and judicious labours; and especially to the Rev. James Floy, D. D., and to Mr. Robert A. West, upon whom, as a sub-committee, the principal part of the actual labour has devolved.

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