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Intended for the Use of those few, who are indeed,

or depre to be, Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth,
and are determined to know nothing but JESUS
CHRIST and him crucified.

By C. H.

O fing unto the Lord a new Song. Psa. xcvi. i.
Worthy is the Lamb that was Nain Rey, v, 12.
Speaking to yourlelves in Plalms, and Hymns, and Spiri-

tual Songs, finging and making melody in your hearts
unto the Lord. Eph. 1. 19


Printed by WILLIAM PIN E, in


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To all the FAITHFUL IN CHRIST JESUS, especially those whom the LORD hath called me to watch over. and feed with the word of his grace.


to you

THE *HE following collection of spiritual and

divine Hymns, taken from various Authors, are fas a small cup of cold water humbly presented

in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST; intended as a means to refresh your weary spirits whilft in your pilgrimage, through this howling wilderness and dreary desert.

These sacred fongs want no recommendation. TRUTH carries its own evidence and will speak for itself. I shall therefore only add, that accord-ing to my humble opinion, thele Hymns appear to me very excellent; they contain the very marrow and essence of the pure undefled gospel of JESUS CHRIST: and are most iweetly adapted to the state of every one, taught of the meek and lowly Fefus ; from the leaft to the greatest in God's house: and in short, to every one that is only under the least drawings and influences of the HOLY COMFOŘTER, the SPIRIT of TRUTH.

Io chuling and colle&ing of them (which hath : been a very solemn and weighty matter with me before the Lord) I have studied to please but ONE; viz. THE HOLY ONE of Ifrael; IMMANUEL, GOD with US: in doing which I am sure I shall not displease those few, that are indeed God's people. And therefore I don't doubt but all such as are truly simple in heart, and poor in fpirit, who look beyond the shadow to the substance, and have a real tafte and relish for the sufferings and death of Jesus, (from whence all our blessings flow both in time and in eternity) and are determined to know nothing but JESUS CHRIST and him crucified, will find in this collection of Hymns, some fweet and favory food, suitable to the various states and conditions of their minds.

The volume is swelled to a much larger size than I at first intended. But Providence having put in my way, some very choice Hymns, which appear to me, truly evangelical, and full of sweet hearl-felt experience; and which at the same time open ina plain, intelligible mannerthe leading and effential truths in the holy golpe] : I thought therefore these Hymns would answer another valuable end, and might be substituted in the place of many religious books, which in general treat only of the theory of the gospel, and the sentiments and peculiar opinions, of fallible men : and therefore rather injure than edify the mind. The greatest part of these hymns have already been made use of in our little focieties, which God hath remarkably owned and blessed, above every other composition or collection we ever met with. Besides there is an unia versal call for the same, (many of which are just


(v) out of print) which were the principal motives that induced me to publish this edition.

And here I would beg leave to drop a serious, and I hope a feasonable word of advice, to you my dear brethren, altho' it may seem rather foreign to this subject, yet I trust it will not prove altogether unprofitable. And that is, most earnestly to recommend to your serious study above every other book, in solemn prayer and faith, that so much neglected, but truly precious book of God, the HOLY BIBLE, which alone is able (through the divine teachings of the Holy Ghost) to make you truly wise to salvation. And by which alone we must all stand or fall, in that awful and tremendous. day, “ when God shall judge the world in RIGHTEOUSNESS by THAT MAN, whom he hath ordained."* And therefore ought to be the constant study of our whole lives.

'Tis, my dear brethren, “ the sword of the Spirit,"+ the only weapon

the enemy

of our souls cares for, because it alone can effectually destroy his kingdom ; and is therefore, what every foldier fighting under the banner of Jesus Christ, flands in absolute need of: neither can he by any means, fight the LORD's battles without it. And I am fully perswaded, that if this two-edged sword, THE WORD OF GOD. were made more use of, IN THE SPIRIT ; all' our moft subtle and potent enemies, the world, flesh ar

devil with whom there is a continual war) must inečitably fall before us: and it would be impossible we could fail of vi&tory. But let us, my dear brethren, take heed. Ren.

member + Eph. vi. 17

* Acts. xyii, 31.

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