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2. That we might not come there. Ideo ille pervenit ufq; ad Infernum, me nos remaneres, mus in Inferno. Aug.

Eis Toš & shu xota Bairwa óperas drépege. Athan.


1. Consider the several Degrees of Christ's Humiliation, and be duly affected with it.

2. Let such Considerations excite you to live to him who died for you, 1 Cor. vi. 20.

3. To make you more effe&ually, frequent the Lord's Supper.

1 COR. XV. 4.

And that he rofe again the Third Day,

according to the Scriptures.


Hrist, according to the Scriptures, was

to rise again 1. Foreshewed it in Types: In Isaac's Deliverance, Genesis xxii. 12. Foseph's, cap. xli. 14. and Jonah's, Jonah ii. 10.

2. Foretold it in Prophecy, Pfal. xvi. 10. As ii. 31. Ifa. liii. 10. Psal. ii. 7. Ifa. ix. 7. A&s xxvi. 22, 23. : II. Christ, according to the Scriptures, did rise again. This is attested,

1. By many Eye-Witnesses that saw him, Mary Magdalen, Mark xvi. 9. Cleopas, &c. Luke xxiv. 19. all the Disciples but Thomas, Fobn XX. 19. Thomas too, ver. 26.


Cum suam exercuit Solicitudipem, omnium Fidem confirmavit. Aug.

Turo e deixou tohgv. Cyril. Alex.
Vulnerum Cicatrices tetigit. Greg. Mag.
Vulnera suscepta nobis Cælo inferre maluit. Ambr.
Δια τέτο ανίση έχων τα σημεία σαυρά. Chryfoft.
Five hundred at one Time, i Cor. xv. 6.
All the Disciples, Luke xxiv. 43. Acts X. 41, 42.
Paul, I Cor. xv. 8.
2. His Enemies, Matt. xxviii. 11, 12.

“Η 8 αλήθεια παρα των εναντίων ανακρωτημένη διαAdjunk. Chryfoft.

3. Angels, Luke xxiv. 4, 5, 6.

4. God himself, by Miracles, enabling his Apostles to preach, to propagate, and die for the Gospel, Aets iv. 33.

Quisquis ergo adbuc Prodigia requirit ut credat, magnum eft ipse Prodigium, qui Mundo credente non credit? Aug.

III. How was he raised?
I. By the Power of God, Eph. i. 19. Gal. i. 1.

2. And by Consequence, by his own Power, himself being God, John ii. 19, 22, John X.

Kai dan tos tre Jev, as rj dangos divésnoer é auto's. Ignat.

Not only Corpus suum levando, as the Socinians, but as the Father did.

IV. How long was it after his Death before he rose ?

He rose the Third Day, and that too according to the Scriptures, Fon. i. 17. Matt. xii. 40. Matt. xvi. 21.

And that he did so is plain, Atts X. 40. John xix. 31. cap. XX. I. Hence the Lord's Day always kept, Fohn XX.

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17, 18.

19, 26.


"Ινα δειχθή νεκρον το σώμα, και μίαν υπέμενε μέσων και Nógo, o assalov 7870 vãos é Det ger jagtov. Athan.

He lay Three Days, that we might believe hę was dead; he rose the Third Day, that we might believe he lives.

V. What Inferences may we draw from this Article ?

1. Doctrinal.
1. That Christ is the Son of God, Rom. i. 4.

Psal. ii. 7. Aets xții. 33.
2. That he died, not for his own Sins, but

ours, Acts ii. 24. 2 Cor. V. 2.1. Εί γδ ήν αμαρτωλός πώς ανέςη ; α ανέςη έυηλον όπ μαρτωλός εκ ήν. Ει δε' αμαρτωλός εκ ήν, πώς έσαυposson; di stépss. Ei & crépas závows evésn. Chryfoft. 3. That by his Death he háth satisfied God's

Justice, and so is able to justify us before his Father, If he had not paid our Debt, he would not have been released; but God sent an Officer to open the Prison Doors and release him, I Cor. xv. 17. Rom. iv. 24.

