The Works of the English Poets: With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, Volumen25

Samuel Johnson
C. Bathurst, 1779

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Página 35 - Did you come here a stranger or a foe? Your partial judgment may perhaps complain, And think me barbarous for my just disdain; Ill-bred then let me be, but not unchaste Nor my clear fame with any spot defac'd. Tho...
Página 48 - Just as a changeling seems below the rest Of men, or rather is a two-legg'd beast ; So these gigantic souls amaz'd we find As much above...
Página 38 - And all in vain these superficial parts Contribute to the structure of the whole Without a genius, too, for that's the soul — A spirit which...
Página 22 - Till, like some angel from above, CORNELIA came to my relief ; And then I found the joys of love Can make amends for all the grief.
Página 41 - If yet a just coherence be not made Between each thought ; and the whole model laid So right, that ev'ry line may higher...
Página 14 - Keav'n will have, Their Fears eclipfe the Glory of -their Grave: Before thy Face they make indecent Moan, And feel a hundred Deaths in fearing one ; Thy Flame becomes unhallow'd in their Breaft, And he a Murderer who was a Prieft.
Página 25 - RAVE fops my envy now beget, Who did my pity move ; They, by the right of wanting wit, Are free from cares of love. Turks honour fools, becaufe they are By that defeft fecure From flavery and toils of war, Which all the reft endure.
Página 40 - And of a fubjeft grave, exafts the choice ; The praife of beauty, valour, wit contains ; And there too oft' defpairing love complains : In vain, alas ! for who by wit is mov'd ? That...
Página 46 - That ev'n his fools fpeak fenfe, as if pofleft, And each by infpiration breaks his jeft. If once the juftnefs of each part be loft, Well may we laugh, but at the poet's coft.
Página 7 - Your kindness, where you have once placed it, is inviolable ; and it is to that only I attribute my happiness in your love. This makes me more easily forsake an argument, on which I could otherwise delight to dwell ; I mean, your judgment in your choice of friends; because I have the honour to be one. After which I am...

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