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To the dear fountain of thy blood, 6 Against the fiercest pow'rs of hell,
Incarnate God! Ifly :

He is my strength and shield;
Here let me wash my spotted soul

Within his wounds I safely dwell;
From crimes of deepest dye.

He fights, I win the field,
5 A guilty, weak and helpless worm, 7 Since he became my sacrifice,
Into thy arms I fall :

My bonds and chains he broke; Be thou mystrength and righteousness, Now to my willing neck he ties My Jesus, and my All.

His soft and easy yoke. le: 25. T. 582.

8 A pardon'd sinner I remain,

But sin its pow'r hath lost, soi, Not one of Adam's race,

Sin still I have, but grace doth reign, If in the balance try'd,

Mercy is all my boast. ;

Can, by his works of righteousness,
Fore God be justify'da

9 Arise, O happy soul, rejoice, The works which we have done

In endless, happiness;
Are all, alas ! unclean;

Open to thee is paradise,
But we are sav'd by faith alone,

Go in, and take thy place. And cleans'd thereby from sin. m2 Ye sinners, who with grief


T. 22.
Your condemnation feel,

LORD, I am vile, conceiv'd in sin, Look up to Jesus for relief,

And born unholy and unclean;
And to his blood appeal:

Sprung from the man whose guilty fall God gave his only Son

Corrupts his race, and taints us all. That sinners who believe, DET, Might not be lost, but be his own,

2 Soon as we draw our infant breath And in his kingdom live.

The seeds of sin engender death;

The law demands a perfect heart, 26. T. 14.

But we're defil'd in ev'ry part: I, WITH the fallen human race,

3 O God! create my heart anew, re, Lay weltring in my blood; And form my spirit pure and true; Cover'd with shame and deep disgrace,

O make me wise betimes to see
And banish'd far from God.

My danger and my remedy. 2 The loving Jesus passing by,

4 Behold, I fall before thy face; His bowels yearn'd to see

My only refuge is thy grace: Me wretched sinner helpless lie

No outward forms can make meclean, In deepest misery.

The leprosy lies deep within. 3 Inclin'd to me in tenderness,

5 My sin I feel, my guilt I know, My soul he would relieve

Thy blood can make me white as snow; From all its mis'ry and distress,

Lord, let me hear thy pard'ning voice, He said, “ Arise, and live.

And make my broken heart rejoice. 4 He wash'd away my ev'ry stain,


T. 22.
And cléans'd me in his blood;
Deck'd me with righteousness divine,

WHEN justice did demand its due,
And brought me nigh to God.

And sins increas'd the dreadful strife, 5 My heart no condemnation fears,

My Saviour to my succor flew,

And by obedience bought my life.
Nor hell, nor Satan dreads,
Christ as the mercy-seat appears,

2 My ransom from the pow'r of sin His blood my pardon pleads.

Could not be paid on other terms:

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Run, hide thyself, my soul, within

29. T. 580. Thy bleeding Saviour's out-stretch'd

ARISE, ye who are captive led, arms.

Complain no more, for Christ our Head 3 When lawcondemns,andjusticecries From sin can set you For dreadful vengeance without end, Redemption Jesus freely gives, To Jesus then I turn my eyes ;

Repenting sinners he receives, He tells me, he will stand my friend. He came to save both thee and me.

2 He meekly all our sorrows bore, 4 God on these terms is reconcil'd,

Us fallen sinners to restore And I his gracious heart have won: To life and liberty: Now I am deem'd his favor'd child,

For us he suffer'd deep distress, In Jesus his beloved Son.

Was without form or comeliness ; 5 What can be laid unto my charge?

O depth of love! O mystery! When God saith, “ Freely I forgive!” 3 Th'almighty Judge condemnedwas, Tho' Satan on my crimes enlarge, That heby death might gain our cause; Christ saith, I shall not die, but live. : The Prince of life was slain :

And since he suffer'd in our stead, 6 The curses which the law of God

We need no condemnation dread, Pronounc'd o'er me, he freely bore; Eternal life in him we gain. I'm now, by faith in Jesus' blood, Acquitted of sin's dreadful score.

4 The Holy One, made sin for us,

Was naild 'to the accursed cross, 7 Awaythen doubtsand anxious fears! And shed his precious blood;

Thus he obtain’d a righteousness Be silent all my needless sighs;

For all who mourn for pard'ning grace, My Saviour wipes away my tears, O'er sin and death I conqu’ror rise.

ThroʻJesuswe have peacewithGod!

