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2, Whatsoever Christ suffered was only for us :

not only for our Good or our Example, as the Socinians would have it, but in our Stead, and to expiate and make Satisfaction to God's

Justice for our Sins. For, 1. He is said expresly to die in our Sreads:

'ArtínuTegu naiv Tov, i Tim. ii. 6. Autegi erni

TOM@v, Matt. XX. 28. 2. To be a Sacrifice and Propitiation for our

Sins, Eph. v. 2. Plegopoeg rj Ouvid, Heb. ii. 17. Eis to indio xertoll Tai's diuagties, 1. Job. ii. 2. c. iy. 1o. in aquosi ?

is 3. Our Sins were laid upon him, Isa. liii.

4, 5, 6. . - He was made Sin for us, 2 Cor. ir. 21. ,; And a Curse for us, Gal jii. 13. 1: 4. He had no Sin of his own to suffer for,

and therefore he could not have suffered

but for our Sins. : ;;" • And he being God as well as Man, his Suffe

rings could not but be of infinite Value and ... Merit for us.

U s. 1. Hence fee how odious and offensive Sin is

to God. - 2. When we read or hear of Christ's Suffe

rings, how should we be affected with it, considering that they were all for our Sakes, and Sins. 3. How much more when we see him crucified

before our Eyes in the Blessed Sacrament? 3. What did our Lord suffer for us

: . 1. The

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1. The first kind of Sufferings he underwent,
were in his Temptations soon after his Baptism:
Of which note, Matt. iv. 1.
1. He was led by the Spirit, Luke iv. 1. that

which even now descended upon him.
2. Into the Wilderness, a Place remote from
Men, and filled only with Beasts.

1. To fulfill the Type of the Scape-Goat, .; Lev. Kvi. 20, 21, 22

2. To give the Devil all the Advantage he: could desire in his 'Temptations, Matt. iv. 2.

3. There he fasted Forty Days and Forty Nights: So Moses had fasted, Exod. xxxiv. 28. and Elias, 1 Reg, xix. 8.

Our Saviour fasted this Time,
1. To shew the Hạrmony between Law and

2. To teach us how to fit our Selves for the

great Work of the Ministry. ..
Aěts xiii. 2. Hence our Ember-Weeks.

This gave the Occasion of the Churches observing Lent every Year, which she always did; and therefore it is no Piece of Popery.

4. After these Forty Days he was an hungry, to shew ħe was truly Man

5. The Devil observing this, thinks he had got the Advantage over him, and therefore sets upon him, not doubting of conquering, having overcome the first Adam in Paradise it felf.

And so first tempts him to prove himself to be God,by turning Stones into Bread, Matr. iv. 3. Luke iy. 41,


7. All his Life afterwards he was fubje& co

che Infirmities of the humane Nature : He was weary, John iv. 6. He was reviled, Matt. xii. 24. Stoned, John viii. 59. c. 2.

31, 32. 3. His greatest Suffering began in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Where behold him, 1. Exceeding Sorrowful, Matt. xxvi. 37, 38. 2. So great were the Apprehensions of what

he was to undergo, that he prayed against

it, ver. 39." Whatsoever God had prepared for him, he ftill crys out, Thy wiù be done. His own Disciples Traytors. Soldiers to apprehend him. False Witnesses to accuse him. Judges to arraign him. Thörns to crown him. A Rabble to abuse him. A Cross to crucifie him.

Still, Thy will be done. 3. Behold him in his Agony! Luke maji. 44:

Lust Luke xxiii. 33. And when they were come to the Place

which is called Calvary, there they : crucified him.

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