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6 Grant that 'mongst thy chosen people (Thy work prosper and defend, Each may serve thee evermore,

We're feeble but confide in thee; Foll'wing thee as thy disciple,

Let thy true foll'wers to the end
And in spirit thee adore,

Amidst oppression conqu’rors be.
Gracious Saviour-with heart's fervor;
May we walk as thine anointed,
In the path thou hast appointed.

609.* T. 22.

As long as Jesus Lord remains
T 166.

Each day new rising glory gains,
UNFATHOMD wisdom ofour King! With his church militant below!

It was, it is, and will be so
In stillness he collects his flock,
Leads on, doth to perfection bring, 2 Our only stay is Jesus' grace,
And ground it on himself, the Rock; In ev'ry time and ev'ry place;
With little hurry, noise or show, And Jesus' blood-bought righteousness
He safely guideth ev'ry soul;

Remains his church's glorious dress.
No more the blinded world can do,
Than scorn and ridicule the whole.

3 All self-dependence is but vain,

Christ doth our Corner-stone remain, 2 Thy church, great Saviour, bought Our Rock, which will unshaken stay with blood,

When heav'n and earth are fied

away. Despis'd of men, but dear to thee, Esteems thy cross a pleasant load,

4 The Spirit which anointed Christ, An easy yoke, thrice happy she!

By which th' apostles were baptiz'd, When, bearing thy reproach below,

Proceeding from the church's Head,
She still partakes of thy free grace,

Is giv'n to us, and makes us glad.'
The grace thou richly dost bestow, 5 That cause shall never suffer harm
And which affliction's load outweighs. Which rests on Jesus' mighty arm:
3 Thou hast, with shepherd's faith. What men can do, we need not fear,


No foe shall even touch a hair.
Brought many souls to thy blest fold, 6 For these our God hath number'd
Made them partakers of thy grace,

Amongst thy foll'wers them enrolld: Without his leave not one can fall:
They ġield thee pleasure and delight, If in the least he is so true,
When they thy voice hear and obey, What will he not in greater do?
And while they in thy love unite, 7 He is and shall remain our Lord,
Thou guid'st them thro' life's narrow Our confidence is in his word:

And, while our Jesus reigns above,
4 We humbly pray, support the weak, His church will more than conqu’ror
Support thy children by thy grace; prove.
Thou know'st for thee a-thirst we seek,
Kind Master of thy chosen race!
We know thy faithfulness and love,

610.* T. 68.
Thy mercy all our wants supplies;
May spirit, soul and body prove CHURCH of Christ be glad,
To thee a pleasing sacrifice.

Praise thy Lord and Head;

Grounded on thy Saviour's merit, 5 By thee protected, gracious Lord,

That thour't filled with his Spirit O may we ever live secure;

Is perceiv'd, and this Led by thy Spirit, grace, and word,

Proyes that thou art his. Relying on thy cov’nant sure:

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For the Lamb of God

5 O yes, nor would I change my lot Fixeth his abode

For all this world can give,
In his ransom'd congregation, By grace I'll keep the place I've got,
And true joy and consolation,

And only to thee cleave.
Grace and truth, abound
Where the Lord is found.

613.* T. 26.
3 All thy strength and life

REDEEMED souls, adore and praise
From Christ's death derive,

Our merciful and gracious God,
And proclaim his bitter passion

For all the blessings he bestow'd,
As the cause of man's salvation,

For all the wonders of his grace.
Showing forth his praise

2 The Lord for us great things hath Till the end of days.

done, 611,*"T, 114.

Our warmest thanks to him are due;

We trace his goodness when we BRIDE of the Lamb, thou favor'd view congregation,

[flock, His church, where he erects his throne. Thou fruit of Jesus' cross, dear cov'nant 3 We humbly take what he'll bestow, Securely built on him th' eternal Rock,

Who would refuse his boundless
Rejoice in him, the God of thy salvation,
Reap all the blessings he design'd for


his church in ev'ry place Grow in his grace and knowledge 4 We all in spirit are agreed,

His blessed views more fully know. constantly.

To follow Jesus as his flock, 2Țhy glory be toallthe world displayed, To build on him, our only Rock, Toall mankind his dying love proclaim, And on the path of life proceed. ; Awake, put on thy strength, Jerusalem, And in thy beauteous garments be 5 And tho' a rugged path it be, arrayed,

On which we oft with trials meet, Break forth, extend thyself both far

And many dangers us beset;

It leads to true felicity,

[share. That thousands still thy happiness may 6 The Father's garden here below

With patience must be watch'd in612. T. 14 HAIL, church of Christ, bought with For, as in nature 'tis, the seed his blood!

