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T. 244.


333. *

T. 79.

2 The privilege to be with Christ

335. In union, can't enough be priz'd; Since I'm the purchase of his blood,

THO ? can't See our Saviour Grant me this privilege, O God! With these our mortal


Our faith, which tastes his favor, 332. T. 146.

The want of sight supplies : O WHAT is Christ to me!

Our hearts can feel him near,
Who hath for


So that to us 'tis clear,
Found out a remedy,

His presence is as certain
And ev'ry grief appeases ;

As if we saw him here.
My ever faithful Friend,
My Confident most true,


T. 185.
On whom I can depend,
In joy and sorrow too.

BETHANY, O peaceful habitation,

Blessed mansion, lov'd abode !

There my Lord had oft his resting CAN any contemplation

station, E'er vie with that sensation,

Converse held in friendly mond; O Christ, that we're thine own!

With that bliss which Mary highly saThat our names on the pages

vor'd, Are written, where the wages

I could wish this day still to be favorid; For thy soul's travail are put down! But thy presence makes to me

Ev'ry place a Bethany.
T. 230.
BE our comfort which ne'er faileth,

337. T. 586. When


trial us assaileth, Or when we're needlessly distrest; WHEN Christ our Saviour lives and Jesus, show on each occasion

dwelleth That thou our strength art, and sal- In 'us, O what consummate bliss !. vation,

This from our hearts all gloom disOur shield, our hiding-place and rest : pelleth, O may we constantly

Our life of heav'n a foretaste is. Look up by faith to thee,

Lord Jesus, hear our supplication! Who redeem'd us,

Let all of us in ev'ry station,... And daily prove

Be truly join'd to thee That thou art love,

Until eternally Till we shall be with thee above. Thy face we see.


XIX. Of the Happiness of Children of God.

T. 114.

Thy gracious looks so warm and melt

my heart, Jesus, my King, thy kind and

That fear and restlessness must soon gra

depart. Assuageth er’ry grief that burdeps me : 2 The gifts of Christ are so inestiWhen I, with all my heart, apply to thee, mable Then thy peace-giving Spirit's my That all the world nought equal can

cious sceptre



What are the treasures which the Earth's greatest honors are, howe'er worldlings hoaidi

they please us,

[chaff: To comfort weary souls they are not To this compar’d, but vain and empty able,

Yea, what this world can never give, But Jesus can, and doth abundantly; May, thro' the Shepherd's grace, each All earthly joys will fail, but never he. needy sheep receive. 3 How highly blest, how happy is the 2 Here is a pasture rich and neverspirit,

failing, Which, weary of self-working, inly Here living waters in abundance flow; mourns,

None can conceive the grace with And unto hint for aid and succor turns! them prevailing, The humble ev'ry good from him ins Who Jesus' Shepherd-voice obey and herit,

know; He to the troubled soul imparteth easë, He banisheth all fear and strife, Restoring to the wounded conscience and leads them gently on to ever. peace.

lasting life. 4 That which the law could have im- 3 Whoe'er would spend his days in parted never

lasting pleasure, Is then produc'd alone by Jesus' grace; Must come to Christ, and join his flock This is the source of genuine holiness,

with speed ; This changes and reforms our whole Here is a feast prepar'd, rich beyond behavior;

measure, From strength to strength, from grace The world meanwhile on empty husks to grace led on,

must feed : We safe proceed; until our race is run. Those sheep may share in ev'ry good, Ś O may I look to Christ without ces- Whose Shepherd doth

possess the trea sation !

suries of God. Come visit me, thou Day-spring from on high,

340. *

T. 164 That in thy light, the light I may espy, O DAYS of solid happiness, On grace depending as my sole founda- ( antepast of heaven!

When, in th'accepted time of grace, Confirm my faith, grant that no fault We know our sins forgiven,

Cleans'd in the precious food May intercept the light that beams Of Christ's atoning blood, from thee.

Enjoying in our hearts by faith 6 Thou Source of love, I rest in thy The blessings purchas'd by his death. embraces

2 The peace of God then fills the soul, Thou art alone my everlasting Peace! And heals the wounded spirit; My only treasure is thy boundless grace; The broken heart is then made whole, 'Tis heav'n on earth to live upon thy By virtue of his merit; mercies;

Yea his sweet looks of

And since in thee all happiness I find, Convey such happiness,
I seek nought else to satisfy my mind. That we, in his redeeming love,

Anticipate the bliss above.
T. 115

3 But why do tears, grief and distress How

great the bliss to be a sheep of Sometimes allay our gladness, Jesus !!

