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{ confer, compare.

Tom. for Tomus.
St. for Stuck.
P. for Part, or Pars.
c. for chapter.
v. for verse.
S. for Seite.
p. for page.
pp. for pages.
s. for sequens, the next.
ss, for sequentes, the following
f. for folgend, the next.
ff. for folgende, the following.


anm. for anmerkung, note.
0. T. Old Testament,
A. T. for Alte Testament,
V T. Vetus Testamentum.
A. B for Alte Bund.

New Testament,
N. T. for { Novum Testamentum,

Neue Testament.

for Einleitung. Einl. Introd, for Introduction. e. g. for exempli gratia, for example. v. for vide. See. 9. v. quod vide, which see. u. s. f. for und so forth, and so forth.






§ 1. Names of the books of the Old Testament.[a] The books which the Hebrews, Israelites, or Jews, have long ve. nerated as divine, are usually called The Old Testament, in order to distinguish them from the sacred books of the Christian religion, which are called The New Testament. This appellation is taken from II Cor. iii. 6. 14. comp. Mat. xxvi. 28. Gal. iii. 17. Heb. viii. 8. ix. 15–20, where the ancient Latin translators have rendered daoman (which signifies both a covenant and a testament, but in the Bible always answers to the Hebrew mina, a covenant) TesTAMENTUM, a testament, because, as Jerome remarks, Comm. in Malach. c. ii. 2., they by a Graecism attributed to this word the sense of Foedus, a covenant.[6] The expression wahaia diadnxn old covenant, II Cor. ii. 14., signifies the ancient divine instructions promises, and threats, and the whole scheme of the Mosaic religion ; but as all these, with an account of their effects in the course of time, and of the furtherances and obstructions with which they met, are contained in the books under consideration, the name was by a metonymy transferred to the books, so that, VETUS FOEDUS, old covenant stands for the books of the old covenant or testament, just as, with a more


occurs Ex. xxiv. 7., and 6,62rov Scabnxms I Macc. i. 57. The appellation maps the reading book,

ספר הברית ,limited application

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