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The most healthy,
The most economical,

The most delicious
Preparation of Coffee
This Coffee is prepared under a formula from the great German Chemist

PROFESSOR LEIBIG, and gives the essential full strength and delicious flavor of Old Government Java Coffee, which is the only quality of Coffee used in its preparation, without any of that narcotic quality which so sadly damages the nervous system in the use of even the best grades of Coffee as ordinarily prepared.

2d. It gives the essential tonic and diuretic elements of Dandelion, without the sherby,'' coarse taste so disgusting, and yet always found in the ordinary Dandelion Coffee.

It is known to all acquainted with chemistry, that the essence, or oil, or whatever name may be given it, when properly and scientifically obtained from any herb or plant is a far different article from that produced by putting that plant into water and boiling it out-permitting the escape of the most exquisite and reliable strength and leaving the coarse and earthy drugs precipita:ed or in solntion.

So this preparation combines the exquisite aroma of the Java Coffee, with the highest essential excellence of the most choice Dandelion-yield. ing the spirit without the grosser earthy body of both, thereby avoiding the deleterious effects of both and becoming at the scme time THE MOST DELICIOUS BEVERAGE,


The most Health-giving and Restoring Drink

Known in the world-being at once a sovereign remedy instead of pra ducer of Dyspepsia and General Nervous Debility, Flatulence, Fulness of the Head, Dizziness, Costiveness, and diseases of the Liver and Kidneys, because of its great Tonic and Diuretic qualities.

The simple fact that the preparation is from Baron Leibig, will commend it to the attention of the scientific in all parts of the country, whilo the use of it will at once and permanently prove to the masses everywhere that it is the long needed desideratum-in its way.

The immense popularty of this Coffee in the Old World is an earnest that its use and popularity in America is bonnd to become continent wide.

Another consideration not to be overlooked in regard to the matte, is that IT COSTS LESS THAN ORDINARY GREEN COFFEE ai. 18quires less than half the quantity to give the same degree of strengt and its use proves it at 30 cents a pound to be cheaper than Maricabo cof ee at lo cents a pound. · Neatly packed in pound papers with full instructions for use on each label--in SIXTY POUND BOXES. Price 30 cents per pound. A UDeral discount to the trade.

Manufactured by the PEOPLD'S PROVISION CO., 268 Greenwich Street, N. Y., to whom all orders may be addressed.

Sold by wholesale Grocers and Druggiats.


The Human Face Divine,or,
New Physiognomy. Eyes, Ears, Nose,
Lips, Mouth, Ilead, Hair, Hands,
Feet, skin, complexion, with all the

"Signs of Character',and How to Read Them,with hundreds of Portraits of remarkable Persons, to ve given in the PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL

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Phrenological Journal



in th: THYSICA, OE Man



S. R. WELLS, EDITOR, is devoted to
the Science of Man in all his rela-
in the departments of

embracing our social, intellectual and
religious nature, the right education and

training of children, and the better reg POET

ulation of ourselves and comunities PAILOSOPHER. PORTRAITS, with biographical | THE SOUL, as manifested through sherehe's, of distinguished men : illustrations organization, in its relations to this life and of the different races; the tenperaments; the life to come, and to elevate MAN to the "signs of character." 119 revealed through position bis Creator intended him to fill, are the organization-head, face, feet, hands, subjects on which our sciences throw Å walk, talk, including eves, mouth, lips, chin, flood of light, and our readers shall have the nose, etc., will be given in each number. I benefit of its best teachings.

Other Interests, such as new inventions, agriculture, commerce, mechanism, science, art, and literature, will be considered. We feel it a duty to participate in, and co-operate with, all the great movements for the " emancipation of man" from error, ignorance, sin, want, intemperance, and spiritual darkness. Our work embraces all mankind, and all interests.

A New Vol., the 39th,
commenced Jan., 1864, pub-

lished monthly, at $1.50 a year,
if ordered.

Please address, FOWLER & WELLS, 308 Broadway, S. Y.



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Published under the Sanction of the Vermont State Teachers' Association

Board of Contributors. 'J. S. Adams,

M.H. Buckham S. Ketchum.

Pliny A White


C. E. Ferrin,

J. K. Colby,
C. C. Parker,

Edward Conant

C.O. Thompson

J. W. Phelps,

M. Burbank,

J. B. Perry,

D. G. Moore,

R. Parkinson.

HIRAM ORCUTT, Editor and Proprietor.

JUNE, 1864.


$ In Advance 75 cents.

To Clubs 50 cents

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