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laid in a manger

thy feet






At parting from thy little fold, 47 ; * Behold! how in Gethsemanė 20 th' word of the Father,

I fall before thy face;

7 three, Jesus cry'd, My God! 27

12 135 mý soul, the Lamb of God, 37 thy through-pierced feet 256 my soul, thy Saviour 108 Attend me Lord, in all my ways; 240

our God incarnate stands, 75 O Saviour, to our pray'r! 169 the great accuser cast !

44 the gospel-trumpet sounds, 74

the Lamb of God who bears 75 * Author of the whole creation 236 the Lord Jesus !

24 + Awake, and sing the song '162 the loving Son of God, 35

my heart; my soul rejoice! 14 the man? he's bearing 22 my soul, and with the sun 233

the Saviour of mankind, 35 Away then, doubtsand anxious fears 8 the Saviour of the world, 34

to us a child is born,

9 us, Lord! rough stones we are 125 В us widows here,


what love the Father hath 58 Back, the scourges ploughed ! 40 Beholding with deep reverence, 33 Banish from me what's not right; 96 Believe, thou mourning sinner, 71 Baptiz'd into his death,

200 * Believing souls, rejoice and sing, 42 Bearing my sin's heavy load, 245

90 the cross's weight, 38 * Beloved youths, if 'tis your aim 220 Bear then the reproach of Jesus, 132 Besprinkled with thy precious blood 237 Be especially intreated

197 Besprinklehim, O Jesus, Sonof God 199 not cast down, nor frighted

with thy blood my

heart 143 not dismay'd in time of need 81 Bestow on me a simple mind, 1 47 • of good cheer in all your wants 59 * Bethany, O peaceful habitation, 101 our comfort, which ne'er faileth 101 Bid me live,

136 our Shepherd ev'ry day, 216 us call to mind thy cross, 204 present at our table, Lord! 239 Bless ev'ry thought and action; 234 present, Lord! tho’water fails l. 19 me this day, Lord Jesus ! 234 present with thy servants, Lord! 185 O Lord! thy married people; 228 present with Lord God! 200 * O my soul, the God of grace! 161 thon, dear child, in thy degree, 238 our cov'nanting together; 192 thou my only Treasure, 234 Bless'd Three! who bear record 56 thou my pattern; let me bear 19 Blessed are the meek in spirit;

129 thou our strength, be thou our song117 are the poor in spirit; 129 thou the consolation help, and 168 * are we, if believing 224 thou with us; then indeed

Jesus! all our hearts incline, 131 * thy wounds and cross 113 name of Jesus!

17 * with me, Lord, where'er I go; 234 they, who live to Jesus, 224 Before my eyes of faith, confest 89 who are ever ready 224 'the Father's awful throne

118 who, without cessation, 129 the heav'ns were stretch'd 60 Blessing and praise we give to thee, 43 the world I make my boast, 98 * Blest are they, supremely blest, 104 thou shalt as Judge appear, 250 are they who are despised, 130

thy face, O Lord most high! 49 are they, who as poor sinners 224' Behold! for fallen, guilty man

58 are they, who follow thee 84 him, all ye that pass by, 36 are they, who, foll’wing Jesus 225 his body stain'd with blood! 33 * are they, who human nature 225 how he with Peter dealt, 72

are they, who in his merits 225

10 *



228 *




* Blest are they whose meditation 224 But tears of joy must ever flow 162. are they, who suffer gladly 130

there's a voice of sov'reign grace 6 are they, who thro' his favor, 225. thine all-seeing eye then view'd 136; be that sacred cov'nant love, 241 thou declarest in thy word, 251 Comforter, vouchsafe us all the 68 thou my kind, almighty Friend ! 139 he, that comes to wretched men, 15 thy reviving gospel-word 77 inhabitants of Zion,

170 we can hope thy word and grace 184 Jesus! what delicious fare, 122

when He shows me how I rove, 137 Mary, with a cheerfùl voice, 223 while here I'm left behind, 39 Saviour! condescend

47 who can pay that mighty debt, 124 soul! howsweetly dost thou rest 240 why do tears, grief, and distress 102 * Bliss beyond compare,

