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3. In his 13 Theila .all, 27only and hide

2. In his Word. ... 1. Delivering nothing in it but what is cera

tainly true.
2. Fulfilling whatsoever he there,

1. Foretells, Matt. y. 18. .

2. Threatens, Jer. li. 29. - 3. Promises. In which there being an

Obligation, tho' not of God to us, yet of God to himself, so that he is fibi debitor, he will most certainly and justly perform them all, 1 Foon i. 9. Heb. vi.

10, 2 Thell. i. 6,70 L . 3. In his Works. ***

1. In punishing the Wicked, Pfal. li. 5.

2. In rewarding the Righteous. OBJECT. But how comes it to pass then, that the Wicked are often in a better outward Condition than the Righteous ? :

Answ. This hath been a great stumbling Block in all Ages, Psal. Ixxiii. 2, 3. John xii. 1. But is certainly a great. Instance of God's Justice and Fidelity to his Promise, and an Argument of his Love to them, Heb. xii. 6. Psal. cxix. 71.

We shall certainly have Cause to blefs God to Eternity for our Afflictions, as much, if not more than for all our Prosperity. :· Queft. 5. What Use to be made of this ? .

Ji Then we should not repine at any Proviä. . dence of God, Lam. iii. 39. ; ! : 2. Have a care of Sin, as that which God

will one Day most certainly punish, Ecclef.

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3. Trust and Believe in the Promises of God,

for they will most certainly be fulfilled,

Tit. i. 2. Heb. vi. 18. c. xiii. 6. 4. Imitate God in beir

is your Selves, Psal. xi. 7

Gen. xvü. 1.
I am the Almighty God.

Quest, I. N what. Senfe is God. Jaid to be AL

I mighty? .: I. Because he hath all Power of Authority

over all Things; érdid, potestas, as Luk. xii,

éEvorav 'égouta, At. I. 7. Sin till ida Excią. ' '. Hence he is called, 178, Kveco, decoration ser Slustoxedhows, the Word in the Creed.

In this Sense, God is Almighty : s. In respect of the Object. He hath Power

and Authority over all Things, Deut. X. 14

I Chron. xxix. 11, 12..
2. In respect of the Manner.: As he hath

Power over all Things, To he hath all
Power over every Thing, Jer. xviii. 6.
Rom. ix. 20, 21. .
3. In re!pect of the Duration. He hath all
Power over all Things at all Times, yea


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Quest. 2. Is there nothing but what God can do ? 1. Nothing but what implies a Contradiction.

Either, 1. Directly, as for a Thing to have been, and

not to have been. 2. Indirectly or consequentially, as that one

Body should be in Two Places, or Two

Bodies in one place at the same time.
So to Lie, Tit. i. 2. Heb. vi. 18. To deny him-

felf, 2 Tim. ii. 13. To Sin, Hab. i. 13. where
tho the Words be not Contradictory, the
Sense is. For to say, God lies, dan is as
much as to say, God is not God; for these

are all Imperfections. 2. Though God cannot do what implies a Contradiction, yet he is truly said to be able to do all Things, for that is not properly

Doing, but suffering; to Lie, to Die, buc. is to ..Suffer. And again, One Part of a Contra

diction is always falfe: And therefore should God do that, he would suffer himself to be destroyed, he being Truth it self. Deus dicitur omnipotens faciendo quod vult, non pa

tiendo quod non vult. Aug.. . 2. He is not the less Omnipotent because he cannot do such. Things, for he therefore cannot do them because he is Omnipotent : So that the doing of them, would argue Impofence ; the not being able to do them, argues his Omnipotence. Multa non poteft du omnipotens eft, & ideo omnipotens quia ifta non poteft. Aug.

Queft. 3;

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