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Webster's Dictionary.

Washington City, April 20, 1860. The undersigned, desirous of expressing their views of - Webster's Unå bridged Dictionary,” give as the result of many years' experience and observation as teachers, the collowing opinions :

Ist. Webster's Lexicographical Works have been the pioneers of the English language in the United States for more than half a century.

2d. The improvements which he has introduced, with scarcely an exception, have been acknowledged wherever the English language is known.

3d. “ Webster's Unabridged Dictionary” is received as supreme authority for the origin, spelling, pronunciation, meaning and use of Words by seven eighths of the people of the United States.

4th. The “New Illustrated Edition,” gives assurance that “ Webster's Dictionary” will continue to be the standard.

SILAS L. LOOMIS, A. M., M. D., Prin. Western Academy.
Prof. L. C. LOOMIS, A. M., Prin. Lafayette Institute.
R. D. BETRICH, A. M., Prin. Franklin Academy.

C. MERCHANT, A. M., Prin. Central Academy. Also, similar testimony from Prof. Z. RICHARDS, Messrs. WRIGHT, of Rittenhouse Academy, NEWTON, of Young Ladies' Irstitute, T HIST, &c.

1750 pages. “We have observed that with literary men generally, spelling is entirely a matter of habit, very few of them conforming strictly to the authority of any dictionary; while, in this country at least, the authors of educational text-books, and other works, in reference to which the question of orthography is carefully considered, very generally recognize and carefully follow Webster as their standard.


GEORGE I PUTNAM. The following has just been received from Messrs. D. Appleton & Co:

" New York, July 9, 1863. Gentlemen, -In answer to your inquiry as to the orth.graphy we adopt in our publications, we reply that when the matter is left to us, we should not think of following any one but Webster, which is generally acknowledged to be the standard authority in such matieis.

As you are aware, however, literary men are s metimes notional, and when one of our authors persists in a desire to spell according to Walker or Worcester, or Johnson, or himself, we yield the point. Very respectfully,

. D. APPLETON & Co. " The eighty pages of Illustrations, comparable in fineness to bank notes, are worth the price cf the book.---Ch. Herald.

WEBSTER'S SCHOOL DICTIONARIES, viz : I. The Primary. II. Common School. III. High School. IV. Ace. demic. V. Counting House. VI. University. VII. Army and Navy Pocket.

These popular School Dictionaries, having been thoroughly reviscd within the last three or four years, been extensively regarded as the standard authority in Orthography, Definition, and Pronunciation, and as the BEST DICTIONARIES in use, are respectfully commended to teachers and others. They are much more extensively sold and used than all othors combined.


Publishers of Webster's Unabridged. " Get the Best.” Get the Handsomest. Get the Cheapest. Get Dcc, 1863.-2mo


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This popular series of school books will soon be issued from newly elec rotyped plates, and with many new and more beautiful illustratione.

The Fourth and Fifth Readers will be enlarged by additional pages of new and peculiarly appropriate reading exercises of every variety of style.

The Progressive Intermediate Reader is an entirely new number added to the series, and is designed to be used as a sequel to the Second Reader, thereby furnishing additional reading matter for the Primary and Intermediate classes in graded schools. It is prepared on the same general plan of the other numbers of the series, with such improvements as experience bas suggested, a plan and system oriyinal :oith the authors, and will be issued in season to meet :he wants of winter schools.

The Progressive Speller & Definer, a book which has reached an unprecedented sale throughout New England, is not only the best, but the cheapest speller before the public.

The unexampled success of this series fully settles the question as to the practical character of its original plan and system ; and the " improvements" made in the revisions of otlier series, or in the issue of new ones, since the publication of Town and Holbrook's Progressive series, consist, mainly, in authors abandoning their own exploded systems, ana making as close imitations of the Progressive Series, both in plan and general mechanical appearance, as their abilities and pecuniary safety permit, and this, too, after so long denouncing the plan as impractical, and calculated to embarrass and injure the learner, rather than to facilitate his progress.

These facts being known, the genuine and original series, now having & more liberal patronage in New England than all the counterfeits combined, will, we trust, still hold its pre-eminence in the minds of a decriminating public ; inasmuch as the labored efforts of all its imit: tors have failed to introduce into their books a single ir portant principle, which is not more practically presented in the Progressive Series ;" while it contains, in addition, many valuable features nowhere else to be found.

Smith's Progressive Primary Geography.

-BYRoswell C. Smith, A, M., Will be issued during the month of November. This beautiful Primary work presents the subject of geography in a new form, and is pronounced, by all who have examined the proof-sheets, as the most simple, complete, and practical book the author has compiled.

THE PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY, by the same author, will follow the Primary; and these two books will complete the series on this subject.

.OLIVER ELLSWORTH, Publisher, Nov. 1863. 3 mos.




In consequence of the great success of Mr. Epes Sargent in his speciality of preparing Readers for schools, there has been a large demand for new books from him; and he has consequently prepared an entirely new and improved Series of Readers, which have been carefully and elegantly electrotyped, and are now ready for sale.

The smaller books are beautifully illustrated, and all those improve ment which constant consultation with our best teachers have suggested, are included.

We defy contradiction in saying that the Series is the best,"the hand. somest, the most carefully prepared, and, we may add, the cheapest, ever yet published. Our most accomplished elocutionists frankly admit the striking superiority of the Series ;-Mr. Sargent having had his entire time for years to give to the preparation-an advantage which he has enjoyed over all known compilers.

