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1 GENTLE Jesus, meek and mild,

Look upon a little child,
Pity my simplicity,
Suffer me to come to Thee.

2 Fain I would to Thee be brought,
Gracious God! forbid it not;
In the kingdom of Thy grace,
Give a little child a place.

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3 O supply my every want,

Feed the young and tender plant ;
Day and night my keeper be,
Every moment watch round me.

PRAYER FOR GRACE. 1 LORD, look upon a little child,

By nature sinful, rude, and wild :
Oh! put Thy gracious hands on me,

And make me all I ought to be.
2 Make me Thy child, a child of God,

Wash'd in my Saviour's precious blood, And my whole heart, from sin set free,

A little vessel full of Thee ;
3 A star of early dawn, and bright,

Shining within Thy sacred light;
A beam of grace to all around;

A little spot of hallow'd ground.
4 Dear Jesus, take me to Thy breast,

And bless me, that I may be blest ; Both when I wake, and when I sleep, Thy little lamb in safety keep.

1 LORD, teach a little child to pray;

Thy grace betimes impart,
And grant Thy Holy Spirit may

Renew my infant heart.

2 A sinful creature I was born,

And ever since have stray'd;
I must be wretched and forlorn

Without Thy mercy's aid.
3 But Christ can all my sins forgive,

And wash away their stain ;
Can fit my soul with Him to live,

And in His kingdom reign.
4 To Him let little children come,

For He has said they may;
His bosom, then, shall be their home;

Their tears He'll wipe away. 5 For all who early seek His face

Shall surely taste His love;
Jesus shall guide them, by His grace,

To dwell with Him above.

PRAYER. 1 The Lord attends when children pray,

A whisper He can hear;
He knows not only what we say,

But what we wish or fear.
2 He sees us when we are alone,

Though no one else can see; And all our thoughts to Him are known,

Wherever we may be.

3 'Tis not enough to bend the knee,

And words of prayer to say:
The heart must with the lips agree,

Or else we do not pray.

4 Teach us, O Lord, to pray aright,

Thy grace to us impart,
That we in prayer may take delight,

And serve Thee with the heart.

5 Then, Heavenly Father! at Thy throne

Thy praise we will proclaim :
And daily our requests make known,

In our Redeemer's name.


1 I THINK when I read that sweet story of old,

When Jesus was here among men, How He call'd little children, as lambs to His fold,

I should like to have been with them then. I wish that His hands had been placed on my head,

That His arm had been thrown around me, And that I might have seen His kind look when

He said,
Let the little ones come unto me."

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