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O love no human tongue can tell,

Thou on my head wilt place a crown, O love divine, unsearchable!

Thus shall I stand before the throne ed , God gave his well-beloved

Of thy dear heav'nly Father,
To suff'rings, death, and to the grave, Dress'd in salvation's robe, with thee

That he lost man thereby might save; To live to all eternity;
His mercy thus he proved!

In bliss no tongue can utter, 3 Jesus, I never can forget


T. 152. or 9

thou hast sustained; JESUS I am richly bless'd
I'll thee, long as my pulse doth beat,

By thy bitter passion;
Adore with thanks unteigned;

O how is my soul refresh'd
Yea, thou shalt be my heart's delight;

In the meditation
Thou, when I sink in death's dark night, On the pain and deep distress,
Shalt be my consolation;

Which thou hast endured!
In life and death I will be thine,

By thy death for me a place on,

And on thy faithfulness recline Is in heav'n procured. de With humble resignation.

2 Jesus, who hast once been dead, 4 My song in thy great loveliness,

Now for ever livest; Both day and night shall center; Thou in ev'ry time of need von Amidst all wants and feebleness,

Kindly me relievest,
I'll on thy service venture:

And dost help to me afford :
My life's wholestream for thee shall flow

Faithful Lord and Saviour,
O'may, by all I speak or do,

Give me what thy death procur’d, , Thy holy name be praised !

And I'm rich for ever.
And all that thou hast done for me,
Upon my heart indelibly


51. t. For ever be impressed !

WHEN Jesus hung upon the cross, d

5 Thou canst true comfort to me yield Expiring to retrieve our loss,
In my life's ev'ry station;

Bereft of consolation,
In combat thou dost prove my shield, Sev’ndying words he spoke which claim
In grief my exultation;

Our serious meditation.
In happy hours, the source of joy; 2 First for his foes he intercedes,
And when all other meat doth cloy,

And with his father for them pleads,
support me;

(His matchless goodness showing); In thirst thou shalt my well-spring be, Hesaith.“ Forgive them; they know not In solitude my company,

What they to me are doing.”
At home and on a jokney. 3 Weigh next the pardon and relief
o What harm can I from death sustain, Bestow'd on the repenting thief,

Since thou art my salvation ? The object of his favor :
From scorching heat thou art my screen, " To day thou shalt in paradise

In pain my consolation ; [breast, “Be with me, and for ever."
When gloomy thoughts surround my 4 Observe the sympathy and care
Thou, Lord, alone canst give me rest, which he for John and Mary bare:
'Tis by thy pow'r I conquer :

• Behold thy son, O mother; Thou art, when storms of trials blow, O John, thy mother there behold.”

vessel to and fro,

Thus, Christians, love each other.
My sure and stedfast anchor.

5 Hark! how the meek&suff’ring Lanb 7 When I in heav'n shall rest with thee, Doth on the cross," I thirst” exclaim; Thou God of my salvation,

Such thirst the Lord sustained
Thy blood and righteousness shall be For our salvation : but now he
My glorious decoration:

Joy for his grief hath gained,

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And toss

3 me



6 Next take to heart his anguish great, 2 Oh! this makes me think with sighing When, press'd beneath sin's pond'rous I'm the cause: Behold the Man ! weight,

Then his love which I'm enjoying,
All comfort from him taken,

Comforts me: Behold the Man !
He cries aloud, "My God, my God, Ah! that terribly abused
Why hast thou me forsaken pas Countenance so marr'd and bruised,

Makes 7 - 'Tis finish'd," was the solemn

my eyes with tears o'erflow, word,

Till to him I've leave to go. When for mankind our dying Lord 3 Wounded head, back plough'd with Had gain'd complete salvation ;

furrows, Ye mourning sinners, all rejoice

Visage marrd: Behold the Man! To hear this declaration.

Eyes how dim, how full of sorrows, 8 The last, attention due demands: Sunk with grief: Behold the Man ! “O Father, now into thy hands

Lamb of God, led to the slaughter,
I recommend my spirit !"

Melted, poured out like water;
He bow'd his head, gave up the ghost, Should not love my heart inflame,
That we might life inherit.

Viewing thee, thou slaughter'dLamb. 9 All those who here enjoy, by faith, The blessed fruits of Jesus' death,

T. 217. True bliss in him possessing, Find in his seven dying words When thou in death didst bow thy head A treasure of rich blessing.

All nature, Lord, was struck with

T. 168.

The op'ning graves gave up their dead O BEHOLD your Saviour wounded, ,

Earth trembled, rocks were rent in Hanging on th' accursed cross ;

sunder : None hath e'er the love expounded,

Then felt the pow'rs of hell below
Our Redeemer show'd to us:

Their last irrevocable blow;
Hear him at his crucifixion

Thy aim was then by right obtained, Pray for foes 'midst keen affliction,

To free the souls by Satan chained; "O forgive them; they don't know, Now, thro' thy anguish and distress, Heav'nly Father, what they do."

