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as had been published previously, by the arrangement and annotation which they have at length received — any more than that, among the minor poems now for the first time printed, there are several which claim a higher place, as productions of Lord Byron's genius, than any of those with which, in justice to him and to his reader, they are thus interwoven.

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Composed entirely of verses written between the ages of fifteen and twenty-three, this volume,

even considered in a mere literary point of view,-must be allowed to stand alone in the history of Juvenile Poetry. But every page of it is in fact, when rightly understood, a chapter of the author's “confessions;" and it is by contemplating these faithful records of the progress of his mind and feelings, in conjunction with those already presented in the prose notices of his life, - which mutually illustrate and confirm each other throughout, - that the reader can alone prepare himself for entering with full advantage on the first canto of Childe Harold.

London, June, 1832.

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