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Printed for A. HAMILTON, in Falcon-Gourt, Fleet-Street.


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DHilofophical Transactions, Vol. LVII. Part I. Page 1

Ľ Baretti's Account of the Manners and Customs of Italy 17 %

Sharp's View of the Customs, Manners, Drama, &c. of Italy 24. *

Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England, Book III.

: concluded i

Wildman's Treatise on the Management of Bees

Philosophical Survey of the Animal Creation

Lord Herbert's Dialogue between a Tutor and his Pupil 50

Pellefreau's Abridgment of Sacred and Ecclefiaftical History
Dr. Magenise's Doctrine of Inflammations founded upon Reason

and Experience

The Summer-House; or, the History of Mr. Morton and Miss

· Bamited

Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the Inhabitants of the

· British Colonies


The true Sentiments of America

Remarks on the Riot Act

Short Examination into the Conduct of Lord M--

The Court of Star Chamber, or Seat of Oppression

A Second Letter to the Right Hon. the Earl

T E ibid.
Liberty chastised; or Patriotism in Chains


The Groans of Old England

Liberty, a Poem '


One thousand Seven hundred and Sixty-eight, Canto I. ibid.

Serious Reflexions on the High Price of Provisions ibid.

Reflections on Inland Navigation, &c. :

The Bastard Child; or, a Feast for the Church Wardens 73

Elogy on Prince Henry of Pruffia


Newman’s Philosophia Vera; or, a new System of Philosophy,

natural, moral, and divine


Shepherd's Letters to the Author of a Free Enquiry into the Na-
ture and Origin of Evil


Letters concerning Confessions of Faith, &c.

Dialogue between Isaac Walton and Homologiftes


Remarks on the Rev. Mr. Whitefield's Letter to the Vice Chan-

cellor of Oxford


Letter to a young Gencleman under Sentence of Death ibid.

Harman's Creed of Eternal Generationists

; ibid,

Invalidity of Schismatical and Heretical Baptism proved, &c. ibid.

The real Antiquity and Authority of the Church of Rome vin.

dicated, &c.


Remarks on the Public Service of the Church, &c. ibid.

Rawlins's two Sermons on the Principles of Infidelity and Faith 80

Dow's History of Hindoftan


Philosophical Tranfactions, Vol. LVII. concluded

A 2

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