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BYRON'S WORKS, COMPLETE IN ONE VOLUME, ...” all his suppressed and attributed poems, price on fine paper, 25fr.; vellum paper, 35fr.; large vellum paper, 60fr. The same, in 13 vols. 32mo., pocket edition, 45fr. The same, large type, 16 vols. 12mo. 70fr.

MOORE's POETICAL WORKS, COMPLETE IN ONE VOLUME, price on fine paper 20fr; vellum paper, 30fr.; large vellum paper, 45fr. The same in 7 vols. 32mo, pocket edition, 25 fr. " The same, large type, containing also his Prose Works, 10 vols. 12mo. 56fr.

SIR walTER Scott's, POETICAL WORKS, COMPLETE IN ONE VOLUME, price on o aper, so wellum paper, 30fr.; large vellum paper, 45fr. The same, large type, 7 vols. 12mo. 40fr.

SIR WALTER SCOTT'S NOVELS and other Prose Works, including his Life of Napoleon, COMPLETE IN SIX VOLUMES, price on fine paper, 150fr; vellum paper, 210fr; large vellum paper, 300fr. The same, 12mo. edition, 84 vols. 375fr. SIR walTER scott's LIFE of NAPOLEON, compleTE IN ONE VolumE; only 25fr. The same, in 9 thick vols. 12mo., 50fr. WoRDsworth's POETICAL WORKS, COMPLETE IN ONE VOLUME, price on fine paper, 20fr; vellum paper, 30fr.; large vellum paper, 45fr. - SOUTHEY'S POETICAL WORKS, including all his suppressed Poems, COMPLETE IN ONE VOLUME, price on fine paper, 25fr; vellum paper 35fr.; large vellum paper, 60fr. CRABBE'S. POETICAL WORKS, COMPLETE IN ONE VOLUME, price on fine paper, 20fr; vellum paper, 30fr.; large vellum paper, 45fr.

THE COMPLETE POETICAL WORKS OF ROGERs, cAMPBELL, JAMES MONT-. GOMERY, KIRK WHITE, and CHARLEs LAMB, the whole IN ONE VOLUME, price on fine paper, 25fr; vellum paper, 35fr.; large vellum paper, 60fr.

THE COMPLETE POETICAL WORKS OF MILMAN, Bowl.ES, wilson, and BARRY CORNWALL, the whole IN ONE VOLUME, price on fine paper, 25fr.; vellum paper, 35fr.; large vellum paper, 60sr.

whole IN. ONE VOLUME, price on fine paper, 25sr.; vellum paper, 35 fr.; large vellum
paper, 60fr.
** Only fifty copies have been printed on large vellum paper.
In thus publishing the Works of the most celebrated Poets of modern
times, including all their suppressed Poems and others not found in the
London editions, Messrs. Galignani have had in view to facilitate their
acquisition by reducing them to a compact form, offering them at a low
price, and avoiding a heavy ea pense in binding, thus rendering them portable

bestowed to bring the execution of these editions to the highest possible degree of perfection, they are, in all respects, worthy of a distinguished place in the library of the Amateur, and challenge a comparison with the finest specimens of typography.

to the Traveller and available to the Economist. From the attention | | |

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TitAvelling GUIDEs, ETC.

