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7 The Bridegroom now appears,

With joy I for him wait; He wipes off all our tears,

Who knows but I this day may leave And ends all sadness;

the body, To him I had resign'd

Calld forth to meet the Bridegroom: Myself, and now am join'd

may he find me ready; In perfect gladness.

I long to be with him at home; 8. O Lord, grant my request,

Come soon, O come! To be in heav'n at rest,

4 O happy lot! When 'tis thy pleasure ;

To live with Christ, our Saviour, Then, to eternity,

There to behold his countenance for I ne'er shall parted be

In songs of joy

[ever'; From thee, my Treasure.

His holy name to praise ;

To thank him for our blessed consum9 At thy thro'-pierced feet I'll humbly take my seat,

mation, There's heav'n's enjoyment:

And yiew his wounds, those pledges To give thee thanks and praise,

of complete salvation, For all thy love and grace,

All pain and sorrow then forgot;
Be my employment.

O happy lot!
10 While here, I live by faith,
Relying on thy death,
For thou'rt


T, 149 There I shall sweetly rest,

O HOW excellent and fair, Reclining on thy breast,

Great beyond all measure,


Will to us our lot appear,

And how rich our treasure, 984. T. 136.

When we see-bodily
My Lord and God!

Our beloved Saviour,
Who hast for me atoned, [ed; As he is for ever!
And in death's agony for me hast groan- 2 Countless hosts before God's throne,
I weep for joy,

(Where the Lamb resideth,
And raise my feeble song,
For both in life and death this meditation And, as God and Man, his own

To life's fountain guideth,) Proves unto me a sweet and strength


possess--perfect bliss, ning consolation ;

Which to us is wanting, My pardon's sealed with thy blood,

And for which we're panting. My Lord! my God! 2 The time will come,

3 What here sickness, sighs and groans,

There will When endless consolation [salvation.


victorious; Will be their lot, who wait for Christ's Earthly here are sown our bones, “I am redeem'd,"

They shall rise most glorious ; Saith a believing heart; [endeth, Death and woemev'ry foe “Ev'n herethe Lord, whose mercy never Which us here annoyed,

. Wipes oft my tears away, and all my There will be destroyed. steps attendeth;

4. May this ever blessed hope The time, to be with him at home, Fill our hearts with gladness, At last will come.”

And, 'midst weakness, hear us up, 3. Come soon, O come,

Till from sin and sadness
Ye hours, wherein for ever, favor We shall be-wholly free,
With hosts of saints I too shall have the And above for ever
To see my Lord!

Praise our gracious Saviour.

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T. 594

Yea, the bliss I shall enjoy

Cannot be expressed.
WHEN, O when shall I have the favor

To seeth’approach of those blest days, 2 Him I shall see-whose love to me
When I shall welcome my dear Saviour

My heart hath captivated ;
With solemn strains, with joyful lays ?. From his presence I no more
How blest will then be

Shall be separated.

When in

flesh I Christ shall see!

T. 208.
Tho' happy in his love's fruition

WHAT hast thou, Lord Jesus,
Ev'n here, I long with him to be.

To redeem and bless us,
2 What heav'nly joy and consolation

For us undergone!
This hope affords unto my heart,

Here we know but partly,
That Christ, the God of my salvation, But there will be shortly.

Will me receive, when I depart! More of this depth known;
Then in his presence I for ever, When above we shall remove,

With the redeem'dshallsing his praise; And shall live with thee for ever,
O Lord, I long to have that favor, Our beloved Saviour.
To leave this world and see thy face.

2 I. am lost in wonder,
T. 83.

When I duly ponder,
WHEN departed once in peace,

Jesus, on thy grace;
I shall have the grace and favor

That I shall in glory
To behold him face to face,

Evermore adore thee;
Whom I love, ev'n God my Saviour:

And that, face to face,
Then I shall for evermore

I shall see-eternally
Him in endless joy adore.

Thee, the God of my salvation,

O what consolation !
2 When I once shall favor'd be,
To enjoy in fullest' measure,


T. '14
What his suff'rings gain'd for me,

COME, Lord, and warm each languid
And salvation's blood-bought treasure,
With what rapțure shall I sing

Inspire each lifeless tongue; [heart,
Hallelujah to my King!

And let the joys of heav'n impart

Their influence to our song. 988.* *T. 119. 2 Sorrow and pain, and ev'ry care, O WHAT joy, :/:

And discord there shall cease;
O what joy awaiteth me!