The captives find a full release, 2 At his cross's foot now tarry, View his languid, marred face,

2 Thou, who the nail-prints dost retain, Mark his care for John and Maryi

Tho'to thy glorious throne ascended,

Whose side's incision doth remain,
To the thief he offers

Ah, he thirsts with love unshaken;

And thorn-marks which thy head

once rended: “God! why hast thou me forsaken ?” And - Tis finish'd !" Jesus cries,

This is thy most transcendent form

Which doth our hearts transport and Yields his spirit, droops and dies.

warm, T. 168.

As thou upon the cross didst languish, SINCE with awe in strains melodious, Or, as thy body, pale and dead,

Extended there in keenest anguish;
Sing with awe: Behold the Man!

In the cold sepulchre was laid.
Yea repeat in tones harmonious,

Ah, Behold, behold the man! 3 'Tis the most lovely attitude On thy dying look, dear Saviour, Wherein we can behold our Saviour,

When by the eye of faith he's view'd, I am never tir'd to gaze

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I will fix my eyes

With blood and bruises stain'd all At thy lovely bleeding face.


for ever;

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For, more than all that can be said 2 Lord Jesus ! who is like to thee!
Of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Head, O might by night and day
Deth sparkle in our heart's recesses: My spirit upon Calvary,
The blessed fraits of his distresses That scene of suff"ring, stay.
We richly can enjoy by faith,

3 How that blest moment I regard, sed While meditating on his death.

When thou didst bow thy head ! 4 Christ's agony, his death and blood O had my list'ning ear but heard Shall be our joy and consolation, The


that left thee dead ! The grace unmerited bestow'd

4 How highly favor'd had I been, On us our constant meditation; lap

Had I with John stood by,
Fresh proofs of his fidelity,

And Shepherd-care we daily sée ;


beloved Saviour seen 145 He will continue still to feed us,

In keenest anguish die!
Till he at last will thither lead us, 5 Beholding, with deep reverence,
Where all his glories shall be seen

Thy side for me then pierc'd,
Without a vail to intervené.

With what emotion had I thence

Seen blood and water burst! 100.* T. 594.

6 It is as tho' my eyes now view'd ONE view, Lord Jesus, of thy passion This heart-affecting sight,

Wilt make the fainting spirit glad; And ev'ry scene depicted stood wheel This yields us solid consolation, 'Fore me in clearest light.

When thy dear blood, so freely shed, 7 O might thy dying love divine
Pervades and heals both soul and body,

Become to me more clear, When thou dostgive to us thy peace; And smile in ev'ry smile of mine, end Ah, then our arms of faith are ready,

And flow in ev'ry tear.
Thy cross, O Jesus, to embrace !
2 No drop of blood thou deemd'st too

8 When I depart, my latest breath

To thee, Lord, shall ascend,
Toshed for worthless worms like me;

As a thank-off'ring for thy death;
O that thy fire of love, dear Jesus,

Thus, blest my race will end.
Inflam'd my heart with love to thee!
May thy atoning death and passion,

· 102.* T. 14.
Thy agony and bitter pain, SEE, world, upon the shameful tree
final consummation

Thy Maker sinks in death! Deep in my heart engrav'd remain, Cover'd with stripes and wounds for 3 O might I live in the enjoyment

Thy Saviour yields his breath. [thee
Of all my Lord for me hath gain'd! 2 Behold his body stain’d with blood,
Might this be daily my employment, Out of his tender heart

To muse upon what he sustain'd! Deep sighs and groans he sends to God
O may his hands, whereon engraven In his excessive smart.

My poor& worthless name doth stand, b; Support me, till I in the haven 3 Thou Prince of glory knew'st no sin ; Of endless joy shall safely land.

What caus’d thee then such pain ?

Thou harmless, undefil'd and clean, T. 14.

What caus'd thee to be slain ?
My life-supplying element 4 My sins, as num'rous as the sands
Is Jesus' blood and death:

Upon the ocean's shore,
My soul is eagerly intent

Have been the cruel, murďrous hands
To live thereiñ by faith.

That wounded thee so sore.

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101. *

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5 What anguish, what tormenting pain 6 Joy for thy torments we receive, Thy soul did rack and tear!

Life in thy death have found; All this thou freely didst sustain, For the reproaches of thy cross But I deserv'd to bear.

Shall be with glory crown'd.
6 Thou on thy shoulders took'st the 7 May we a grateful sense retain

To ease my burden'd heart: (whole, or thy redeeming love;
Thou bar'st the curse, to bless my soul, And live below like those that hope
And heaľst me by thy smart

To live with thee above!
7 Thy wondrous love to evidence
Thou wouldst my Surety be:

104. T. 14. Thyself wouldst pay my

debt immense, Thereby to set me free.