The Guides published by Messrs. Galignani are incalcut. tably superior to any others, being principally the result of personal observation. NEW PARIS GUIDE, or Stranger's Companion through the French Metropolis, 15th edit., 18mo.; with a map and twelve engrayings; of an accurate description of all the public edifices, gardens, &c.; its political, scientific, commercial, religious, and moral institutions; a historical sketch of Paris, and directions to the traveller, previous to his setting out, upon his landing in France, and on his arrival at Paris; the roads from the coast to the capital: description of the Environs, with a Pi,AN Fost viewist;"FAñíš is A"WEEK, so rectory of Tradesmen, a comparison of French and Eng. lish weights, measures, coins, &c., 10fr., or 11 fr. bound. GUIDE THROUGH FRANCE, 8th edit., 18mo: ; contain. ing a historical, too, and o description of every remarkable place in the kingdom; with notices of the roads, inns, climate, productions, antiquities, commerce, coins, &c. &c. &c. Isosri, or Ilfr. bound. GUIDE THROUGH. SwitzERí,AND AN; SAVOY, or a new geographical, historical, and picturesque de. scription of every remarkable place in these countries; notices of the climate, productions, curiosities, antiquities, manners, customs, mode of travelling, hotels; with details of every o worthy of notice, and forming a Complete Itinerary, by G. Downes, A. M., 18mo. 10fr. or llfr. bound. GUIDE THROUGH HOLLAND AND BELGIUM,7th edi. tion, compiled from Boyce, Reichard, Romberg, &c., 18mo. containing an account of Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, &c., and places rendered interesting by the victory of Waterloo; also the history, manners, and commerce of the Netherlands; an #####$!!. routes, 7tr., or 8fr. bound. SCHREIBER'S GUIDE DOWN THE RHINE, exhibiting the course of that river from Schaffhausen to Holland, and describing the Moselle from Coblentz to Treves, with the towns, villages, prospects, mineral springs, &c.; the routes, modes of conveyance, inns, coins, &c., with an accurate. Map. 18mo: 8s. 9roso, bound. . GUIDE THROUGH G#RMANY., containing the modes and expenses of travelling, coins, inns, &c. The posts and relays,anda topographical account ofthe cities, towns, and villages, their productions, literary societies, and cu. riosities. With an Itinerary of Hungary and Turkey, with a map. By M. Reichard. 18mo. 10fr., or Ilfr. bound. so GüíDE"THRöööHTTALY, and iNFORMATION AND DIRECTIQNS FOR TRAVELLERS ON THE CONTINENT.. I thick vol. small 8vo. 13fr., or 15sr, 50c. bound. This is the best guide for Italy extant. THE DIARY QF AN.INVALID, or Journal of a Tour in ursuit of health, in Italy, Switzerland, France, and Porugal, by Henry Matthews, Esq. 12mo. 10fr. TH Fööff; ‘s"Föök ET jøURNAL," with ruled columns for expenses, and space for observations. 18mo. half

bound, 3fr. 50c. THE FRENCH INTERPRETER, 16th edition, 18mo., or copious dialogues, a yocabulary, notes and letters, the value of coins; presenting distinctly the pronunciation with the Parisian accent. By F. W. Blagdon.-Persons studying this cannot fail to acquire a quick and true pronunciation of French. 5fr., or 6fr. bound. Uy EAU MANUEL.DU. VOYAGEUR, or Traveller's Pocket Companion, 7th edition, 18mo: consisting of conversations in English, French and Italian ; a complete vocabulary, tables of coins, models of letters, &c., by M. Boldoni. 5fr. or 6fr. bound. NOUVEAU MANUEL ANGLAIS, or Wade mecum du voyageur français en Angleterre, contenant : 1. Un guide pour le voyagé, avec une carte desiles britanniques, les plans de Londres, d'Edimbourg et de Dublin; 2. un précis des reg!es de la prononciation, un ample vocabulaire de mots et de phrases familières, avec la prononciation figurée; 3. des dialogues descriptiss des monumens, édifices, institutions et autres objets dignes de fixer l’attention, &c., par Gabriel Surenne, I vol. 18mo. oblong, 5fr., or 6fr. bound. THE TRAVELLER'S COMPANION FOR CONVERSATION; by Madame de Genlis; in six languages—English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian, 5th edition, 18mo. 7sr., or 8fr. bound GRAGLIA's POCKET DICTIONARY, English-Italian, and Italian-English. 18mo. Ilfr. bound.


BYRON'S COMPLETE WORKS, including all his suppressed and attributed Poems, and Pieces; printed in a clear, bold, and legible type, in ONE VOI, OCTAVO, with a Life of the Author, a beautiful Portrait, and a fac. simile of his §§§ in an original letter never before published, ONLY 25fr. TThe same on vellum paper, extra hoards, 35fr.—The same on Yellum pap., royal 8vo. 60fr. (Only 50 copies printed.) It is unnecessary to point out the advantages of pos:

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(For this work an injunction was granted by the Lord Chancellor, and it can never be published in England.) * We are indebted to the French Press for this interest. ing publication, which our boasted liberties did not sufjice to procure us. These letters are graceful, elegant, and eminently remarkable for their ease and simplicity. Lord Byron's Correspondence is in reality such as very from persons #######yNew Monthly Ma §§ A NARitative OF LORD BYRON'S LAST JOURNE TO GREECE, from the Journal of Count Peter Gamba, who attentled his Lordship on that expedition, 12mo.6fr. *This narrative is perhaps the most important of all that Lord Byron's death has brought forward to establish his place in the rolls of Fame."—(Blackwood.) LAST DAYS OF LORD BY RON, with his Lordship's opinions on the state of Greece, by Major Parry; and the Reminiscences of Lord Byron, contained in letters addressed to the Hon. Col. Stanhope. 12mo.6fr. “The interest which every circumstance connected with the history of Lord Byron naturally excites, has produced this volume. The events which it relates are remarkable for the peculiar views taken of the character rd Byron and the persons by whom he was surrounded. Upon the state of the Greeks the book affords some curiotts information.”–(New Monthly Magazine.) IMPARTIAL PORTRAIT OF LORD BYRON, as a Poet and a man o; with all the evidences and writings regarding him y Sir E. Brydges, Bart. I2mno. 3sr. “The scorching beams of Lord Byron's sun have sunk beneath the horizon, but the milder reflexions from them still irradiates the sky. I have accompanied his progress from its first dawning ray, when scarcely noticed by others, to his premature exit; and now, with a still growing enthusiasm, I continue to throw fresh Jorosis, toroo: NARRATIVE QF L9BD BYRON's VOYAGE TO CORSICA AND SARDINIA, from minutes by the passengers, and extracts from the Journal of his Lordship's Yacht the Muzeppa, kept by Capt. Benson, R. N. 3sr.