Must die before the plant can grow. The world I freely leave;

7. Here is our hand; us, Lord, assist Ye children of the living God, To serve thee ʼmidst reproach and Me in your tențs receive.

2 Bride of the Lamb, I'm one in heart And thy atonement to proclaim,

With thee thro' boundless grace ; Until we in thy presence rest,
And I will never from the part,
This bond shall never cease.

T. 205
3 Closely I'll follow Christ with thee, RISE, exalt our Head and King;
I'll go thy safest road;

Praise the Lord who ever lives ! Thy people shall my people be, Glad we are his praise to sing; And thine shall be my God.

He his people's praise receives: 4 And am I, Jesus, one of those On his pow'rful day they rise,

Who in thy fold have place ? Off’ring free will sacrifice;
Who gather'd round th' erected cross

His victorious triumph this,
Enjoy redeeming grace?

Since hell's host deleated is,


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614. *

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2 Ye who Jesus' death proclaim, The willing slaves of sin and death Service yield to him with joy, We were, and enemies to thee

; Praise with ev'ry breath his name, But, granting us a living faith, Grace textol be your employ;'

Thou from the curse didst 'set us free. Grace supports us ev'ry day, 3 Is there a thing that warms the heart, Leads us in the narrow way;

That stirs up gratitude and love, Tis thro'


alone that we It is the grace thou dost impart, Can obtain the victory.

Thy blood, the pow'r of which we 3 Gracious Lord, may we believe,

prove: Venture all on thy free

We sink astonish'd at thy feet,

grace, Boldly things not seen achieve,

Thy mercy's an unfathom'd sea, Trusting in thy promises;

How can we find expressions meet, Faith thy people's strong hold is,

Who but so lately loved thee? Their employment daily this,

4. The word of Jesus' bloody sweat, To proceed on paths unknown, Of his dire passion, wounds & death, Leaning on thy grace alone.

With pow'r our souls doth penetrate, 4. Christ, thy all-atoning death

And quicken with life-giving breath:

The pow'rs of hell this vanquishes, Is our life while here below;

This doth the church of Christ Strengthen thou our feeble faith,

maintain, Constantly thy aid bestow;

Tho' Satan to the threshold press,
In thy mercy we confide,

Christ's blood won't let him entrance
Safely to the end us guide;
Zion, if thy Head depart,

gain. Void of life and strength thou art.

5 Who in the Spirit's light can trace

The church of God, he must declare, 5 Lord thy body ne'er forsake, It is alone thro' Jesus' grace,

Ne'er thy congregation leave; That she abiding fruit can bear:
We to thee our refuge take, To him all honor doth pertain,
Of thy fulness we receive:

Who by his blood made her his own,
Ev'ry other help be gone,

Her choirs repeat in cheerful strain : Thou art our support alone,

• The Lord for us great things hath For on thy supreme commands,

done." All the universe depends.

6 The church of Christ who views a615.* T. 166.


He sees a glorious master-piece, THY church, O Lamb of God, ap- And must with wonder and delight pears

Adore him, who the Author is: Before thee, fild with humble Her beauty plainly doth appear shame;

To those who have discerning eyes; Our eyes o'erflow with grateful tears, Her songs delight the ravish'd ear With melted hearts we praise thy Of all who know celestial joys.

name, For the discov'ries of thy grace,

7 She Christ, her faithful Shepherd,

knows, And proofs of all thy faithful care,

Attends to his instructive voice,
Experienc'd in so various ways, Amidst adversity she grows,
Of which each soul can witness bear.

In her election doth rejoice, 2 With-thanks we call to mind the day Is by the Holy Spirit led :

On which the power of thy blood The blood of covenant maintains We felt, when chain’d by sin we lay, Her'union with the Lord her Head,

As sinners dead and void of good; In whom she constant vict'ry gains.

| Let

T. 155

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For his grace,



T. 26.

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3 Of thee both far and near
CHURCH of Christ, sing and rejoice, With joy and humble shame,

We gladly witness bear;
Bring the Lord thro' all thy classes

To sinners ev'ry where
Thanks and praises,

We publish in thy name,
Glory, honor, might and pow'r,

That thy blood makes clean

From all guilt and sin.
Since he is our Head and Saviour,

4 O give us that good part,
And his mercy, grace and favor

A sanctified heart,
Richly doth on us bestow.

Each needful gift and grace,
2 When we on his faithfulness, Dear Lord, to us impart;
Love and mercy duly ponder, Form us unto thy praise;
Lost in wonder,

Thro' thy aid may we,
We desire his name to praise ; Yield true joy to thee.