5 Rejoice, O heav'ns, and earth reply! 8 Jesus! be endless praise to thee, With praise, ye sinners, fill the sky, Let sinners loud thy laụds proclaim; All grace his death procures; Of old their sins could pardon'd be, Your woes to blessings he will change, And Jesus always is the same. You in his children's order range,

Thro' him eternal life is yours.

III. Of the Incarnation and Birth of Jesus Christ.
T. 97.

Towish,or ask, that happiness toknow,

Which love alone on sinners could JESUS, th' almighty Son of God,

bestow. Takes up with mortals his abode; He who was sworn to Abraham, 3 Then Love brake forth, “Behold me Who ever was and is the same, (veald, “Prepar'd, O God, to do thywill! (still Came in due time and mysteries re “I freely come, I freely die, Which from the world's foundation "For guilty man to satisfy; were conceald.

"I in his stead will hang upon the tree,

“From sin, and death, and hell to set 2 We, dead in sins and trespasses,

him free.” The narrow way to life and peace Had neither will nor pow'r to find; 4 And thus, to saveoursouls fromguilt, Norwere our stubborn hearts inclin'd | Our Surety's precious bloodwas spilt ;


our own.

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T. 590.

The sins of all on him were laid, I'll dwell with you,” our Saviour
And he for all hath fully paid : [ceive

ad Now God, as children, freely will re Receive him in your hearts by faith.
Repenting sitners who in Christ be-

2 Your crimes and self-made holiness, lieve,

Your carnal reason and distress

Give 5 Out of mere grace unmerited,


and trust to Christ alone, Salvation showers on our head;

Who did for all


sins atone, Because the Lamb was crucify'd,

10 Thus sav'd by God's unbounded Because the Lord of glory dy'd,

grace, Are we invited to receive a crown,

You'll humbly render thanks andpraise, Before the world was made ordain'd

With all the num'rous ransom'd host,

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost! T. 22. 15 TO God we render thanksand praise,

32. Who pity'd mankind's fallen race,

BEHOLD, to us a Child is born, And gave his dear and only Son,

To us a Son is giv'n; That us, as children, he might own.

Unto the wretched and forlorn 2 What grace,what great benevolence!

Descends the Lord from heav'n: What love, surpassing human sense!

The promis'd seed, Immanuel, For this great work, no angel can

The everlasting God, [hell Him duly praise, much less a man.

Comes down to save from death and 3 The Word eternal did assume

Poor sinners by his blood. Our flesh and blood,and man become;

2 Great is the hidden mystery The First and Last with wonder see That God became a man! Partake of human misery.

He had from all eternity,

In 4 He came to seek and save the lost;


To save from mis'ry and distress We sinn'd, and he would bear the cost,

The fallen human race ; That we might share eternal bliss';

And now the Sun of Righteousness O what unbounded love was this !

His healing beams displays. 5 For what is all the human race,

3 The Father lov'd us as That God should show such matchless


Tho' we from him had stray'd, grace,

And freely gave his only Son To give his Son, that we might claim

To suffer in our stead. Life everlasting in his name.

The Son in love to us, declar'd: 6 How wretched they who still despise

“ I come to do God's will;" Jesus, the Pearl of greatest price!

And in this fallen world appear’d, Such as neglect to hear his voice,

His counsel to fulfil, Must perish by their own free choice,

4 The Holy Ghost had long foretold 7 Unhappy those who turn away, Or such as carelessly delay,

And thus the patriarchs of old To meet their Saviour, tho' he came

Did his salvation share : Their souls from mis’ry to reclaim.

Of him blest Mary did conceive, 8 Come, sinners, Jesus will receive

The holy child she bore : The worst of sinners; come and live!

And he instructs us to believe

In Christ, and him adore,



form'd a plan


That Jesus should appear;

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33. *

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5 Thus Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Which is not transitory,
In this decree are one,

As worldly grandeur is.
To save us sinners, vile and lost,

5 Love caus’d thy incarnation, By Jesus Christ the Son :

Love brought thee down to me! The Father's love we plainly trace Thy thirst for


salvation In Christ th' incarnate God;

Procur'd my liberty : What we possess of life and grace O Love beyond all measure ! The Spirit hath bestow'd.

Wherewith thou dost embrace 6 Come sinners, view th' incarnate

Mankind, 'midst all that pressure

Which since the fall takes place.
Who us and all things made;

6 No sinful man's endeavor, This helpless Babe is Christ the Lord,

Nor any mortal's care, Though in a manger laid.

Could draw his sov'reign favor For us to die is Jesus born,

To sinners in despair : Adore his saving name,

Uncallid, he comes with gladness Rejoice, rejoice! for all that mourn

Us from the fall to raise, May his salvation claim.

And change our grief and sadness

To songs of joy and praise.
T. 151.