MOORE'S POETICAL WORKS, including his Irish Melodies, National Airs, Ballads, Sacred Songs, ., with a comprehensive sketch of his Life, and §§§ in a bold, clear, and legible type, complete in ONE VOL. octapo, ONLY 20sr. In boards; 30fr. on vellum paper; or 45sr. on large vellum paper, with proof Portrait on India paper, of which only 50 copies have been printed. his splendid edition comprises the whole of Mr. Moore's Poetical Works. It is unnecessary to point out the advantages of possessing these celebrated works in their present *4. and portable form, and at so moderate a price. The Metodies, Canzonets, &c., about 300 in number, have never been printed in Epiond but with the music, which alone amounts to fifteen times the price of this entire edition, —The same, 7 vols. 32nd, yellum paper, 25sr. This Diamond Edition, from its convenient size, is admirably suited for a lady's §§ or for the pocket. compleTE WORKS OF THOMAS MOORE, 13 thick vols. 12mo. vellum paper,82fr. with a Portrait and Sketch of his Life: containing Lolla Rookh; Loves of the Angels; Memoirs of Qaptain Rock; Life of Sheridan 5,06es on Cash, Corn, Catholics, &c.; The Epicurean; Rhymes on the Road; Gdes and o: wo-penny Post, Bag; Tom Crib's Memorial to Congress; Corruption and Info!erance; The Sceptic; Irish, Sacred, and National Melodies; Letter, to the Catholics; . M. P., or the Blue Stocking; Fudge Family; Odes of Anacreon; Little's Poems, and upwards of 300 Canzonets, Songs, &c. &c. +Another edition, on common paper, 11 vols. I?mo.60sr. Persons having the 1st Edition of Moore's Works, may orchase (tn additional volume to complete their set, ODES ON CASH, CORN, CATHOLICS, ETC., NATIONAL Air's EVENINGS is Giù. GLEES, ETC., Tošić Moore, l vol. 12mo. 6fr. ... EPICUREAN, a tale, by T. Moore, 12mo.6sr. * Our sense of the beauties of this Tale may be appreciated by the acknowledgment that for insight into hitman nature, for poetical thought, for grace, refinement, intellect, pathos, and subsiunity, we prize the Epicurean even above any other of the author's works. Indeed, al. thmtgh written in prose, this is a masterly poem, and will Jor ever rank as one of the most erquisite productions in Enqlish Literature to—(Literary Gazette. LIFE OF THE RIGHT HON. R. B. SheridAN, by Thomas Moore, 2 thick vols, 12mo, 20fr. “What a galaxy of beauty is here! These admirable memoirs abound in the very finest specimens the ormate style—it cannot fail to improve those ambitious qf fine irriting.”—(London Magazine.) This is as magnificent a piece of Biography as we have in our language; it has added another to the brildiant laurels already won hy the Author.”—(Monthly Rev.) “Mr Moore has in this Work fully maintained his claim to the intellectual superiority of which he had before given many proofs, added to which, it is a production abounding in the several characteristics of interest, spirit, and fearless integrity. The powers by which the extraordinary man who is the subject of the femoirs ar. rited at celebrity, and the unfortunate habits through which fame was all that he achieved, are depicted with a master; hand—his triumphs as a dramatist, and his glorious eloquence, are soft; 1pith a power which could only proceed from a kindred spirit.”—(Lit. Gazette.) MEMOIRS OF CAPTAIN ROCK, the celebrated Irish