And tho' we've tasted pard’ning grace, And to be guided by his Shepherd-staff;! Still often cause as sadness ?

tion ;

in me


Because we can't forget

Tho' foes should join in combination, Our former wretched state,

Who shall condemn Lord my Salvation, And that the grace on us bestow'd My confidence is in thy grace. Cost Jesus ev'ry drop of blood. 3 If thou thro' thorny paths wilt lead me, 4 When thus we contemplate the cost, I'll simply trust in thee, O Lord; It fills us with amazement,

The clouds at thy command must feed We take it prostrate in the dust,


And rocks must drink to me afford : With joy, yet deep abasement; For all that we possess

In thy kind leadings acquiescing, (ing; Is undeserved grace,

I'm sure to meet with nought but blessBy torments on the cross procurd,

If I have thee, it doth suffice: When he for rebels death endur'd. I know that souls to bliss created,

Who shall te glory be translated, 5 How pleasant is our lot, yea good

Must humbled be before they rise. And great beyond expression !

4 Friend of my soul! O how contented For, having cleans'd us by his blood, He bears us with compassion,

Am I, when leaning upon thee.!

By sin I am no more tormented, Applies his healing pow'r,

Since thou dost aid and comfort me. To us each day and hour, Yea, we in Him redemption have

O may the heart-reviving feeling

I have of thy most gracious dealing, In death itself and in the


A forėtaste yield of joys above. 6 And this at last our theme shall be, I scorn, vain world, thy adulation,

When call’d to see our Saviour, For Jesus is my delectation,
We join the glorious company,

And I'm an object of his love.
Around his throne for ever ;
Then we in highest strain

T. 582.
Shall praise the Lamb once slain, JESUS, thou art reveal'd
Who hath redeem'd us by his blood,

To my poor heart, by faith,
And made us kings and priests to God. And hast to me made manifest

Thy wounds, thy blood and death.
Thy name and cross alone

To me can comfort yield,
How blest am I,most gracious Saviour, Since I thereby, as thy reward,

When filled with thy sacred love ! To God am reconcild.
With grief oppress'd, I seek thy favor, 2 My soul, tho' deeply bow'd, .

And thy reviving bounty proye: Is cheered by thy grace,
The dismal clouds of night must vanish, Now I no more need toil and strive
When joys divine my heart replenish, In search of happiness;

While I recline upon thy breast : But am assur'd that thou Ah, then I find on earth


heaven; Hast all my sins forgiv'n, Such comforts to all those are given, And by thy painful death for me

Who seek in thee their peace and rest. Procured life and heav'n. 2 Ifmy sin's burden would oppress me, 3 Thou who didst love me first, Or legal thunders me affright,

Teach me to trust in thee Or fear of death and hell distress me, Unshaken, till I thee above

By faith to thee I take my flight: Shall praise eternally: In thee I always find protection

Ev'n here thou art my song, Gainst Satan's darts and sin's infection, Thy grace doth richly claim Thou art my Shield and Hiding- That thy church militant on earth place;

Give glory to thy name.

342. *


T. 218.

4 Unfeigned thanks receive,

6 Jesus wipes away their tears, For thy unbounded grace,

And alleviates all their cares;
From us, who in thy name believe, They in truth, with heart and voice,
And wish to walk thy ways;

Evermore in Christ rejoice.
And who are bound to thee,
Because thou us hast gain'd,


T. 166. And for us, by thy precious blood, WITH grateful hearts we all declare, , Eternal bliss obtain'd.

That in Christ's congregation 5 The merits of thy death

We may substantial blessings share, Each day to us apply,

Since he is our Salvation; And grant, that to the throne of grace And he requires of us, that we We boldly may draw nigh;

Deeply abas'd before him,
That we may mercy find,


each other heartily And help in time of need;

To love, and to adore him.. Thus shall we, by thy Spirit led, 2 The grace is great, unspeakable, From grace to grace proceed. The privilege unbounded,

That we, altho' deserving hell, 6 Thy cross and saving name We freely will confess,

By sin most deeply wounded,

Are by the virtue of Christ's death Thy gospel we will spread on earth,

From sin's pollution cleared, And sound thy matchless praise ;

And, cleaving unto him by faith,
To all mankind point out

Are one with him declared !
Thee, our incarnate God,
Who hast redeem'd us from the fall


T. 590. By thy atoning blood.

JESUS, whose hands once pierced with

nails T. 11.