98 why was Jesus born in poverty? 12 * Blood, worthy of praises ! 24 words can never fully tell 208 * Body and soul's at thy command, 186 his

mercy to man's race Boldest foes dare never come 41 yet she can in truth rejoice, 199 Bonds and stripes and tribulation 132 By all the saints around his throne 159 *Both to the seraph and the worm 15 all thou hast for me endur'd, 217

Bowdown,ye follwersoftheLamb!193 all thy grief, thy tears and * Bread of life,

209 * Christ we're screen'd with tender 154 Break, o break this heart of stone, 81 day and night our steps direct, 217 Breast, which heaves with sorrows; 38 faith, I see the hour at hand, 84 Breathe comfort, where distress 70) faith I plunge into this sea 82

on these bones, so dry and 70 faith, thro' outward cares I go, 19 Breathless, and almost suffocated, 23 faith, we claim him asour own, 118 *Brethren,by Jesus Christ belov'd! 222 his bloodshed the Lamb hath paid 112

let us join to bless 161 his own pow'rwere all things made 60 'tis but meet to render 222 my own strength I can't procure 137

would you please the Lord, 121 none of all the human race 41 Bride of the Lamb! I'm one in heart 173 one man's guilt we were enslav'd 4

of the Lamb, thou favor'd 173 sea and land, by night and day, 240 Bury'd in baptism with our Lord, 200 thee, as Shepherd of the flock 168 But, ab! how faint our praises rise ! 242 thee protected, gracious Lord, 172 alas! the spark how small! 39 thine illumination,

167 are there such among us still, 177 this sacrament we are

206 as my strength is far too weak and 26

thy bitter agony,

245 examine first your case, 204 thy reconciling love

126 give thyself, my Jesus, unto me, 95 thy Spirit me reprove

80 gracious Lord! when I reflect, 138 thy Spirit's light

63 hence our confidence begins; 35 * thy sweat, mix'd with blood, 210 himself I must behold,

121 various maxims, forms and rules, 83 how happy is the soul, that 142 I am proud, and headstrong tou 214

I have trials to go thro', 185
Jesus' blood and death impart 135 * Can any contemplation

101 Jesus Christ, the Son of God, 41 any

ill distress


heart, 58 O! I'm blind and ignorant; 91 a woman's tender care

124 O! might we such brethren be, 222 -we thy triumphs e'er forget? 46 O! what oft'ring shall I give 94 Cast thy burden on the Lord, 153 since


Saviour I have known 83|Cause all disharmony and strife 69 since words, the happiness, 212 me, who now am thine, 207 sinnerswbo,with pungeot smart, 8€ Chains of darkness, wherewith men 223









are; 148



Chastise me, when I do amiss, 136 Come, all ye souls by sin opprest, 74 Cheering name of Jesus!

17 í approach to Jesus' table 206 Cheerthy chosenwitnesses, O Jesus!168 blessed Spirit, gracious Lord ! 70 * Cherish us with kindest care, 126 congregation ! come and see 21 * Children of God lack nothing 54

faithful Shepherd! bind me 136 of God, look up and see Holy Ghostlcome Lordour God:65

of God, who'walk by faith, 63 Holy Ghost! eternal God! 69 * Chosen souls who now assemble 191

Holy Ghost ! inspire my song 117 * Christ being risen from the tomb, 44

Holy Ghost ! my soul inspire; 71 crucify'd! my soul, by faith, 143

Holy Ghost! the Saviour's love 56 crucify'd we own as God, 182

Holy Ghost! with Jesus'love 208 having all the law fulfilld, 4

Holy Spirit ! come,

69 igourHead; each memberlives 65 Holy Spirit! on us breathe 70 is risen from the dead; 246 let us join our cheerful songs 161 is the Vine, we branches

Lord, and warm each languid 257 is the widow's Friend ; 231

lowly souls, that mourn 201 Jesus is that precious grain, 189

O my fellow-sinners, come, 76 Jesus was to death abas'd 41

O my soul, and sing, 213 my Redeemer, Lordand God!115 saiththybridewhotongsfor thee243 my Rock, my sure Defence, 246 sinners,come, tho'vile and base - 72 our ever-blessed Saviour, 132

sinners! Jesus will receive 19
Saviour look on thee

sinners, to the gospel-feast;

