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1 DEAR Jesus, thou hast safely kept

Me through the hours of night ;
And by thy care I've soundly slept

Until the morning light.
2 How very good and kind Thou art

To such a little thing ;
I want a loving thankful heart,

Thy praises, Lord, to sing.
3 Lord Jesus, let me come to Thee,

To learn to praise and pray ;
O make me what I ought to be,

My God, this very day.
4 By nature I am vain and proud,

And passionate and wild ;
Lord, wash me in Thy precious blood,

And take me for Thy child.


1 I Thind for Thy cach this day

1 I THANK Thee, Lord, for quiet rest

And for Thy care of me:
Oh ! let me through this day be blest,

And kept from harm by Thee. 2 Oh, let me love Thee! Kind thou art

To children such as I ; Give me a gentle, holy heart ;

Be Thou my Friend on high.
3 Help me to please my parents dear,

And do whate'er they tell ;
Bless all my friends both far and near,

And keep them safe and well.

1 Now the night is past away,

Now returns the cheerful day ;
And my little voice I'll raise

To my God in prayer and praise.
2 By His care I have been kept

Through the darkness while I slept ; 'Tis His sun that shines so bright,

Bringing back the morning light.
3 All the comforts of my home

From my Heavenly Father come;
'Tis through Him that I possess
Health, and strength, and happiness.

+ While I count Thy mercies o’er,

Help me, Lord, to love Thee more;
Teach me by Thy Spirit still
How to do Thy holy will.

1 THE darkness is over, the sun is on high,

The lark is up singing his song in the sky;
The cattle and labourers all are abroad,

And everything serving and praising its God. 2 I will not lie sleeping my morning away,

But try to be busy and useful as they ;
I'll rise with the skylark, and join in his song,

And thank God for watching me all the night long. 3 How kind He is to me, how great, and how good !

I wish I could serve Him as well as I should :
Lord help me, then, daily my duty to know,
And may I do better the older I grow.

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1 The morning bright,
With rosy light,

Has waked me from my sleep;
Father, I own
Thy love alone

Thy little one doth keep.

2 All through the day,
I humbly pray,

Be Thou my Guard and Guide,
My sins forgive,
And let me live,

Blest Jesus, near Thy side.
3 O make Thy rest
Within my breast,

Great Spirit of all grace ;
Make me like Thee,
Then shall I be

Prepared to see Thy face.


1 JESUS, tender Shepherd, hear me !

Bless thy little lamb to-night;
Through the darkness be Thou near me

Watch my sleep till morning light. 2 All this day Thy hand has led me,

And I thank Thee for Thy care ; Thou hast clothed me, warm’d me, fed me,

Listen to my evening prayer. 3 Let my sins be all forgiven;

Bless the friends I love so well; Take me, when I die, to heaven,

Happy there with thee to dwell.

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1 THROUGH the day Thy love hath spared us,

Wearied we lie down to rest ; Through the silent watches guard us,

Let no foe our peace molest; Jesus, Thou our guardian be, Sweet it is to trust in Thee.

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