Mr. Sargent's long experience, careful scholarship,' high"culture as & literary man, acknowledged taste, added to his admitted success in on) Series of Readers, of which millions are still sold annually, are a guarantee that committees cannot go far out of the way of the public wants, in selecting his New Series.

Sargent's Original Dialogues. A handsome large duodecimo of 336 pages, with a fine portrait of the author, engraved on steel, and wood-cuts representing appropriate attitudes in dialogue delivery.

This work is one of great excellence for Schools. It contains 55 new Dialogues of such life-like character, and simplicity of dramatic exec ution u will enable the learners to perform their various parts easily and care fully; and at the same time of such pleasing composition as will awaken in those who witness their performance, the keen est interest.

On receipt of one dollar, a copy will be sent, postage prepaid, to any Beacher or pupil. mmmmmmw



WITH AN IMPROVED SYSTEM OF NOTATION. At the urgent request of many of the most distinguished Teachers of tbe sountry, Sir. Sargent has consented to prepare a New Speller.

It will contain many new and original features, of a purely practical character, such as will be at once approved by all Teachers having a regard to securing an accurate pronunciation in their classes.

Copies of the New Readers will be furnished gratis to School Commit. tees and Teachers, who are desirous of examining the same with a view to introduction into schools, on application to the Publisher. Or they vill be sent by mail, prepaid, when the amount of postage is sent in stampa.

The postage rates, are on the Fourth, 18 cents; the Third, 15 cents ; the Second, 12 cents ; the First, 9 cents; and on the Primer, 6 cents, Address

JOHN L SHOREY. Publisher,

13 Washington Street. Boston

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Of the many school books constantly c-ming from the press, not one in a score possesses sufficient merit, or adaptedness to the practical wants of teachers, to secure for it a permanent place among school text-books. We select from the list of our own publications, for commendation to educators, the following books, all of which have very successfully stood the actual test in the s-hool room, and most of which have become the stand.. ard text-books in their departments, being more extensively used than any others. We recommend these books to teachers, therefore, not merely on our own judgment, but because they have been thoroughly tried and. proved to be the best.

DICTIONARIES. Webster's Primary School Dictionary,

$0 45
Webster's Common School Dictionary,
Webster's High School Dictionary,
Webster's Academic Dictionary,
Webster's Counting House and Family Dictionary,
Webster's Pocket Dictionary,
Webster's Army and Navy Pocket Dictionary,

Mattison's Primary Astronomy,
Mattison's High School Astronomy,
Mattison's Burritt's Geography of the Heavens and Chart,

1 75 FRENCH. Pinney & Arnoult's New French Grammar,

1 50 Pinney's Easy Lessons in Pronouncing and Speaking French, Pinney's First Book in French, Pinney's Elementary French Reader, Pinney's Progressive French Reader,

100 Williams's English into French. A book of practice in French con. versation, to be used in connection with any French Grammar, 126.

Lossing's Primary United States,
Lossing's Pictorial United States,

1 25
Mason's Normal Singer,
Bradbury's Young Shawm,
Root's Musical Album,
Root's Academy Vocalist,
Woodman's Musical Casket,
Lasar's Cæcilia,
Mason's Mammoth Evercises, (the print large enough to be seen
throughout a large hall,)

7 60 Our list of publications embraces many other School, Music and Miscellaneous books, which we believe to be of highest excellence, but the quality of the above is established by their uneqnaled circulation. Frvorable ferms for introduction. Specimen copies by mail free at the prices. All pur publications are sold by Mason & Hamlin, 274 Washington street, Boston, at our prices,


Nos. 5 & 7 Mercer st., N. Y,


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NET ACCUMULATION, EXCEEDING $2,250,000, And increasing, for the benefit of Members, present and future. The whole safely and advantageously invested. The business conducted ex plusively for the benefit of the persons insured. The greatest risk taken on a life. $15,000. Surplus distributed among the members every fifth year, from December 1, 1843; settled by cash or by addition to policy. The distribution of Decem. ber, 1858, amounted to thirty-six per cent of the premium paid in the last five years. Premiums may be paid quarterly or semiannually, when desired, and amounts not too small.

Forms of applications and pamphlets of the Company, and its Reports to be had of its agents, or at the office of the Company, or forwarded by mail, if written for.

MEMBERS OF THE COMPANY who may volunteer or be drafted into actual Military or Naval Service of the United States, may be insured for one year, at an extra rate not less than two per cent. per annum.

New applications to be ensured the risk of actual Military and Naval Service will be received for an additional premium of not less than five per cont. per annum.

B F. STEVENS, Secretary, Boston, Mass.



Cultivation of the Voice.


Edited by R. Storrs. Willis. This volume is one of the greatest excellence as a syste.n of thorough instruction in Vocalization. It is constructed on a rigidly scientific basis, considering the mechanism of the vocal organs, different qualities of voice. Just method of Articulation, True process of Culture, &c., with a series of Exercises from the simplest method of uniting the Chest and Medium Reg. isters, to the most difficult Trills, and is, unquestionably,

The Most Desirable System for Teachers and Pupils. - Bassini's Method” is a standard book of instruction in the Leading. Educational Institutions in which music is taught, and invariably gives satisfaction to all who use it.

Price, Soprano Voicc, Complete, $3.50; Abridged, $2.25. For Tenor Voice, Complete, $3.00, (no abridgement). Mailed post paiden receipt of price.

OLIVER DITSON & CO., Publishers.

277 Washington st., Boston.


Conducted with special r ference to the preparation of Teachers for the Common School. Spring tern begins Feb. 18th, 1864.

EDWARD CONANT, Prir.cipal, Randolph, Vt.

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