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THE HAPPY LAND. 1 THERE is a happy land,

Far, far away,
Where saints in glory stand,

Bright, bright as day;
O, how they sweetly sing:
Worthy is our Saviour King;
Loud let His praises ring-

Praise, praise for aye. 2 Come to this happy land,

Come, come away;
Why will ye doubting stand,

Why still delay ?
O, we shall happy be,
When from sin and sorrow free;
Lord, we shall live with Thee-

Blest, blest for aye.

FOR GRACE TO PRAY. 1 LORD JESUS, teach a child to pray,

Who humbly kneels to Thee;
And every night, and every day,

My Friend and Saviour be.

2 Whilst here I live, oh ! live with me;

And when I'm call’d to die,
Take up my soul to dwell with Thee,

And sing Thy praise on high.

A SHORT PRAYER. A LITTLE lamb, O Lord, behold, And make me one of Jesus' fold; And may I from this day begin To love Thy ways, and flee from sin.

THE CHRISTIAN'S RULE. 1 To do to others as I would

That they should do to me, Will make me honest, kind, and good,

As children ought to be.
2 Whether I am at home or school,

Or walking out abroad,
I never should forget this rule

Of Jesus Christ our Lord.

PRAISE TO GOD. 1 How glorious is our heavenly King,

Who reigns above the sky!
And how shall we presume to sing
His dreadful majesty ?

2 How great His power is none can tell,

Nor think how large His grace; Not men below, nor saints that dwell

On high before His face. 3 Not angels that stand round the Lord

Can search His secret will ;
But they perform His heavenly word,

And sing His praises still.
4 Then let us join this holy train,

And our first offrings bring ;
Th’ eternal God will not disdain

To hear us as we sing.

FOR SUBMISSION AND STRENGTH. 1 Now that our journey's just begun,

Our course so little trod,
We'll stay before we further run,

And give ourselves to God.
2 What sorrows may our steps attend

We cannot now foretell ;
But if the Lord will be our Friend,

We know that all is well.
3 And, Lord, whatever grief or ill

For us may be in store,
Make us submissive to Thy will,

And we would ask no more.

4 Attend us through our youthful way,

Whatever be our lot;
If spared till feeble, old, and grey,

Then, Lord, forsake us not.

1 LITTLE children, come to Jesus.

Jesus Christ has said you may;
When you try to pray, and praise Him,

He will teach you what to say.
2 He will take your hand and lead you

In the way you ought to go ;
He will make you good and happy,

No one else can bless you so.

1 YES! there are little ones in heaven,

Babes such as we around the throne,
To whom the King of kings has given

A glory like His own.
Jesus, Thy mercy, rich and free,

Hath suffer'd them to come to Thee. 2 Those blessed children joyfully

Went from this sad and sinful earth;
How have their spirits soar'd so high

Above their humble birth ?
They came to Christ; and may not we?-
Lord, suffer us to come to Thee.

3 To come with humbleness of mind,

With simple faith, and earnest prayer;
To seek Thy precious cross, and find

Joy from salvation there.
Oh! set our sin-born spirits free,
And suffer us to come to Thee.

4 To come while we are young,

While life, and joy, and hope run high ;
To come in sorrow's darkest day,

To come when death is nigh.
Oh! then, our Guide and Guardian be,
And suffer us to come to Thee.

1 I Am but a little child,

Very careless, very wild ;
And my heart does oft rebel,
Yet I love my Saviour well.

2 Sin defiles me; but I know

He can wash me white as snow.
I shall live where angels dwell,
If I love my Saviour well.

3 Blessed Lord, from all alarms
Keep Thy lamb within Thine arms;
That my life and death may tell
That I love my Saviour well.

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