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pel Simon, a Cyrenian, to do it, Luke xxiii.

26. 3. "As he went along, the Women bewailed

him, Luke xxiii. 27. 4. When they were come to Mount Calvary,

they crucifie him. i. They fastened the Cross in the Ground. The Cross was an erect Piece of Wood, at the

upper End whereof there was a transverse Beam, and in the middle another Piece 1tanding out; έφ' ώ εποχώνται οι σαύρεμενοι.

Juftin. M. Ubi requiescit qui clavis affigitur. Iren. 2. They raised up his Body, and placed it upon that middle Piece, Numb. xxi. 9. Jobx

iii. 14. 2. They hailed his Hands to the transverse,

and his Feet to the erect Beam, Zecb. xii. 10.

Psal. xxii. 16. John XX. 27, 25. 4. At the Top of the erect Beam they fixed ' the Title, This is Jesus the King of the Jews,

Luke xxiii. 38. 5. As he hung there, they gave him Wine and Myrrh to drink, Mark xv. 23. to ftu

pise him ; but he would not have it. 6. Thus he hung for Three Hours together in

the greatest Pain imaginable, and yet pray'd

for them, Luke xxiii. 34. But they reviled him, Luke xxiii. 35, 3 And crucified Two other Malefactors by him,

one on each Side, Luke xxiii. 33. 7. Then the Sun was darkened, Luke xxiii. 44, 45.

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8. About the Ninth Hour, or Three in the . Afternoon, he cried Eli, Eli, be. Matt. . xxvii. 46. and committed his Spirit into the

Hand of God, Luke xxiii. 46. And then
gave up the Ghost at the Time of the

Evening Sacrifice.
After this they pierced his Side; Jobin tit.


O s. Behold here, $. The infinite Love of God, Pbil. ú. 6, 7, 8. 2. The Heinousness, the Sinfulness, Phil. iii.

18. of Sin, which only imputed, brought such strange Sufferings upon the son of God. Ş. Your Obligation to Duty, Rom. vi. 6.

Gal V. 24. 6. vi. 14.

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III. It was only for our Sins that he died.
1. Death is the Wages only of Sin, Rom. vi. 23.

2. Christ had no Sin of his own to die for, John viii. 46. 1 Pet. ii. 22.

3. Hence, as it was only for Sin he died, Ifa: liii. 10. so it was only for our Sins, Rom. iv. 25. to satisfy God's Justice for them, 1 Fobin ii. 2. that so our Sins might be pardoned, Heb. ix. 22. Eph. i. 7. Col.i. 14. and so we reconciled to. God, Rom. V. 10. Col. i. 21, 22. USE.

1. Behold here the infinite Love of God, i John iv. 10

2. Oft meditate upon Christ as dying for your } Sins.

3. Put your whole Trust and Confidence on him, Gal. ii. 20.

He was buried. Concerning which obferve,

1. Although by the Roman Laws, he that was crucified was to be exposed to the Fowls of the Air, and not buried, yet God so ordered it in his Providence, that Christ was buried, Deut. xxi. 22, 23. Fobn xix. 31.

2. He was buried by Two honourable Perfons, Jofeph, Matt. xxvii. 57. Luke xxiii. 5o. and Nicodemus, John xix. 39, 40. cap. iii. i. and so the Prophecy fulfilled, Isa. liii. 9..

3. He was laid in a new Tomb, dug out of a Rock, Matt. xxvii. 6.

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Venit ad me Traditio talis, quod Corpus Ada primi Hominis ibi fepultus eft, ubi crucifixus est Christus ; ui ficut in Adamo omnes moriuntur, fic in Chrifto omnes crucificentür. Orig..

Ubi in Adam Mors omnium, ibi in Christo omnium Resurrectio. Ambr.

Hence Adam is believed to be one of thoso that then rose from the Dead, Matt. xxvii. 51, 52.

Quod ddamuñ ibidem solverit, Ecclefia ferę tota confentit. Aug.

4. As his Body was laid in the Grave, his Soul went to Hell., for.which consider,.

1. He had a Soul as well as Body, Matt.

Xxvi. 38.. : 2. His Soul separated, must go either to • Heaven or Hell.

Not to Heaven, Fohn XX. 17. But Luke xxiii. 43. Et Sensus multo expeditior, ab omnibus Ama biguitatibus liber, fi non fecundum id quod Homo erat, fed id quod Deus erat, dixisse accipiatur, Hodie mecum eris, &c. Aug. : 3. That it went to Hell, is plain from Eph. iv.

9. Rom. x. 6, 7. Psal. xvi. 10. Afts ii. 31. This hath been the constant Opinion of the Catholick. Church, although they differed in the · Ends of his Descent. Some thought he preached i the Gospel chere, i Pet. iii. 18, 19.

Aištev te egy eis oledo retia.goviná to èvegnaní contacto Clem. Alex.

Some, that he went to triumph, Col. ii: 15.
But be sure he won't.
1. To satisfy the Law of the Dead, Legern

Mortuorum fervare. Iren. As his Body was
buried as the Bodies of Sinners are, so

his Soul went where theirs. Hinc quoque Legi satisfecit, Formå bumanä Mortii apud Inferos funétus. Tertull.

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