5 O Lamb, for sinners slain,
Love and goodness never ceaseth,

For evermore remain,
He the number still increaseth

Unto thy foll'wers nigh;
Of the church in which he rules.

Let us thy aim attain,
3 Highly favor'd church, thou art Daily thy grace enjoy ;
Still beyond all contradiction,

Never from us move,
Midst affliction;

Keep us in thy love.
By the Lord, who thee 'redeem'd,
Much esteem'd:

Therefore, may thy whole behavior WHO can the love of Christ express
Be an honor to thy Saviour, .

To those who by his blood redeemed,
Whose great mercy never ends. Are as the heirs of life esteemed ?
4 Thothou hast but little strength,

He owns them as his chosen race.
Let thy faith be manifested,

2 With thanks before his throne appear, And attested

And praise his name, dear congreBy unfeigned love to him;

Serve his name

For ev'ry proof and demonstration,
With true zeal in ev'ry station, That you his favor'd people are.
As his feeble congregation,

3 Weknow his boundless loveand grace, Which relies on his support.

Enjoy his goodness, care and favor,

He keeps his covenant for ever, 617.* T. 121.

Can aught exceed his faithfulness? O LORD, thy church which now

4 O might this church of Christ always Sits at thy footstool low,

Be to the world a bright example, Adores and praises thee;

How by the Holy Ghost, a temple
The worth she well doth know

May be constructed to his praise.
Of thy election free,
Placing in thy grace

619. T. 155.
All her happiness.

JESUS, slaughter'd Prince of life, 2 We in thy ways proceed,

Thy remembrance ever raises
Refresh'd and comforted;

Thanks and praises ;
With us in mercy bear,

And thy love, when shed abroad,
And daily forward lead

Lamb of God,
Thy flock with tender care,

Prompts us gather'd here before thee,
Yea, at every step,

With abasement to adore thee
Us protect and keep.

For thy suff'rings, wounds and blood.

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626. T. 79.

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2 To redeem us from the fall, Thou hast death for us endured, And procured .

THRICE happpy congregation, For all those who trust in thee

For thy predestination Mercy free;

Adore the suff'ring Lamb; Now thy ransom'd congregation Who, mov'd by love unbounded, Hath thee for her sole foundation, To purchase thee was wounded, Here and in eternity.

The cross endur'd, despis'd the 3 Since thou hast deliver'd us

shame. From the yoke of ev'ry stranger 2 It ne'er can be expressed And all danger,

In words, how thou art blessed; In thee, Saviour of the lost!

Thy happy lot hold fast;
Is our boast;

Thy ransom, so expensive,
From thy all-sufficient merit
We eternal life inherit,

Is surely more extensive,

Than barely to be sav'd at last. For thy blood hath paid the cost. 4 May thy ransom'd people, Lord,

3 yes our grace-election, To thy inmost courts admitted,

By our kind Lord's direction, For priests fitted,

Is of a nobler kind;
Off'ring pray'r and praise to thee John's portion to inherit,

To be with Christ one spirit,
Prize their glorious destination, Rightly acquainted with his mind
Yield to thee their ministration,

4 To learn how, with precision, And thy faithful follwers be.

In each state and condition, 5 Sanctify us for thyself,

To execute his will; From each thing by thy soul hated His ev'ry intimation Separated,

Be our heart's inclination
Freed from this world's sinful ways ;

To understand, and then fulfil.
Grant us grace,
In our walk and whole demeanor, 5 To this world crucified,
As new creatures, thee to honor, For his use sanctified,
And thy holy name to praise.

In body and in soul,

Till we to his full stature 6 Deep engrave it in our hearts, How by thee we are esteemed,

Are grown, and of his nature
Why redeemed!

Partakers are, throughout the whole.
Ev'ñ to practise in these days
Heaven's ways,

6 A bow of grace, appearing

To the world, witness bearing 'Midst all poverty and weakness,

That God is well inclin'd;
To grow up into thy likeness,
And at judgment be thy praise.

A light, whose radiation,

From Christ's illumination 7 O lift up thy countenance

Deriv'd, may shine to all mankind.
On thy church; in love remember
Ev'ry member;

7 The Father's kind inspection, Might none, who would not be thine His blessing and protection, Enter in ;

Be daily our support;
May we all in thee believing, The holy Spirit's leading,
Grace for grace from thee receiving, And Jesus' pow'rful pleading,
Needful strength and succor gain.

Convey us through this world unhurt.


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