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C. M. RIPPON's Col.

Secret Devotion.
1 FATHER divine, thy piercing eye

Sees through the darkest night;
In deep retirement thou art nigh,

With heart-discerning sight.
2 May that observing eye survey

My faithful homage paid,
With every morning's dawning ray,

And every evening's shade.
3 0, let thy own celestial fire

The incense still inflame,
While fervent vows to thee aspire,

Through my Redeemer's name.
4 So shall the visits of thy love

My soul in secret bless ;
So wilt thou deign, in worlds above,

Thy suppliant to confess.


S. M.

Blessings sought in Prayer.
1 BEHOLD the throne of grace!

The promise calls me near;
There Jesus shows a smiling face,

And waits to answer prayer.
2 Thine image, Lord, bestow,

Thy presence and thy love;
I ask to serve thee here below,

And reign with thee above.
3 Teach me to live by faith;

Conform my will to thine;
Let me victorious be in death,

And then in glory shine.
4 If thou these blessings give,

And wilt my portion be,
All worldly joys I'll cheerful leave,
And find my heaven in thee.


C. M.

COBBIX. A Throne of Grace. 1 A THRONE of grace! then let us go

And offer up our prayer;
A gracious God will mercy show

To all that worship there.
2 A throne of grace! 0, at that throne

Our knees have often bent,
And God has showered his blessings down

As often as we went.
3 A throne of grace! rejoice, ye saints;

That throne is open still;
To God unbosom your complaints,

And then inquire his will.
4 A throne of grace we yet shall need

Long as we draw our breath,
A Saviour, too, to intercede,

Till we are changed by death.
5 The throne of glory then shall glow

With beams from Jesus' face,
And we no longer want shall know,

Nor need a throne of grace.

C. H. M.

Come, let us pray.
1 COME, let us pray: 'tis sweet to feel

That God himself is near;
That, while we at his footstool kneel,

His mercy deigns to hear :
Though sorrows cloud life's dreary way,

This is our solace — let us pray.
2 Come, let us pray: the burning brow,

The heart oppressed with care,
And all the woes that throng us now,

Will be relieved by prayer:
Jesus will smile our griefs away;
O, glorious thought ! - come, let us pray.

3 Come, let us pray: the sin-sick soul

Her weight of guilt must feel;
But, hark! the glorious tidings roll,

Whilst here we humbly kneel;
Jesus will wash that guilt away,

And pardon grant; then let us pray.
4 Come, let us pray: the mercy-seat

Invites the servent prayer,
And Jesus ready stands to greet

The contrite spirit there :
O, loiter not, nor longer stay
From him who loves us; let us pray.


S. M.

The Answerer of Prayer.
1 COME, praying souls, rejoice,

And bless your Father's name;
With joy to him lift up your voice,

And all his love proclaim.
2 Your mournful cry he hears ;

He marks your feeblest groan,
Supplies your wants, dispels your fears,

And makes his mercy known.
3 To all his praying saints

He ever will attend,
And to their sorrows and complaints

His ear in mercy bend.
4 Then blesséd be the Lord,

Who has not turned away
His mercy, nor his precious word,

From those who love to pray.
5 No; still he bows his ear

In gentle pity down;
For praying breath he loves to hear,

And praying souls he'll crown.
6 Then let us still go on

In his appointed ways,
Rejoicing in his name alone,
In prayer and humble praise.

C. M.

Seeking God.
1 0 THAT I knew the secret place

Where I might find my God!
I'd spread my wants before his face,

And pour my woes abroad.
2 P'd tell him how my sins arise ;

What sorrows I sustain ;
How grace decays, and comfort dies,

And leaves my heart in pain.
3 He knows what arguments I'd take

To wrestle with my God;
I'd plead for his own mercy's sake,

And for my Saviour's blood.
4 My God will pity my complaints,

And heal my broken bones;
He takes the meaning of his saints,

The language of their groans.
5 Arise, my soul, from deep distress,

And banish every fear;
He calls thee to his throne of grace,

To spread thy sorrows there. 647.

Prayer for Grace in Trial.
1 FATHER of all our mercies, thou

In whom we move and live,
Hear us in heaven, thy dwelling, now,

And answer, and forgive.
2 When, harassed by ten thousand foes,

Our helplessness we feel,
0, give the weary soul repose,

The wounded spirit heal.
3 When dire temptations gather round,

And threaten or allure,
By storm or calm, in thee be found

A refuge strong and sure.
4 When age advances, may we grow

In faith, in hope, and love,
And walk in holiness below
To holiness above.

5 Let earthly joys and cares depart;

Let pain and sorrow cease;
Be thou the portion of our heart;

In thee may we have peace.


S. M. PRATT'S COL. Prayer for divine Help. 1 MY God, my prayer attend;

0, bow thine ear to me, Without a hope, without a friend,

Without a help, but thee.
2 0, guard my soul around,

Which loves and trusts thy grace;
Nor let the powers of hell confound

The hopes on thee I place.
3 Thy mercy I entreat;

Let mercy hear my cries,
While, humbly waiting at thy seat,

My daily prayers arise.
4 O, bid my heart rejoice,

And every fear control,
Since at thy throne, with suppliant voice,

To thee I lift my soul.



Prayer for Guidance.
1 ETERNAL Source of life and light,

Supremely good and wise,
To thee we bring our grateful vows,

To thee lift up our eyes.
2 Our dark and erring minds illume

With truth's celestial rays;
Inspire our hearts with sacred love,

And tune our lips to praise.
3 Conduct us safely, by thy grace,

Through life's perplexing road,
And place us, when that journey 's o’er,
At thy right hand, O God.

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