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1 I HAVE a dear and happy home,

And much my home I love;
But yet I know there is for me

A better home above.
There sin and sorrow cannot come,

Or thought of pain and care:
God wipes the tears from every face,

And all are happy there.
2 No angry passions there are felt,

Nor quarrels ever come;
For every heart is full of love,

Within that happy home.
They praise with joy the Saviour's name,

His glorious likeness bear;
They love Him with a perfect love,

For all are holy there.
3 Lord, make me now a holy child,

My sinful soul renew;
For Thou didst shed Thy precious blood,

That I might enter too.
Then when my work on earth is done,

A place for me prepare;
And take me to that happy home,

To dwell for ever there.


1 HEAVENLY Father! look on me,

A weak and sinful little one;
Hear me when I pray to Thee,

For the sake of Christ Thy Son. 2 I've a naughty heart within,

And there is nothing in me good;
When I try to leave my sin,

I cannot do the things I would. 3 Often I'm an idle child,

And will not learn what I am taught; Or I'm passionate and wild,

And indulge some angry thought. 4 Though I know that Jesus died

To save my sinful soul from hell,
Yet, though I have often tried,

I cannot love and serve Him well. 5 Father ! send Thy Spirit down,

May He cleanse my naughty heart,
Help Thy sinful little one,

Make me holy as Thou art.
6 Teach me with my sin to strive,

And when this short life is o'er,
Take my soul with Thee to live ;

I shall grieve Thee then no more.


1 BLESSED Jesus ! wilt Thou hear us,

Little children though we be ?
Saviour, wilt Thou now be near us,

While we try to sing to Thee ?
Thou hast bid us not to fear ;

Bring the little children near. 2 Thou, O God, to us hast given

All the comforts we possess : Though Thou art so high in heaven,

Children still Thou lov'st to bless : Little children, then, may raise

Hymns of joy and thankful praise. 3 We have often heard the story

Of Thy great and wondrous love,
How Thou left'st the world of glory,

And Thy Father's house above,
Came to suffer and to die,

For such little ones as I.
4. We had sinn'd so very often,

And so very wicked been,
Nothing else our hearts could soften,

Nothing else could make us clean ;
Nothing but Thy precious blood
Could have brought us back to God.

5 Oh, how very meek and lowly

Little children, then, should be ; When the Son of God most holy

Came, a little child like me: Thou didst suffer grief and shame,

Like a meek and quiet lamb. 6 May our sins be all forgiven ;

Take our naughty hearts away; Bring us all at last to heaven,

Ever there with Thee to stay. There may we, Thy children, raise Hymns of joy and perfect praise.

BE you to others kind and true,
As you 'd have others be to you ;
And neither do nor say to men,
Whate'er you would not take again,

GOD CARES FOR ALL. 1 Who taught the bird to build her nest

Of softest wool, and hay, and moss ? Who taught her how to weave it best,

And lay the tiny twigs across ?

2 Who taught the busy bee to fly

Among the sweetest herbs and flowers, And lay her store of honey by,

Providing food for winter hours ? 3 Who taught the little ant the way

Her narrow hole so well to bore,
And through the pleasant summer's day

To gather up her winter's store ?
4 'Twas God who taught them all the way,

And gave these little creatures skill : He teaches children, if they pray,

To know and do His holy will.

GOD OUR CREATOR. 1 Our God is good, and He is great,

Around His throne the angels wait;
He made the sun with beams so bright;
He made the moon which shines by night;
The glittering skies that look so fair,
With every star that sparkles there.
2 The mountains and the rocks He made,

And all the hills in order laid;
He pour’d the water in the seas,
He made the grass, the herbs, the trees :
The valleys and the fields so fair,
And every flower that blossoms there.

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