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The Names of some of the early Bards, Poets, &c. which were omitted in pp. 13, 14, 15, and 16. A.D.

A.D. Câw, a Bard who flourished about the year 450. Evan Drwch y Daran, a Poet,

1570. mentioned by Cynddelw; Cathlau clau Cerddau Rhộs Cain, a Herald-Bard,

1587 Caw: (probably, this was the father of Aneurin;

Davydd Benwyn, Prydydd o Vorganwg.

1586. see a note in page 17.)

Captain Wiliam Middleton, a Poet,

159": Gwyddelyn, Gwyddyl Gòr, or Eiddilig Gòrg William Salisbury, of Cae Dů, in Llana noted Bard, and magician to Rhuddlwm sannan, was very learned; he translated the Gawr, about the year

460. New Testament into Welsh; published an Teilo, or Teilaw, a Bard, and bishop of English and Welsh Dictionary, in the year Landaff, (Teilaw ab Enfych, or Enllaig, máb 1547 ; and a Grammatical Introduction to the Hudwn dwn,) about the year


British or Welsh Tongue, in the year 1567. Ugnach ab Mydno, of Caer Söon, near Con

Arthur Kelton, Historian,

15,48. way, a celebrated Bard, about

Dr. David Powel, of Rhiwabon, Historian, 1550. Yscolan, a Bard, about

570. Humfrey Llwyd, of Denbighshire, D. M. Gwinerth, a Bard, about 610. and Welsh Historian,

1550. Affer, a famous writer, and bishop of St.

Dr. John Dû, or Dee, of Nant-y-Groes, David's, in the year 905. Radnorshire, a famous Astrologer,

1570. Melkin, or Maelgyn, wrote a book, De Sir Jn. Price, of Llanvyllin, British Historian, 1573. Arthurii Mensa Rotunda.

John Owen, of Plâs Da, in Caernarvonshire,
Gwgan Brydydd, a Bard, about

the famous Epigrammatist,

1605, Gruffydd ab Gwrgeneu, a Bard,

Robin Jachwr, a Herald Bard,

1610. Einion ab Madawg ab Rahawd

12 50.

James Howel, of Bryn-Llangamınarch, near
Gwilym Ryvel, a Bard,
I 260. Brecknock, Historiographer,

16203 Elidyr Sais, a Poet,

1290. I ord Herbert, of Cherbury, in Montgonie. Hywel Voel ab Griffri ab Pwyll gwyddel, 1300. ryshire, the famous knight-errant, and Historian, 1624. Casnodyn Vardd,


Hugh Llwyd, of Cynvael, a Poet, of MeiIorwerth Beli, a Bard

1380. rionethshire, about 1620. See p. 78. Llywelyn Ddû ab y Pastard, a Poet, 1370.

Robert Vaughan, Esq. of Hengwrt, in MeiGruffydd Grýg, a Poet,

1380. rionethshire, Antiquarian, and Historian, 1660 Dr. Siôn y Cent, a Bard,

1390. Nicolas Lloyd, of Flintshire, wrote DiElionaLlywelyn Llogell, a Poet, 1400. rium Historicum,

16605 Robert Leia, a Herald Bard,

1460. John Gwilym, of Herefordshire, a Herald, Davydd ab Edmund, a Poet,

1460. and Rouge Croix pursuivant; he published his Rhậs Nanmor, a Poet, near St. David's, 1460. celebrated work, entitled, “ The Display of Davydd Nan’mor, a Poet, of Nanhwynan, Heraldry,” in folio, about

1610. in Meirionydd,

1460. Myles Davies, of Tre 'r abbat, in Flintshire, Lewis Dwn,' a Poet,

1460. wrote Athena Britannica, or Critical History Tudur Penllyn, a Poet,

1460. of the Oxford and Cambridge Writers. Ieuan ab Tudyr Penllyn, a Poet,

1480. Dr. John Davies, Canon of St. Asaph, (was Tudur Aled, a Poet, who lived at Garth the son of a weaver at Llanverres, in DenbighGeri, in Chwiban, near Llansannan,

1490. fhire ;) he was a famous linguist, and author of Llywelyn ab Gyttyn, a Poet, and Crytbeur Antique Lingua Britannica, a Welsh and Latin, Davydd Llwyd ab Llywelyn ab Gruffydd. 1480. and Latin and Welsh, Dictionary; which he Inco Brydydd, a Poet,

1480. published in the year 1632. He affisted also Meredydd ab Davydd Vychan, a Poet,

1 490.

in tranflating the Bible into Welsh, which was Davydd Gorlech, a Poet, 1500. correctly published in the year

1620. Evan Dyvi, a Meirionyddshire Poet, 1500.

Edmund Prøs, of Trawsvynydd, or Tyddyn Rhộs Brychan, a Poet,

1500. Du, Rector of Ffestiniog and Maentwrog, and Rhộs Gele, y Prydydd Brîth.

Archdeacon of Meirionydd; was interred under Richa. Davis, Bard, and Bishop of St. Asaph, 1560. the Communion-table at Maentwrog, in the T'. ab Gr. ab H'. y Gadair, of An-glesey, 1580. year 1623. He was the most celebrated Bard Bedw Havesp, a Poet, about

1590. of his time, and one of the translators of the Rhŷs Gôch, o Lyn Dyvrdwy, a Poet, 1540. Bible into Welsh, and versifier of the Psalms. For the list of succeeding Bards, I refer my readers to the end of Dr. Davies's Dictionary; and to Mr. Ed. Lloyd's Aicha zlogia, p.255.


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An Ariand)ws, free of himer; the subgot of rentest at n (om.raws of the Bards, which was up by the chief hard if the Harp and afterwards com un his broadtites

badye of mert umd supérir mity, the arlow delineation to the erat sir if the mornal in the pofsekeren of H 'hotland of tanchester; and was the firmat which adorno it thumbins that of a

Prince of Wales, es wupperert to havr belemand formerly to a Kimat Bard.vra mprem Bordin Halas, nation of the netbourhood spoétor, intrerurnshire. this

. betalteom is made finitverirmidzle ft is er nocturned into three our hundred years idat; and the translation pide metti upon it,w, Liberty, firmnets and Priendlivip.

A Pront of the 'Ariandlws, mobiler frweb, whub va en the pefefsion of Sir Roger Henntum in slirshire and has been from time immemorialini thi sift of his. Ancceters, to bristow on the chief of the auto this emblem of : Pame which is crooned with lak, wabout mai inches and a half long,und fumished with alringy equal to the member of the thouses. 11

, wespainia at ia pudiée contest of the Bardo, in the fieryn ay kuron fiabeth, ty Sion ab Rhys. Pencerdd, principal Atusun v the Herp, in Vierter of Music. shee more in pagus 32,3,5, 46, 47, 44, 58, und $5,0f this work.

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Drinaleid Av Ed Jones.

Enspraved by Thornthnite.

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