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3 They tell the triumphs of his cross,

The sufferings which he bore,
How low he, stooped, how high he rose,

And rose to stoop no more.
4 0, let them still their voices raise,

And still their songs renew;
Salvation well deserves the praise

Of men and angels too.


S. M.

Praise to the Saviour.
1 YE angels, bless the Lord,

And praise his sacred name;
Diffuse his glories all abroad,

His gracious acts proclaim.
2 Praise him, ye heavenly powers,

And make his goodness known;
Christ is your Head, as well as ours,

And ye surround his throne.
3 Praise him, ye hosts of light,

In accents sweet and high;
To him you owe your power and might;

At his command you fly.
4 Ye wingéd seraphim,

Your grateful voices raise;
Created and preserved by him,

Let him have all your praise. 5 The lofty song begin,

And tune your harps anew;
While we in sacred concert join,

And strive to vie with you.


S. M.

Song of Moses and the Lamb.
1 AWAKE, and sing the song

Of Moses and the Lamb;
Wake every heart, and every tongue,
To praise the Saviour's name.

2 Sing of his dying love;

Sing of his rising power;
Sing how he intercedes, above,

For us, whose sins he bore.
3 Sing, till we feel our heart

Ascending with our tongue;
Sing, till the love of sin depart,

And grace inspire our song.
4 Sing on your heavenly way,

Ye ransomed sinners, sing;
Sing on, rejoicing every day

In Christ, th' eternal King. 5 Soon shall we hear him say,

6 Ye blesséd children, come!” Soon will he call us hence away,

To our eternal home.

6 There shall our raptured tongue

His endless praise proclaim,
And sweeter voices tune the song

Of Moses and the Lamb.

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Worthy is the Lamb.
1 COME, all ye saints of God;
Wide through the earth abroad

Spread Jesus' fame :
Tell what his love has done;
Trust in his name alone;
Shout to his lofty throne,

“ Worthy the Lamb."
2 Hence, gloomy doubts and fears !
Dry up your mournful tears ;

Śwell the glad theme;
Praise ye our gracious King;
Strike each melodious string;
Join heart and voice to sing,

6 Worthy the Lamb."

3 Hark! how the choirs above,
Filled with the Saviour's love,

Dwell on his name!
There, too, may we be found,
With light and glory crowned,
While all the heavens resound,

“ Worthy the Lamb."



C. M.

Praise for Mediation.
1 FATHER, I sing thy wondrous grace;

1 bless my Saviour's name;
He bought salvation for the poor,

And bore the sinner's shame.
2 His deep distress has raised us high;

His duty and his zeal
Fulfilled the law which mortals broke,

And finished all thy will.
3 Zion is thine, most holy God;

Thy Son shall bless her gates;
And glory, purchased by his blood,

For thine own Israel waits.
4 Let heaven, and all that dwell on high,

To God their voices raise ;
While lands and seas assist the sky,

And join t advance his praise. 316.


Praise to the Saviour.
10, SING to Him who loved and bled,

Ye heaven-born sinners, sing;
'Twas Jesus suffered in your stcad;

Own him your God and King.
2 He washed us, in his precious blood,

From every guilty stain;
He made us kings and priests to God,

And we shall with him reign. 3 Sing of his everlasting love,

From whence salvation flows;
Sing to him here, then sing above,

Of all that he bestows.

4 To him that loved us when depraved,

When guilty, blind, and poor;
To him that loved, and died, and saved,

Be glory evermore.

317. 6s, 88 & 4s. URWICK'S COL.

Praise to Christ.
1 PROCLAIM the lofty praise

Of Him who once was slain,
But now is risen, through endless days

To live and reign:
He lives and reigns on high,

Who bought us with his blood,
Enthroned above the farthest sky,

Our Saviour God.

2 The Son of God adore;

Ye ransomed, spread his fame;
With joy and gladness, evermore

Laud his great name:
Let every tongue confess

That Jesus Christ is Lord,
And every creature join to bless

Th' incarnate Word.

3 All honor, power, and praise,

To Jesus' name belong ;
With hosts seraphic, glad, we raise

The sacred song:
“ Worthy the Lamb,” they cry,

“ That on the cross was slain;
But now, ascended up on high,

He lives to reign." *

4 He lives to bless and save

The souls redeemed by grace,
And rescue from the dreary grave

His chosen race;
And soon we hope, above,

A louder strain to sing,
With all our powers to praise and love

Our Saviour King.


C. M.

Watts. The divine Character exhibited in the Gospel. 1 FATHER, how wide thy glory shines !

How high thy wonders rise!
Known through the earth by thousand signs,

By thousand through the skies.
2 Those mighty orbs proclaim thy power;

Their motions speak thy skill;
And on the wings of every hour

We read thy patience still.
3 But when we view thy strange design

To save rebellious worms,
Where justice and compassion join

In their divinest forms, –
4 Here the whole Deity is known ;

Nor dares a creature guess
Which of the glories brightest shone,

The justice or the grace.
5 Now the full glories of the Lamb

Adorn the heavenly plains;
Bright seraphs chant Immanuel's name,

And try their choicest strains. 6 0, may I bear some humble part

In that immortal song;
Wonder and joy shall tune my heart,

And love command my tongue. 319.

L. M.

Watts. Glory and Grace in the Person of Christ. 1 NOW to the Lord a noble song;

Awake, my soul, awake, my tongue;
Hosanna to th' eternal name,

And all his boundless love proclaim. 2 See where it shines in Jesus' face,

The brightest image of his grace; God, in the person of his Son,

Has all his mightiest works outdone.
3 The spacious earth and spreading flood

Proclaim the wise, the powerful God,
And thy rich glories from afar
Sparkle in every rolling star.

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