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For, 1. The Divine Nature could not be united to

the Humane, unless pure and perfect. 2. He could not have expiated our Sins, un

lofs he had been without Sin himself,

lleb. vii 26, 27. 2. Hence, our Saviour, even as Man, is called che Son of God, because produced immediately by God himself, as Adam was, Luke iii.


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3. The Result of this, the Union of the Di

vine and Humane Nature. For, 1. That he is God, we have proved already. 2. That he became truly Man, is plain from his

being born of a Woman, Heb. ii. 14. 16 - 1. He had a real Body, John i. 14. Luke xxiv.

39. 1 John iv. 3. Simon Magus, Saturnus, Isidorus Secundus, Mar

cosiani,Heracleonitæ, Ophita, Cerdon, Marcion, &c. were soxstal å parranasan, supposing Christ

to have no real Body.

2. A Soul, Matt. xxvi. 38. Luke ii. 52. Luke : xxii. 42.

Arius and Eunomius said, Osórnta fugis érngzaa

Kével thiy xpcher. Theodoret. 3. His Soul and Body were united together,

Luke xxiii. 46. 3. His Humane and Divine Nature were both - united in one Person..

Qed'v@gamov. Hence, 'o abro ó xóv@ dupir. Osds :: 78 xj i vogwoc. Clem. Alex. So that, 1. His Natures were not mixed or confounded

together, for then he would have been

neither. 2. Nor changed one into the other, as the Eu

tycbians thought the Humane was turned in-
to Divine; but nog netws, cizgéttws edaspé-
quos eigoseisus. Concil. Chalced. Luke xxii. 42,

Matt. i. 23.
So that he was perfect God, and perfect Man,

in one and the same Person.
The Humane Nature had no Sublistence out
* of the Divine Person.
Hence flowed the Value and Efficacy of his
Actions, Atts xx. 28.

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U s E. USB. 1. Hence fee what Cause you have to trust

to Cbrift for your Salvation, hę being GodMan, is able to reconcile God to you, and

you to God. 1. On God's Part, Heb. v. I. 1. By Satisfying for your Sins, Heb. ii. 10,

I Tim. ii. 6. antlaur egu ÚTip navrov. 2. By interceding for you, 1 John xxji.

Heb. vii. 25. 2. On our Part, Col. i. 19. John i. 16. 2. Go to Christ, by trusting wholly in him,

Matt. xi. 28. 3. Obey all his Commands ; as certain that

he commands nothing but what is for your Good. Matt. xi. 30. 1 Jahr. v. 3.

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