74 the almighty Son of God l. 21 sinners, to your gracious Lord! 75 the Bread that came from 225 sinners, view the Lamb of God, 34 the Lord, the Lord most 14

sinners,viewth’incarnate Word 10 the sov'reign Lord of all, 15

soon, O comé,

256 the true Paschal Lamb, 90

take me as thy property, 215 thy all-atoning deaih 174

then, and to my soul reveal 89 thy atoning blood,

then, let us follow

218 thy flock doth hunger 208

then, ye needy sivners, come ! 35 tly wounds and bitter passion 29

thou divine Interpreter! .' 2 was revealed in the flesh for us 204 to me, saith the Lord,

77 who saves us by his cross, 27 to the living waters, come! 75

whom the virgin Mary bore, 14 worship at Immanuel's feet; 65 Christ's agony; his death and blood 33 ye redeemed of the Lord ! 12

bitter death shall sweeten 247 ye sinners, poor and wretched 73 meritorious sufferings are the 67

ye that heavy-laden are, 72 precious blood which from 237 ye weary, heavy-laden, 74

ransom'd people rest enjoy, 183 * Commit thou thy each grievance 53 Christians are not here below 131 Communing with the Lamb of God 145 dismiss your fear;

43 Compassion for man's fallen race 34 * Church of Christ, be glad: 172 Compassionate High-Priest 92

of Christ, sing and rejoice! 175 Complete thy work, and crown thy 95 of Christ, thy destination 177 thy work,my gracious King 137 who art arrayed

191 Conceal'd amidst the gath'ring 84 Circumcise our sinful hearts; 18 Concern'd for more grace

98 Closely by love's sacred bands 246 * Confiding in thy name,

243 I'll follow Christ with thee,173 Cunqu’ring Lord! to heav'nascended254

join’d to thee, our Head, 126 Convince us first of unbelief, 70 Cloth'd in thy righteousness divine 79 us of our sin,

69 Cold mountains and the midnightair 19 us, that the Lamb was slain 70


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* * * *

Could even all the love

132 Do not despise, I pray, my weak 26
I exalt thee worthily

118 thou with faith discharge thy 53
I with him spend all


time 123 what thou wilt with me; 79
we bear from one another 117 Doth howe'er in my frail nature 135
we sinners fully tell,

212) *
our gracious Saviour,

we tune our hearts and voices 22 Draw me, a sinner unto thee, 73
Counsel and deed are one with thee 48 * me, O Father! to the Son, 59

me, dearest Jesus ! 244 near: thou wilt discover, 27
Countenance majestic,
45 near to Jesus' table,

Countless hosts before God's throne256 * nigh to Christ, your Brother, 143
Cover'd with a holy shame, 73 Due obedience thou didst show; 215
Creatures, with all their endless race 49 Dust and ashes tho' we be, 84
* Cross, reproach and tribulation, 132 Dwell therefore in our hearts ;



Each day unto my heart

division of thy fold,

Daily Jesus' flock thanks thee 67
I from thee receive.

moment draw from earth away 94

to Jesus we'll look up,

Earthly affections mortify, 143

Day nor night

things do not regard; 153

Dead to the world when I'm asleep,236 Eat and rest--at this great feast; 202

Earth's glory to inherit,

* Dear brethren, let us take to heart 222 E'er since, by faith, I saw the stream 37
* children, assembled to hear 219

since his name we knew

Comforter ! receive our pray’r, 56 * Embrace us in the tender way, 217
* heav'nly Father! we adore 59

Endow me richly with thy gifts 66
Jesus ! ev'ry smile of thine

Jesus! grant this my request, 143

the parents with thy love, 228
* Jesus ! when I think on thee, 122 Engrave this deeply in my heart, 124
* Jesus! wherein art thou to be 26 Enrich me always with thy love, 234

Enjoy then,with the church,Christ's 119
Lord ! consume, yea dash to 96
Lord! this congregation

Ere I close my eyes in slumber, 237
* I sleep, for ev'ry favor,

Lord, thy sov'reign aid impart 94
* Lord, when I trace

we taste-the rich repast,

Lord, while we adoring pay

Eternal gates their leaves unfold, 46

Saviour! I resign

thanks be thine,

* youths, O! that ye all but knew 221 Everlasting praises

* Eternity's expansions,


*Dearest brethren, be this our desire223 Evil and few, as Jacob says,

Jesus! come to me, 122

Ev'ry island, sea and mountain, 251
sus! we are here, 2

Exalted on his glorious throne, 84
Deep engrave it in our hearts, 176
Deeply convinc'd of sin, I cry, 133
Deliver'd from this mortal clay,