Were stretch'd upon the wood, BLEST are they, supremely blest,

Out of whose wounds in plenteous

streams Who, of Jesus' grace possest,

Flow'd the atoning blood : Cleave to him by living faith,

How safely rests a weary child Till they shall resign their breath.

Who keeps thee, Lord, in view;. . 2 One with Christ their Head they Let unbelief say what it will, share

This is for ever true, Happiness beyond compare; 2 The more the Lamb of God we view, Since on him their hopes they build, The more we walk in light; He is their Reward and Shield, His gracious presence doth dispel 3 Tho' all earthly joys be fled,

Sin's dark and dismal night:

Thecheering beamswhich Christ the Sun If in him they trust indeed, He will be their constant Friend,

Of righteousness displays,

Enkindle many a lifeless heart, And protect them to the end.

And love unfeigned raise, 4 If to Jesus they appeal, When their faith and courage fail,

3 Is there a thing that moves and breaks

A heart as hard as stone, He assures them of his love,

That warms a heart as cold as ice ? Doth their Strength in weakness prove.

'Tis Jesus' blood alone : 5 They who simply to him cleave, This precious balm can truly cheer From his fulness grace receive;

And heal the wounded soul ; And throughout their mortal days, What multitudes of broken hearts Their employment is his praise. This stream of life makes whole !

343. *

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T. 132.

4 Hark, O my soul, what sing the choirs

347. T. 14. Around the glorious throne ? AMAZING grace! (how sweet the Hark! “ the Lamb slain” for evermore

Sounds in the sweetest tone;

That sav'd a wretch like me;
The elders therecast down their crowns, I once was lost, but now am found,
And all, in endless day

Was blind, but now I see.
Sing praise to him who shed his blood,
And wash'd their guilt away.'

2 'Twas grace that taught my heart

to fear,
5 This, while on earth, we will declare And grace my fears reliev'd;
Cheerful in our degree,

How precious did that grace appear
That thro’the blood of God's dear Lamb

The hour I first believ'd!
Each soul may happy be.
But thou, O Lord ! make ev'ry day-

3 Thro'many dangers, toils and snares, Thy grace to us more sweet,

I am already come;
Till we behold thy pierced side,

'Tis grace hath brought me safe thụs far, And worship at thy feet.

And grace will lead me home. 4 The Lord hath promis'd good to me,

His word my hope secures ;

He will my Shield and Portion be
O IF the Lamb had not been slain,

As long as life endures,
To save us from perdition,

5 Yes, when this flesh and heart shall fail, And everlasting life to gain,

And mortal life shall cease,
What had been our condition?

I shall possess within the vail,
But since poor sinners favor'd are A life of joy and peace.
To have a Friend so very dear,
We cannot but be happy.

T. 22.
2 With all our errors and mistakes

My Saviour left his throne, and came
He bears, and loves us dearly;

From guilt lost sinners to redeem,
A contrite soul He ne'er forsakes,

That they might have their sins forgiv'n,
That acteth but sincerely.

And find in him their peace and heav'n.
When the whole heart to him is giv'n 2 Daily may I from thee receive
We have a foretaste here of heav'n, That peace the world can never give,
In fellowship with Jesus.

Since Jesus on the cross's tree
3 When we have fail'd and deeply By death procur'd that peace for me.

3 Lord, I am thine, O take me now,
That we the Spirit grieved,

I in the dust before thee bow,
And to our Lord for comfort turn,

Asham'd, that I no sooner ran
We quickly are relieved:

To thee the Saviour of lost man.


with humble shame,
" Lord Jesus, I have been to blame,

T. 4.
He saith, “ Thou art forgiven."

DEAR Lord, when I trace
4. As pardon'd sinners we rejoice,

The offers of grace
With Jesus' congregation;

Received from thee, -Thy drawings of
Above all other things we prize

love from my first infancy;
His bitter death and passion;

2 I fall at thy feet
His wounds, his tears ,and bloody sweat, Thy mercy's so great,
We bear in mind, and can't forget

I'm lost in amaze: - Thy love and for
His unexampled mercy.

bearance all thoughts far surpass.



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