And perfect joy, and love sincere,
I rejoice in expectation,

Adorn the realms of peace.
That I in my flesh shall see

3 The soul, from sin for ever free,
Him, the God of my salvation,
And behold the Lord in endless bliss, But, cloth'd in spotless purity,

Shall mourn its pow'r no more;
As he is. :/:

Redeeming love adore,
2 Yea, Amen! ::
Pardon'd sinners here rejoice


T. 14
In this hope and consolation,

HAPPY the souls to Jesus join'd,
Till we shall with sweeter voice,

And sav’d by grace alone;
Sing in the great Congregation, [God Walking in all his ways, they find
Thou, O Lamb, hast brought us nigh to Their heav'n on earth begun.
By thy blood! :ll:

2 The church above no other theme
T. 45

But Jesus' love doth know;
MY lot of grace will be always In joyful hymns they praise his name,
Beyond description blessed;

We do the same below,



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3 Him in his "glorious realm they praise, Our Lord, with matchless grace,

And bow before his throne; Will to his glory's praise,
We in the kingdom of his grace: 'Midst joys unutterable,
The kingdoms are but one. Us as his own confess.
T. 14.

998. T. 588. THERE wheremy blessed Jesus reigns, WHAT happiness,

In heav'n's unmeasur'd space, What joy and happiness I shall a long eternity,

Shall we above possess, Spend in ne'er-ceasing praise. When we adore him, 2 Dear Jesus, ev'ry smile of thine With angels bow before him,

Will fresh endearments bring ; And see his face--what happiness! And thousand tastes of new delight From all thy graces spring,

999.* T. 159. 3 Haste, my Beloved, fetch my soul Now, Lord, who in this vale of tears Up toʻthy blest abode;

Dost lift thy gracious face, Haste, for my spirit longs to be

Upon thy church which thee reveres, With thee, my Lord and God.

And givest us such peace,

That sweetly we anticipate
T. 14,

The heav'nly bliss, for which we wait, GOD hath laid up in heav'n for me In thee rejoicing here below,

A crown which cannot fade; - Ev'n while in tears we sow: The righteous Judge, at that great day, le O form us all, while we'remain Will place it on my head.

On earth, unto thy praise ! 2 Nor hath the King of grace decreed That each one fully may obtain This prize for me alone,

Thy blessed aim, thro' grace: But all that love and long to see Till we in heav'n thy face shall see, Th’appearance of his Son. May spirit, soul and body be

Preservd by thee, till thy great day,
T. 205.

Blameless, O Lord, we pray.
AMEN, yea, Hallelujah!
Jesus, praise to thee be giv'n,

That a place for me, thro' grace,

1000. Is by thee prepar'd in heav'n :

T. 159. Ah, how blest will be my case,

SING Hallelujah! praise the Lord! When I shall behold thy face,

Sing with a cheerful voice ; And, from pain and sorrow free,

Exalt our God with one accord, Live for evermore with thee!

And in his name rejoice: 996. T. 114. [seated Ne'er cease to sing, thou ransom'd host, THE just made perfect, who in glory Until in realms of endless light

Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost! Around God's throne enjoy eternal bliss Your praises shall unite. Behold our God and Saviour ashe is.[ted Ah, when shall I poor trav’ller be permit- 2 There we to all eternity To join that happy num'rous company,

Shall join th' angelic lays; And my Redeemer face to face to see! And sing in perfect harmony

To God our Saviour's praise : 997. T. 244

" He hath redeem'd us by his blood, WHEN we shall see our Jesus, i And made us kings and priests to God; And thankful him adore,

For us, for us the Lamb was slain." What rapture then will seize us! Praise the Lord ! We meet to part no more ;


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995. *



130 *
91 *

Showing by every first line of each verse, where it is to be found. Those

lines marked thus * begin a hymn. The verses occurring in the Liturgy only, are distinguished by the letter L.


PAGE * Ah, Lord ! how apt am I to stray 137

might in my behavior shine 213 A Blessed pattern Christ our 214

might my heart a mirror be, 13 blessed sense of guilt impart 70 might the time soon come,

244 bow of grace, appearing,


my defect lies here, cheerful confidence I feel, 60 remain our highest Good! 106 child of God for ever pants

141 remember me for good, 80 child true happiness may find, 214 should not the mercies you daily 219 contrite heart would never cease 18 then we feel, that life divine 208 country I've found,

whither should I go,

80 dying, risen Jesus,

who are we! thou God of love! 212 faithful memory bestow,

218 who can render thee just praise? 48 foretaste of eternal joys,

why am I thus blest,

207 guilty, weak and helpless worm, 7 why did I so late thee know, 119 Lamb went forth, and bare the 301* Alas! and did my Saviour bleed 34 lowly mind impart to me,


I knew not what I did; 90 mortal body he assum'd, 162

I know the reason why

35 pardon'd sinner I remain, 7

with shame I own that oft 143, second look he gave, which said, 90 All creatures, Lord, on thee depend, 239

single eye, a faithful heart, 138 fears and terrors, when he smiles, 79 * single mind to me impart,

1 47 glory be to God on high! 13 sinner I, and full of blame: 110

glory to Immanuel's name 12 șinner, on mere mercy cast,

glory to the Saviour's name! 63 stranger and a pilgrim I, 240 glory to the sov'reign Good! 156 şubject I of Christ, my King, 131* hail Immanuel,

15 table for me he prepares, 116 * hail! ihou Lamb of God, 38

widow who her son belov'd 231 his glorious work is done; 43 * wondrous change Christ with 15 may of thee partake;

234 Above the starry sky



desires fix'd on thee, 119 Accept, for thy passion, 24 my hope and consolation

29 * According to my state on earth, 25 I myown schemes, each self-design 133

to th' appointed plan, 17 * of us, we know not one,excepted, 221
to thy mercy, Lord,

our days, O Jesus !