7 Be not cast down, nor frighted How shall I meet my Saviour?

At sin, though e'er so great; How shall I welcome thee?

No! Jesus is delighted What manner of behaviour

The greatest to remit: Is now requir'd of me?

He comes, repenting sinners I wait for thy salvation,

With life and love to crown,' Grant me thy Spirit's light,

And make them happy winners Thus will my preparation

Of glory like his own. Be pleasing in thy sight, 2 While with her fragrant flowers

Thy Zion strews thy way, I'll raise with all my powers

JESUS, all praise is due to thee, To thee a grateful lay:

That thou wast pleas'd a man to be! I'll thee, the King of glory,

O’ershadow'd by the Spirit's pow'r, For thy great goodness praise, A virgin thee conceiv'd and bore. And thankfully adore thee,

Hallelujah! Throughout my future days.

2 The Son of God, who fram'd the skies, 3 What hast thou not performed Now humbly in a manger lies; From death to rescue me!

He, who the earth's foundations laid, While I was so deformed

A helpless infant now is made. Hal. By sin and misery;

3 Th'eternal and almighty God Fair gifts of my creation

Assumes our feeble flesh and blood; Quite lost, made me despair ;

He deigns with sinful men to dwell, But thy blest incarnation

Is God with us, Immanuel. Hal. Brought my redemption near.

4. He is the Sun of righteousness, 4 I lay in fetters groaning,

Which riseth with resplendent grace,
Thou 'cam'st to set me free;
My shame I was bemoaning,

And doth dispel sin's gloomy night,

Thatwemaysharehis savinglight. Hal. thou clothedst me;

grace Thou raisedst me to glory,

5 To grant us pardon, peace and rest, Endowedst me with bliss,

He in this world became a guest,

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T. 50.

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T. 157

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He is come to be


And open'd, thro' himself, the way


Full of love, to remove
To life and everlasting day.

Guilt and curse for ever.
6 Fortherefore poor on earth he came,

7 Jesus, hear my supplication,
That we might all his riches claim,
To make us heirs of glory bright,

Grant me grace to embrace
With all the ransom'd saints in light. Thee as my salvation :

Hal. Then like Simeon, (O what favor!)

I desire to retire
7 For usthese wonders hath he wrought Hence in peace for ever.
To show his love, surpassing thought :
Then let us all unite to sing

T, 166,
Praise to our Saviour, God and King.

(spring, Hallelujah!

INFINITE Source, whence all did

Thou of all things the Head and Lord, 35.*

Thou mighty and eternal King,
RISE my soul, shake off all sadness, Who art in heav'n and earth ador'd,
Christ is near - thee to cheer;

Thouwhomthe heav'nscannot contain,
Angels sing with gladness :

Didst deign to leave thy throne above, Unto is born a Saviour

To be an infant poor and mean: On this day;-don't delay

O myst'ry deep! O boundless love! To accept God's favor.

2 The cause of this, I know it well, 2 Our eternal, kind Creator

Was thy great love and my great woe; Leaves his own-glorious throne, I was an heir of death and hell, And assumes our nature :

This prompted thee to stoop so low; From perdition full exemption My mis’ry mov'd the God of grace, To procure,--and endure

Who in the Father's bosom lay, Death for our redemption.

When the due time had taken place

His deep compassion to display. 3 O th' amazing demonstration Of his love,ấwhich we prove

3 What oft'ring shall I bring to thee, we! By his incarnation !

Immanuel, my King and God ! If mankind by him were loathed,

Thou who vouchsaf'st a man to be, How could he-deign to be

To save me by thy precious blood; .! With our nature clothed?

Thou to whom angels praises sing, 4 See

“Peace upon earth, good will to men;" Saviour in a manger ; your

To whom the sages humbly bring 'Midst his own,-yet unknown,

Their gifts, tho’thou appear so mean, Treated like a stranger; Tended by an earthly mother :

* This will I do, thou Child divine ! Him believe,—and receive,

I'll give thee that forwhich thou cam'st; He is Christ your Brother?

My soul and body, Lord, are thine,

And them in love to me thou claim’st. 5 Lo! he in the

lieth ;

My humble sacrifice receive,
Full of grace,-truth and peace,

Dear Jesus ! born to bleed for me, Sweetly thus he crieth: "Cease my brethren,now from grieving, And with thee live eternally.

That I by faith in thee might live, Anxiousness and distress; Your loss I'm retrieving." 6 Ye that feel quite poor and needy, Ocome andviewthe greatest mystery! Come, who will, take your fill,

He who made all the world, the seas All things now are ready:

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37. T. 58.

and sky,


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