*Desponding soul, thou need'st not 153 * Fain would I dear Redeemer, learn 3
Devoutly yield thyself to God, 232 would I think upon thy pain, 100
Did but Jesus' love and merit

124 *Faith comes by hearing God's record 83
ever mourner plead with thee, 154 on Christ's declaration 209
*Didst thou, Lord Jesus, me incline, 94 Faithful Lord! my only joy and 186
thou not in our flesh appear,
89 name of Jesus !

thou thyself devise

to thee I now engage

Direct, control, suggest this day, 234 Faithfully thy Spirit me directed: 134


fall at his cross's foot,

35/ For these our God hath number'd all 172 Far, as from east to west, thy wisdom 52

this I'm longing,

171 be gone all carnal reason,


this, let men revile my name; 184 * Farewell henceforth for ever, 244 thou art gracious, wise and good 146 world: thy gold is dross, 36 thy death,

106 Father! behold thy Son:

58 thy teachings, heav'nly Guide! 67 I want a thankful heart; 139 us these wonders hath he

11 of all, almighty Lord !


us to heav'n thou didst ascend 47 of Jesus Christ, our Lord! 200 we, thro' grace are taught to 89 of Jesus, Lord of all!

55 we, unworthy as we are, 232 of the congregation,

55 what is all the human race, 9 Fear not; for this is he,

35 worthless me, (O godlike 33 not; without reserye disclose 139

you the healing current flow'd 76 Feeling beforehand all the weight 198 Forbid, O Lord ! each vain desire, 137 Fill us with peace and joy and love, 230 'Fore thee that's nought, which is the 52 First-born of many brethren, thou! 93 *Fountain of being, Sourceofgood! 239 First for his foes he intercedes, 31 Free from the noisy, busy crowd, 112

let us duly count the cost, 131 Friend of my soul! O how contented 103 * Fit us for thy service, Lord, 187 of the friendless, and the faint 154 Fix'd on this ground may 1 remain, 82 From all eternity, with love 115 Fixing all our thoughts above, 244 all false love cleanse ev'ry soul, 226 Fix, o fix our wav'ring mind,

day to day, may we with rapture 186 on that face thine eye;

35 each rival o deliver us! 224 thy temple, Saviour in each breast 226 gracetograce still farther lead us 167 Flesh I bear, and therefore must 246 him descends a beam of joy,

97 * Flock of Christ ! in fellowship 166 * life and grace (this we are bold 83 * of Christ! with exultation 2141 * my own works at last I cease, 137

of Jesus! be united : 127 strife and tumult, God of grace 169 For all our meetings, for each 167 * the doctrines I'll ne'er waver 2 all put in authority

169 thee I am, thro' thee I am, 52 all thy wounds painful,

25 the provisions of thy house 50 all who flee from Sinai's fiery 71 their being join'd in one, 125 i ever he abides the same,

139 thence I'll be taught truly, 28 ever then remain engray'd

this very day

148 food he gives his flesh;

thy majestic throne

194 grace I weep and pant; 133 various cares my heart retires ; 151 he thy case doth understand, 153 year to year, while we increase 217 Jesus' pardon, love and grace

89 *Full to my view,-in bloody hue, 111 mercy, mercy, Lord, I ask, 138 our brethren we should too, 127 our heav'nly Father's love, 67 our sake, most gracious Saviour 228 Give grace that, as brethren we 187 should I e'er so faithful prove, 87 me a lowly, faithful mind, 186

such poor sinners, who of nought 88 me an inly cheerful heart, 186 * that amazing love and grace, 213 me courage good,

63 that blessed day

me grace, in all conditions

128 thee he hangs ! my soul rejoice ; 162 me grace to walk with

134 thee, O may I freely count,

124 me the armor of the Spirit, 85 the Lamb of God.

me thy heart, my son, thus saith 95 therefore poor on earth he came il me thy strength, O Godofpow'r 184 For there thou choosest

171 me what thy own mind 186

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173 *

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