25. cap. viii. 33, 34. , 4. We may surely hope and trust in him for

our Salvation, 1 Pet. i. 3. Heb. vii. 25. 5. That we shall rise again, i Cor. XV. 12,

21, 22. Rom. viii. II. Ουδέπω και εσείς έσιν έγηρμένο, ο μη όντ κεφαλής pavasarīns, aj hues ngbe In ev. Chrysost. * Εκείνα και ανάσαντα, και ημάς ελπίζομεν έναρίσασθαι, Theodoret. 6. He will come to Judgment, Atts xvii. 31.

i Thesal. i. 10. 2 Cor. v. 10. 7. Wé rofe with him, as Members with theiç

Head, Col. ii. 12, 20. Eph. ii. S, G. 2. Practical

$. Me

1. Meditate upon his Resurrection, 2 Tim.

ii. 8. This is the End of our keeping this

Day and every Sunday. 2. Believe in him for Pardon and Salvation,

Rom. V. 10. 3. Fear him, Matt. xxi. 42, 44. Psal. ii. 9.

Epb. i. 20, 21. Phil. ii 9, 10, 4. Kise to Newness of Life, Rom. vi. 4. Eph.

V. 14. Revel. 20. 6. 5. Seek those Things that are above, Col. iii. 1.

1 Pet. iii. 22.

Who is gone into Heaven, and is on

the Right Hand of God.

1. T Heaven, was,

HAT the Messiab was to ascend into

1. Forefhewed in Types, Exod. xxx. so. Lev. xvi. 2. Heb. ix. 7, 11, 12, 24.

2. Foretold in Prophecy, Psal. Ixviii, 18. Eph. . .

סלקתא לרקיע .Targ עלית למרום .8


II. That our blessed Saviour did ascend thi. ther is plain, from the Testimony,

1. Of the Apostles, in whose Presence he ascended, Mark xvi. 19. Luke xxiv. so, si. Afts i. 9. None saw him rise, because they were to see him afterwards ; but they saw him ascend, because they were not to see him again till the laft Day. και η ανασάσεως το μεν τέλG δον, την και αρχην

; js araaslews nin men again cidir, ro téno ŠKÁTO Chryfoft.

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2. QE

2. Of Angels, who were sent to assure them he was got to Heaven, Aets i. 10, 11.

"Οι 3 ας ή έρανόν αναλαμβάνεται αυτοι λοιπον εδYdas xov oi à Sydor. Chryfoft.

3. Of Christ himself, Fohn XX. 17. Therefore when he faith that the Son of Man was in Heaven before, John iii. 13. that is meant only of the Assumption of the humane Nature to the divine Person, whereby it might be said to be in Heaven, because the divine Person was there.

III. Concerning the Ascension, we may observe the Time, Place, and Ends.

1. The Time : Forty Days after his Resurrection, Acts i. 3. which Time he continued upon Earth, 1. To convince his Disciples of the Truth

of his Resurrection, by his frequent appearing to them, and conversing with them, Luke xxiv 30, 39, 41, 42. Atts x41. 2i To manifest the great Glory his Body

was now endowed with, John xx. 26. Luke xxiv. 31. Phil. iii. 21. 3. To inform their Judgments, Atts i. 3. Luke 4. To ordain his Apostles, John XX. 21, 22. s. To give them their Commission, Matt.

xxviii. 19, 20. Mark xvi. 15. 2. The Place. He ascended into Heaven. 1. He left this World, John xvi. 28. 2. He went to some other determinate Place,

Fobn xiv. 3. 3. This Place was upwards, above this World,

xxiv. 29.

Atts i. 9.

4. This superior Place whither our Saviour went, was Heaven, Mark xvi. 19.

Luke xxiv. $:. Heb. ix. 24;

ş. The

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