ALAS! and did my Saviour bleed, 8 Thou art destruction to the grave,

And did my Sov'reign die?

Would he devote his sacred head Death's enemy severe;

For such a worm as I? That each in bondage as its slave,

Might now be sav'd from fear, 2 Was it for crimes that I had done, 9 My debt to thee, God, who art love, Amazing pity! grace unknown !

He groan'd upon the tree?
Weak words can ne'er express;

And love beyond degree !
I cannot here; if there above,
Return due thankfulness.

3 Well might the sun in darkness hide 10 Grant'methe grace, while I am here, When God th' almighty Maker dy'd,

And shut his glories in, (Since I can nothing give)

An oft'ring for my sin.
Thy suft'rings in my heart to bear,
And by thy death to live.

4 Thus might I hide my blushing face,

While Jesus' cross appears;


heart, in thankfulness,

And melt my eyes in tears!. BEHOLD the Saviour of the world

Imbru'd with sweat and gore, Expiring on th' accursed cross,


T. 22. Where he our sorrows bore ! WHEN I by faith my Saviour see 2 Compassion for man's fallen race Expiring on the cross for me,

Brought down God's only Son, Satan and sin no more can move, To veil in flesh his radiant face, For I am fillid with Jesus' love. And for their sins atone.

2 His thorns and'nails pierce thro' my 3 Who can to love his name forbear, heart,

That of his suff'rings hears, In ev'ry groan I bear a part; And finds the ransom of his soul I view his wounds with streaming eyes;

Was blood as well as tears? But see! he bows his head, and dies! 4. When earth and hell's malicious 3 Come, sinners, view the Lamb of

Encompass'd thee around, (pow'rs God, Thy sacred blood, O Son of God, Wounded and dead, & bath'd in blood !

Stream'd forth from ev'ry wound: Behold his side, and venture near, 5 Till death’s pale ensigns o'er thy The well of endless life is here. cheeks,

4. Here I forget my cares and pains ; And trembling lips were spread;


thirst remains; Till light forsook thy dying eyes, Only the fountain-head above

And life thy drooping head. Can satisfy the thirst of love.

1 a


T. 14:

I drink,


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5 0 that I thus could always feel ! 2 His flesh istorn with whips and nails; Lord, more and more thy love reveal! His strength decays, his spirit fails : Then my glad tongue shall loud pro- His side is pierc'd, his heart is broke: The grace and glory of thy name.[claim Our sins upon himself he took. 6 Thy name dispels my guilt and fear, 3 The thieves expiring on each side Revives


heart and charms mine ear; Proclaim thecrimes for which they dy’d: Affords a balm for ev'ry wound,

But what, dear Saviour, hast thou done? And Satan trembles at the sound, Thou dyd'st for sin, but not thine own.

4 Jesus, and didst thou bleed for me? 106. T. 14.

O great, O'boundless mystery!
I buw


head in deep amaze,
BEHOLD the loving Son of God And silently adore thy grace.

Stretch'd out upon the tree;
Behold him shed his precious blood,

108. T. 582.
And die for you

Go forth in spirit, go
2 Why is his body rack'd with pains,
And with keenest smart?

To Calv'ry's holy mount;
Why flows the blood from all his veins,

See there thy Friend between two
Why torn with grief his heart?

Suft'ring on thy account. [thieves, 3 All righteousness did he fulfil,

2 Fall at his cross's foot,
No sin did ever know ;

And say, "My God and Lord,
He never thought nor acted ill;

Here let me dwell, and view those
Why was he wounded so?


Which life for me procurod.”.
4 Alas ! I know the reason why:
Our num'rous sins he bore;

3 Fix on that face thine eye;
This caus'd his bitter agony,

Why dost thou backward shrink? This wounded him so sore.

What a base rebel thou hast been

To Christ, thou now dost think. 5 But hence our confidence begins; For we may boldly say,

4 Fear not ; for this is he
That thus, by bearing all our sins,

Who always loves us first,
He took them all away.

And with white robes of righteousness 6 Our God is fully reconcil'd,

Delights to deck the worst,

5 Or art thou at a loss
His justice satisfy'd ;
become his child,

What thou to bim shalt say?
Since Jesus bled and dy'd.

Be but sincere, and all thy case

Just as it is display.
7 Come then, ye needy sinners, come, 6 His blood thy cause will plead,

If ye accept, he'll give;
O suffer him to lead you home;

Thy plaintive cry he'll hear,
Whoever will, may live.

Look with an eye of pity down,

And grant thee all thy pray's.




Each sinner may

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107. T. 22.


T. .14
THERE hangs the Saviour of mankind,
His visage marr'd, his head reclin'd:

BEHOLD the Saviour of mankind
His bleeding hands, his bleeding feet,

Naiļd to the shameful tree;
Declare his love divinely great.

How vast the love that him inclin'd-

To bleed and die for thee!

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