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2 Yet still to His footstool in prayer I may go,

And ask for a share in His love;
And if I now earnestly seek Him below,

I shall see Him and hear Him above,
In that beautiful place He is gone to prepare

For all who are wash'd and forgivn;
And many dear children are gath’ring there,

“ For of such is the kingdom of heaven.” 3 But thousands and thousands who wander and fall,

Never heard of that heavenly home, I should like them to know there is room for

them all, And that Jesus has bid them to come. I long for the joy of that glorious time,

The sweetest, and brightest, and best, When the dear little children of every clime

Shall crowd to his arms and be bless’d.

1 CHRIST is merciful and mild :

He was once a little child;
He whom heavenly hosts adore

Lived on earth among the poor.
2 Every bird can build its nest;

Foxes have their place of rest;
He, by whom the world was made,
Had not where to lay his head.

3 He who is the Lord most high,

Then was poorer far than I,
That I might hereafter be
Rich to all eternity

1 Ler children to their God draw near

With reverence and with holy fear;
Let every knee before Him bend,

Our Judge, our Saviour, and our Friend. 2 Lord, may Thy mercies great and free

Fill us with gratitude to Thee;
And still, as through the world we go,
More of these mercies may we know.
3 Far from our hearts, O Lord, remove

The evil thoughts that sinners love,
And give us wisdom, day by day,

To choose the straight and narrow way 4 In times of sickness, times of health,

In times of poverty or wealth,
And in our last and dying hour,

Save us by Thine Almighty power. 5 Then may we join the happy band

That in Thy heavenly temple stand;
And as Thy goodness we adore,
Sing glory, glory, evermore.

1 AROUND the throne of God in heaven

Thousands of children stand ;
Children, whose sins are all forgiven,
A holy, happy band ;

Singing glory, glory, glory. 2 In flowing robes of spotless white

See every one array'd ; Dwelling in everlasting light, And joys that never fade;

Singing, &c. 3 What brought them to that world above,

That heaven so bright and fair, Where all is peace, and joy, and love ?How came those children there ?

Singing, &c.
4 Because the Saviour shed His blood

To wash away their sin;
Bath'd in that pure and precious flood,
Behold them white and clean;

Singing, &c. 5 On earth they sought their Saviour's grace,

On earth they loved His name ; So now they see His blessed face, And stand before the Lamb;

Singing, &c.

FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT. 1 COME, Holy Spirit, come !

Attend an infant's prayer ;
Stoop down, and make my heart Thy home,

And shed Thy blessings there. 2 Thy light, Thy love impart,

And let it ever be
A holy, humble, happy heart,

A dwelling-place for Thee.

JESUS THE MAN OF SORROWS. 1 JESUS, who lived above the sky,

Came down to be a man and die;
And in the Bible we may see

How very good he used to be.
2 He went about, He was so kind,

To cure poor people who were blind;
And many who were sick and lame

He pitied them, and did the same.
3 And more than that He told them too,-

The things that God would have them do;
He was so gentle and so mild,
He would have listen'd to a child.

4 But such a cruel death He died,

He was hung up and crucified ;
And those kind hands which did such good,

They naild them to a cross of wood. 5 And so He died :--and this is why

He came to be a man and die;
The Bible says He came from heaven
That we might have our sins forgiven.

1 My God who makes the sun to know

His proper hour to rise,
And, to give light to all below,

Doth send him round the skies.
2 When from the chambers of the east

His morning race begins,
He never tires, nor stops to rest,

But round the world he shines. 3 So, like the sun, may I fulfil

The business of the day;
Begin my work betimes, and still

March on my heavenly way.
4 Give me, O Lord, Thy early grace,

Nor let my soul complain,
That the young morning of my days

Has all been spent in vain.

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