134 * Act full of godlike majesty! 209 our woes he did retrieve; 18 Admit us, we pray, 204 pains and tribulations,

30 * Adored be the Lamb of God, 160 pow'r and glory dotli pertain 87 * Again another fleeting year 232 * praise to thee, my God, this night 236

as Teacher of mankind 18 righteousness did he fulfil, 35 Against the fiercest pow'rs of hell 7 self-dependence is but vain, 172 Agonizing in the garden,

74 sprung from thine omnipotence, 48 Ah, behold the Son of God! 126 the merciful are blessed, 129 come, Lord Jesus, hear our pray'r 5 the pains and sorrows

38 could we preach in ev'ry place 187 the pure in heart are blessed,

129 do not of his goodness doubt; 761* the world give praises due ! 13 give me, Lord, myself to feel, 139 they who, weeping, now go forth, 18 Jesus! thy unworthy bride 13 things in beauteous form appear'd, 50 Lord !enlargeour scanty thought 93 things were made by Christ 82

92 *



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All those are blessed,

171* Are we in e'er so great distress, 155
those who here enjoy by faith, 32 *


form'd a creature new, 252
those who, thro' a beam of light, 86 Arise, exert thy pow'r,

thou demandest, I give up, 96 my spirit, bless the day, 12
thy strength and life

173 O happy soul! rejoice, 7
we, who now are his, were first '88 then, and with due respect, 198
who in Jesus' presence live, 255 ye who are captive led, 8
who love him, view his glory; 251 As a hen is us'd to gather

who possess true faith and love, 150 a little child relies

ye, who gospel-preachers are, 183 Bridegroom of the soul, the church 64
your children are his own,
229 children we are own'd by thee

Almighty God, thou sov'reign Lord! 49 fallen creatures could not bear 1

Lord !- Eternal Word, 159 ground, when parch'd with 160
* Altho' a pardon’d sinner's mind 245 his redeem'd from this world's 199

dear Jesus, we can't see thy face 97 in tempestuous weather 232

his med'cine cause me smart, 153 in thy temple, keep thou 69
* Amazing grace! how sweet the 105 Leader, he before his people goes 64
Amen, Lord God, Holy Ghost ! 67 long as I have breath in me, 156

this the conclusion 169 * long as Jesus Lord remains, 172
thou sov'reign God of love, 247 Lord, none dare his sov'reign will 64
yea, Hallelujah!

258 man, he pities my complaint: 60
Amidst this world's profaneness, 149

Mary ador'd

tribulation we follow our 131 much, when in the manger laid, 60
Among the evils of the fall, 18 oft as I approach the holy place, 164
And am I, Jesus, one of those 173 * oft as we expect the favor, 203

at the same time lets me feel, 137 oft, this night, as my pulse beats, 237
grant the single women grace 168 our Head, us move and guide, 126
if I myself examine,

2 pardon'd sinners, we rejoice 105
now, ev'n on thy throne above, 117 Peter reply'd,

now he pleading stands 62 Shepherd, thou thy sheep dost 64
now we nothing can reply, 115 Surety, thou presentest

reflect on all the pain, 141 * the branches are connected 148
this at last our theme shall be, 103 Thomas, with awe,

tho' a rugged path it be, 173 thy chosen, blood-bought 223
tho' in heav'n exalted now

'twas of old, we now may trace, 188
tho' their bodies turn to dust, 201 Asham'd of Jesus ! of my God, 132
thus by faith we live, and yet 140 of Jesus ! of my Lord, 132
thus, to save our souls from guilt, 8 of Jesus ! of that Friend, 132
when I'm to die,


we own our great defect; 135
when I once of heav'nly bliss 202 Assist and strengthen us, O Lord ! 69
when I stand before thy throne 132

and teach me how to pray,

when thou hast done all, then 144 Assure my conscience of her part 70

when we explore the end, 141 Assur'd that Christ our King, 62
*Angels astonish'd view'd their God 243 Astonish'd at thy feet I fall; 138


at thy footstool low, 43
sing before his throne, 212 At all times may we ready be, 126
* An infant we present to thee L. 18 all times to my spirit bear 151

Another day is at an end, 236) his cross's foot now tarry, 32
Archangels left their high abode, last God's servants ceaseless joys 155
Are not the joys of God above 238 * last he's blest, whobythe Savior's 155

the children heirs of heav'n 1. 20 nine was the Son of God



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