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SIR WALTER SCOTT'S PROSE WORKS, complete IN SIXVOLS. 8vo. (heretofore published in 79 vols.) beauti. fully printed, with portrait. 150fr.—The same, wellum aper, 210sr.—The same, wellum paper, royal 8vo. 300fr. §§ 50 copies printed.) . From the legibility and boldness of the type, it is almost incredible that so many volumes could have been com: pressed into so small a compass, rendering it available to the economist as well as to the traveller. This edition, from its moderate price, beauty, and correctness, leaves nothing to desire, and for execution challenges a comparison with the finest specimens of ###"; LIFE OF NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, Emperor of the French, with a view of the French Revolution, by Sir Walter Scott, and two portraits of Napoleon, on; as First Consul, the other as Emperor, with a fac simile of his signature as each; 9 vols, 12mo,50sr. “Our task of selection is only difficult from the rich superabundance of materials which present themselves nearly at every page with an almost bewildering profusion. Passages of high descriptive power and burning eloquence are scattered throughout the work with a prodigality which genius alone can supply. We may safely aver that *olumes more pregnant toith interest never issued from the press.” (Literary Gazette) -- - - - * This work is unorthy of the name of its illustrious author, and a chef-d'oeuvre with relation to those eminent and general characteristics essentially required by good taste and good sense.—His portraits are full of inspiration, and stand out on the can ras orith boldness and to it'acity, and the description of all great events is fine stnd picturesque. Sir Walter Scott has undoubtedly drawn his documents from their sources,” (New Month. Magaz.) THE SAME, in One thick Volume 8vo. :* ---, - siRWALTER Scott's PoETICAL WołłKS, including all his minor pieces, with a life and portrait of the author, printed in a bold, clear; and legible type, complete in ONE VOL. octavo. ONLY 20fr.—The same, on vellum aper, 30fr.—The same, on large vellum paper, 45fr. o 50 printed.) —The same, Pocket edit. 7 vols. 32mo. vellum paper. 25sr. -The same, large type; 7 vols., 12mo,40fr. N9WELS OF SUR, WALTER SCOTT; elegantly printed #. 12mo, at ONE THIRD the price of the London edilonAnne of Geierstein, 13fr. The Monastery, 13fr. Chronicles of the Canongate, Ivanhoe, 13sr. 2 vols. 9fr. Fortunes of Nigel, 13fr. Ditto. 2d. series, 3 vols. 13fr. —The same, 8vo.7fr. Tales of a Grandfather, 1st. Guy Mannering, 13fr. and 2d. series, 4 vols. 18fr. Kenilworth, 13fr. Woodstock, 3 vols. 13 fr. The Pirate; 13fr. Tales of the Crusaders, 17fr. Waverley, 13:r. Rob Roy, 13sr.

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History of THE LIFE AND VOYAGES OF CHRIS TOPHER COLUMBUS, by Washington Irving, 4 thick vols, 12mo, with maps. 24fr; . - - * This work gives Mr. Irving prodigious increase of fame; the novelty of fact exhibited commands wonder, only to he explained by the circumstances phich have given the author access to the archives, of the Spanish gorernment, as well as many private Iibraries, hitherto a fountain shut up and a hook sealed; by which he has been enabled to weave into this work many curios facts, previously unknown, concerning Columbus:-The chaste and nervous elegance of the style, and the liberal and truly philosophical cast of thought and sentiment, are what no one need be surprised with who has read his previous writings, but this performance is a mor: elaborate one, and of higher pretensions; , and orith unmingled pleasure do we confernplate the fruit of his tong and arduous labours.”—(Literary Gazette.) . . * It has very entertaining notices of events, opinions, and persons, illustrative of the great subject of the work.”—(London o: - “This spirited and interesting work, in which every thing, is as judiciously reasoned as it is beautifully and forcibly expressed, is much more grave in its character and laborious in its execution, than any of his preceding ones.”—(New Monthly Magazine.) THESKETCH BOOK, by the same, 2 vols. 12mo.9f." BRACERRIDGE HALL, by the same, 2 vols. 12mo, 9sr. SALMAGUNDI; or the Whim- Whams and Opinions of #:Hogstaff, Esq., and others.-By the same, 2 vols. o. 8fr, KNICKERBOCKFR'S HUMOROUS hisTORY OF NEW YORK, by the same, 2 vols. 12mo. 8fr. TALES OF A TRAVELLER, by the same, 2 volumes, 12mo. 10fr. - “It seems probable to us that Mr. Irving might prove no contemptible rival to Goldsmith, whose turn of mind Åe very mitch inherits, and of whose style he particularly reminds us. Like him, too, Mr. Irving possesses the art of setting ludicrous perplexities in the most irresistible point of view, and we think, equals him in the variety of his humour.”—(Quarterly Review. GOLDSMITH's MisCELLANEOUS WORKS, edited by ashington Irving, Esq. 4 vols. 8vo. 28sr.; on velium paper, 4s fr. ; on large vellum paper, 72fr. with fine portraits, of Goldsmith and irving.

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