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Queft. 3. What Use are we to make of this? Is GOD Almighty? 1. Then submit to his Will and Pleasure,

Ifa. xlv. 9. Pfal. xxxix. 9. 2. Fear him, Jer. V. 22. Matt. X. 28. Remem

ber the Old World, the Egyptians, Corab, Dathan and Abiram, Sodom and Gomorrab, Lot's Wife, Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzır, Herod;

and fear none but him. 3. Then trust on him, and in these Pro

mises he hath made unto us, Rom. iv. 20, 21,

2 Tim. i. 12. Remember Noah, Joseph, the Israelites at the

Red Sea, and in the Wilderness, the Three

Children, Daniel in the Den, Jonab, Peter. 4. This should excite and encourage us to

pray continually unto God, as one who is able to supply all our Wants, and to do whatsoever we desire, yea, and infinitely

more too, Eph. iii. 20. s. Is God Almighty? Then walk before him,

and be perfect, or fincere, b'on, Jac. iv. 12.

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GE N. i. 1.
In the beginning God created Heaven

and Earth.

We have already treated of God's

Spiritual Effence,
Justice and Power.

Creation is a great Article of Faith, Heb.xi. 3.

1. Here is the Agent or Efficient Cause, God, 0175x, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Father, 1 Cor. viii. 6.
Son, i Cor. viii. 6. Job. xiii. 10. Col. i. 16.

Hcb. i. 2, IO.
Holy Ghost, Psal. xxxiii. 6; ID 11721.

Job xxvi.'13. Gen. i. 2.
II, The Object : Heaven and Earth. That is,
All the World, or all Things that had any Be-
ginning; as Col. 1, 16,


So the Phrase, Heaven and Earth, is always used in Scripture, there being no one word in the Hebrew that signifies the World.

. Ifa.38. , but there the Targue hath it, XU7X 'n', the Inhabitants of the Earth, as the Place also requires it should be translated.

So bon is never any more then osxxukun, the habitable World.

So it is rendred by the LXX. in Psal. ix. 8. where also the Targue hath XUTN, the Arabick the same, and amongft the Greeks too till Pythagoras.

Πυθαγeας πρώτος ωνόμαστε πως και όλων περιοχών Kór Hov, én of in autoos Tiitews, Plutarch. Hence Mundus.

III. The Ad: He Created. That is, Made all Things of Nothing. Though the Word 873 doth not evince this, yet it being ordinarily, in Scripture joined with i Toy and 70°; yet, 1. This is plain from the Manner of the Crea

tion, because it was by his Word speaking,

Gen. i. 3, &c. So Rom. iv. 17. Heb. ii. 3.
2. For the Word nunta, in the Beginning:

For if in the Beginning then before any
Thing was begun, or had any Being out of
which the World could be produced.
To say God made all Things of something, is

a Contradiction.

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IV. The Time when. In the Beginning of all Time, before which there was nothing but Eternity

V. The End. For the Glory of God the Creator, Prov, xvi. 47


He in the Creation shewed forth the Glory of his Wisdom, Power and Goodnefs, Jer. x, 12. 1. The Glory of his Power, Rom. i 20.

1. In making all Things of Nothing.
2. In making Day before the Sun, which

was made the Fourth Day, Gen. i. 14. Herbs, Plants and Trees, before the Sun,

Moon and Stars, even the Third Day,

ver. II.

2. The Glory of his Wisdom. In that he first made simple Elements, then

mixed or compound Bodies. As also, first, Such Things as had Being, but

without Life; as inanimate Things, as Light, the Firmament, and dry Ground. Then fuch as had Being and Life, without

Sense; as Herbs, Plants, Trees, the Third
Then such as had Being, Life and Sense, but

without Reason ; as Brutes, the Fifth Day. Then last of all, such as had Being, Life,

Sense and Reason; as Man. So that we may say, as Psal. civ. 24. fer, li.

15. 3. The Glory of his Goodness. In that he made Habitations before Inhabi

tants, Food before them that were to eat it. And all Things that Man was to make use of,

before Man that was to make use of them. He made all Things good, Gen. i. ult. His Goodness he communicated ; especially, 1. To Angels: Which were created by God,

Col. i. 16, 17. Pfal. civ. 4. Heb. i. 7. 14. And that the First Day, Fob xxxviii. 6, 7.



They are called disyon , UNO, Messen

gers, Heb. i. 14. They are very many; Dan. vii. 10. But many of them finned, 2 Pet. il. 4. 2. Man. Created after the Image of God,

Gen. i. 26. whose Produ&ion was last, because all other Things were made for him, and he was to be puregno oro, con

fisting of a Spirit and Body. USE. 1, This should humble us under the Hand of

Almighty God, Psal. viii. 3, 4. 2. This should teach us Obedience. He being

him, Isa. Ixviii. 13. Ifa. xl. 26. He commanded the Stars to fight, the Sun to stand ftill, the Ravens to feed Elias, the Fish to keep Jonas, and they did it : yea Psal. cxlviii. 7, 8.

Ifa. i. 2, 3: 3. This should support us in all Pressures, that

he which made the World is our God,

Pfal.cxlvi. 5,6, Psal. cxxi. 2, 3. 4. This should make us to fear and dread him,

Ifa. viii. 13. Matt.' X. 28. Then bless and magnifie his Name, and so fulfill his End in making the World, Neb. 9. 5,6. Psal. cxlviii. 2, s. Revel, iv. 11.


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