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merican Marseillaise.

Elsner. 30 “ Under our flag beat the long call once more,

Call up the North as you called her before.” Our Volunteers. Song and Corus.

Baumbach. 30 “Sudden and loud the war cry rang." Softly now, tenderly lift him with care.

- This is a hero whose pale form ye bear." Inscribed to the Mothers, Wives and Sisters of the slain in battle. From the Red Battle Field. Quartet.

Barker. 30 “Silently, tenderly, mournfully home,

From the red battle field, volunteers, come.” A Hero has Fallen.

King. 30 “ His saddleis emuty, and sheathed is his sword,

Another has left us to reap his reward." Emancipatiun. Song and Chorus,

" In this land of the free, not a slave shall there be,

As a cause for rebellion or treason."
Mother, when the war is over. Song and Chorus. Turner.
The Drummer Boy's March.

Winner, 30 Copies of the above new and popular sheet music, sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of the price. OLIVER DITSON &Co., Publishers,

277 Washington St., Boston. INSTRUCTION BOOKS AND MUSIC For the Melodeon and all Instruments of the Organ Olass. Zundel's New Melod eon Instructor. Containing the Elements of Music, Progressive Finger Exercises, and a large collection oá choice music, $2.25. New Method for the Melodeon. Selected mainly from “ Zundel's Instructor," and containing in addition to lessons and exercises, a coll, of popular songs a::d a variety of Psalm and Hymn Tunes, 1.50. Carhart's Melodeon. Elementary and progressive studies, with a coll, of choice vocal and Instruinental Music, 1.50. American School for the Melodeon, 1.50. Model Melodeon Instructor, 1.50 Winner's Perfect Guide for the Melodeon, designed as a self-instructor, with choice music, 60. Melodeon without a Master, 60. Woodbury's Melodeon Instructor, 50. Green and White's Melodeon Instructor, 60. Howe's Seraphine and Melodeon Instructor, 50. The Seraphine, a coll. of music for the Melodeon, Seraphine & Reed Organ, 60. The instructions in each of the above books are suited not only to the Melodeon, but to all instruments of similar construction. Sent, post-paid, on receipt of price. OLIVER DITSON & CO., Publishers, Boston.

Select Music for Choir Practice. 'The following books are recommended to Choirs as containing music for their regular practice. Greatorex Collection of Church Music, 1.25. Hayter's Church Music, 2.25. Harp of Judah, 1.25. The Hosannah, 1.25. Boston Academy's Coll. of Choruses, 2.25. Convention Chorus Book, 40. Kreissman's Anthems, 50. Old Folks' Concert Tunes, 35. Tuckerman's Chants, 2.50. Boston Glee Book by Mason & Webb, 1.25. Boston Melodeon. 3 vols, each 1.25. Musical Lyra, 1.25. Western Bell, 1.25. Young Folks' Glee Book, 1.25. The Choralist. A coll. of Choruses, in Nos., each 15 (list sent on application.) Haydn's and Mozart's Masses.

A discount from the above prices on quantities. Copies sent post-paid on receipt of the price.

OLIVER DITSON & CO., Publishers,

277 Washington St., Boston.

Cowperthwaite & Company, Philadelphia,


New Series of Arithmetics.



---56 “ 6 ARITHMETIC AND ITS APPLICATIONS-84 “ These books differ from many others in several important particulars.

1. The investigations of the principles on which the rules of urithme. tic depend, always precede and are made more prominent than the statement of those rules.

2. The logical relations of the several parts of arithmetic are clearly marked by their arrangement. For example, reduction is not treated as a separate rule, but so much as belongs to multiplication is placed under that head, while the rest takes its proper place as one of the practical ap. plications of division. Interst, discount, and the kindred rules, are grouped together as illustrati ns of the doctrine proportion. The theory of decimals is placed much earlier in the course than usual. The rules for compound numbers are explained in connection with the corresponding rules for simple numbers, the principle u on which these rules depend being identical.

3. A large number of examples are given for the illustration of each rule, and great care has been taken to select those of a practical or busi. ness character.

4. The answers to the examples are not given in the arithmetics. Keys to the higher books are furnished gratis to teachers using the arithmetics, but are not sold to booksellers.

6. They are original books, the result of much careful thought, study, and experience as a teacher:

Colburn's Arithmetics are regarded by all teachers who are acquainted with their merits as at least among the best treatises in this department. They are everywhere liked best by the best teachers, and wherever introduced, the longer they are used, the better they are liked.

Although so recently published, (the series was not completed until 1860, with very little effort on the part of the publishers to bring them into use, they have already worked their own way into the public schcols of such places as St. Louis, Mo.; San Francisco, Cal.; Syracuse, N. Y.; New Haven, Hartford and Norwich, Conn., Salem, Fitchburg, Somer. ville, etc., Mass.; and in many of the smaller cities and towns in the vicinity of these places,

Teachers and School Officers intending to make changes in this department, and who wish to get the HEST TEXT- BOOKS, are requested to examine these and compare them with cotemporary works. Copies for examination will be norwarded by mail. on receipt of one-third of the annexed prices, for prepayment of postage, or they will be furnished FREE OF EXPENSE on personal application to the publishers, or to [th] DEXTER S. STONE, Boston, Mass., Agent for Introdurtion --Office at C. G. Cooke's Bookstore, 37 & 89 Brattlo 8t.

The Human Face Divine," or,
New Physiognomy. Eyes, Ears, Nose,
Lips, Mouth, Headl, Hair, Hands,
Feet, Skin, complerion, with all the

Signs of Character,and How to Read Them,with hundreds of Portraits of remarkable Persons, to be

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Phrenological Journal





organization, in and to elevate MA All, are

S.R. WELLS, Editor, is devoted to
the Science of Man, in all his rela-
in the departments of

embracing our social, intellectual and
religions nature, the right education and

training of children, and the better reg PORT

ulation of ourselves and communities. PUILOSOPER. PORTRAITS, with biographical "THE SOUL, as manifested throux sketches, of distinguished inen; illustrations organization, in its relations to this life and of the different races; the tenperaments;

signs of character," as revealed through position bis Creator intended him to fill, are the orginization-heard. face, feet, hands, subjects on which our sciences thru walk, taik, including Ves, 1110nths, lips, chin, flood of light, and our readers shall have the uose, etc., will be given in each m ber. I benefit of its best teachings.

Other Interests, such as new inventions, agriculture, commerce, mechanism, science, art, and literature, will bo considered. We feel it a duty to participate in, and co-operate with, all the great movements for the “ emancipation of man" from error, ignorance, sin, want, intemperance, and spiritual darkness. Our work embraces all mankind, and all interests.

A New Vol., the 39th,
commenced Jan., 1864, pub-

lished monthly, at $1.50 a year,
if ordered.

Please address, FOWLER & WELLS, 308 Broadway, s. ¥.

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