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ages, when language shall become more refined
and men more pious and enlightened, strike their
lyres and vie with angels in celebrating the praises
of the incarnate Word. O may the name of our
God, and of our Redeemer, be praised in every
age, in every nation, and in every language, in
strains that has never yet been reached by any of
his ransomed people on earth. May our moun-
tains and our rivers, our streets and our groves,
echo the joyful sound, " Salvation to God and the
Lamb;' while our sons and our daughters to the
chief singer on the stringed instruments, join the
heavenly host and sing, “ Glory to God in the
highest, peace on earth and good will to man."

Millville, May 3, 1813.

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PSALM 1. C. M.
Saints and sinners characterized.
I BLEST is the man, who fears to sin,

And evil ne'er commits;
The sinner's way he stands not in,

Nor with the scoffer sits.
2 The word of truth directs his way,

The law is his delight,
He reads its precepts thro the day,

And meditates by night.
3 He like a tree when planted near

Where living water flows,
Shall bear in plenty year by year

And prosper as he grows. 4 Fair as a leaf of ever-green

Shall his profession shine;
His fruits of holiness are seen

Like clusters on the vine.
5 Not so the men of impious lives,

What vain designs they form;
But all their hope of glory drives

Like chaff before the storm.
6 Sinners in judgment shall not stand
Among the sons of

grace, When Christ, the Judge, at his right hand

Appoints his saints a place.
7 The narrow way that leads above

Is known to Jesus well;
But the broad way that sinners love,
Goes down to death and hell.


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PSALM 1. S. M. The saints happy, the sinners miscrable. 1 BLEST is the man of God,

Who walks not with his foes; But treads the way that Jesus trod,

And with the righteous goes. 2 The ways of sin abhor'd

Afford him no delight,
But in the statutes of the Lord

He reads by day and night. 3 He, like a thrifty tree,

Abounds with choicest fruits, And grace, like rivers, full and free,

The sap of life recruits. 4 The 'ungodly are not so;

But sinners unforgiven,
Are like the chaff that to and fro

Before the wind is driven. *5 How will they bear to stand

Before that judgment-seat,
Where all the saints at Christ's right-hand

In full assembly meet?
6 The Judge of quick and dead

The way of virtue knows,
But sinners and the way they tread
His vengeance overthrows.

PSALM 1. L. M.
The difference between the righteous and wicked.
| HAPPY the man whose cautious feet

Avoid the place where sinners meet;
He'bhors the talk of impious wits,

Nor with the scoffer proudly sits. 2 The law is hits divine delight,

He reads its precepts day and night;

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And while his soul on Jesus rests

He well the sacred text digests.
3 He shall be like a tree that grows

Near where some gentle river flows,
The streams of grace, divinely free,

Shall fertilize the growing tree.
4 The 'ungodly are not somThey find

No long continuing peace of mind;
As chaff thai's blown along the skies

So all their hope of glory Aies.
5 The 'ungodly, therefore, shall not stand

In judgment, when with stern command
The sovreign Judge, with awful frown,

Shall thus to sorrow doom them down. 6 “ My saints the way to glory trod;

The parrow way that leads to God;
In broader paths you lov'd to stray,
Depart, and perish in your way."

PSALM 2. S. M.

The kingdom of Christ. | WHY do the heathen rage,

Till Christ their Lord be slain? Why should the people all engage

To 'attempt a thing so vain? 2 Combin'd to tread him down,

The kings in council say, “ Come, let us trample on his crown,

And cast bis laws away.". 3 The Lord of glory smild

And laugh'd his foes to scorn, Who rag'd against his holy child,

The mighty Savior born, 4 He spake, and vext them sore,

Who did the Son provoke;

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Loud as his awful thunders roar,

The 'almighty Father spoke! 5 « On Zion's heavenly hill

His throne shall ever stand,
He, who disputes his sovreign will,

Shall ne'er possess the land. 6 I've made a firm decree,

He's mine anointed one;
This day have I begotten thee,

O my beloved Son.
7 The world from pole to pole

To thee shall look and live; Ask me, my Son, and take the whole,

Far earth is mine to give. 8 Thou shalt the rebels quell,

And rule with iron rod,
Shalt dash the vessels down to hell

That dare to 'oppose their God." 9 Be wise, ye judges, now,

And serve the Lord with fear;
Ye king's, before your sovreign bow,

His word with trembling hear. 10 Accept his offer'd love,

With faith and reverent awe, Nor think your royal powers above

Submission to his law. 11 But if you disobey,

You perish on the place;
For blest are they, and only they,
Who trust his sovreign grace.

PSALM 2. C. M.
The purpose of sinners frustrated.
I WHY did the Jewish nation rage

With unrelenting strife?.

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