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5. The Heaven whither our Saviour went,

is the Heaven of Heavens. He passed through the lower Heavens, Deanau foto tis segrås, Heb. iv. 14. Eph. iv. 10. Heb. vii. 26.

2 Cor. xii. 2, 3. Wherefore did he ascend thither? 1. To seal and confirm the Redemption he

had purchased for ys; as the High Priest, when he had offered Sacrifices with the Blood, he entered into the Holy Place,

Lev. xvi. 14: Heb. ix. 12. 2. To send down the Spirit upon his Apostles,

and all Believers, John xvi. 7. Luke xxiv.

49. A&ts i. 8. cap. xxi. Eph. iv. 8.
3. To prepare a Place for us, John xiv. 2.

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This should teach us,

Į. To believe firmly on our blessed Saviour, as the Christ in whom all the Types and Prophecies were fulfilled, John XX. 29.

2. To trust stedfastly on him for his bringing us to Heaven, Heb. vi. 19, 20. Fohn živ. 2, 3.

3. To follow our blessed Saviour into Heaven with our Hearts, and Affections, Phil. iii. 20, 2 Reg. ij. 2, 11, 12.


1 Pet. ii. 22.

And is on the Right Hand of God.


HE Mesiab was to fit at the Right Hand

of God. This was foreshewed, 1. In Type, Gen. xli. 40, 41, 42.

2. In Prophecy, Psal. cx. 1. Matt, xxii. 44. Asts ii. 34, 35, 36.

any Hands.


II. It is plain, that our Saviour did and doth fo, Mark xvi. 19. Rom. viii. 34: To understand this, we must consider,

1. What are we to understand by the Right Hand of God?

1. Negatively. Not as if God had properly
2.. Positively. It denotes,
1. His Power : For the Hand is that Mem-

ber whereby we work, Matt. xxvi. 64.
2. The Right Hand denotes Honour and

Glory, 1 Reg. ii. 19. Heb. i. 3. cap. viii. 1, Perfecto Opere ad Cælos Viktor adveniens, audit a Deo Patre, sede ad Dextram meam. Max. Taurin.

3. It fignifies Happiness and eternal Feli

city, Psal. xvi. 11. Quid eft Patris Dextera, nifi illa æterna, ineffabilifque Felicitas quo pervenit Filius Hominis, etiam Carnis Immortalitate percepta. Aug. 2. How are we to apprehend

Christ as now aç the Right Hand of God?

1. He is sometimes said in general only to be there, 1 Pet. iii: 22. Rom. viii. 34.

2. Some:

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2. Sometimes to stand there, Acts vii. 56.

Sedere Judicantis eft, ftare véro Pugnantis & Adjuvantis. Greg. M. 3. Most commonly to fit there ; which fig

nifies not any bodily Posture, but, 1. His Dwelling, in Heaven, qui Sedere intelligite babitare. Aug. 2. His Quiet and Freedom from all Distur,

bance. 3.

His Dominìon and Sovereignty, Psal. cx.

I. i Cor. XV. 25, i Ipsum Verbum sedere Regni fignificat Poteftatem. Hieron.

4. His Power of judging, Prov. XX. 8.
3. What is he now doing there?
1. He exerciseth his Priestly Office, by ma-

king Intercession for us, Heb. vii. 24.
r. Christ's Priestly Office began upon Earth,

when he offered up himself as a Sacrifice
for us, Heb. X. 12. cap. ix. 26. Eph. v. 2.

i Tim. ii. 6. Matt. xx. 28. 2. As the High Priest was to go once a Year

into the Holy of Holies to make Atone-
ment for the People, Lev. xvi. 12, 13, 14,

33, 34.
So Christ, when he had offered

went into Heaven as it was with his own
Blood, Heb. ix. 12, 24.
1. To make Atonement and Intercession

to God for the Pardon of our Sins by
Vertue of his Blood, : John ii. 1,2. Ro-

mans iv. 25. 2. To send down his Spirit upon us to

cleanse us from all Sin, John xvi. 7. Heb. ix. 13, 14. and to lead us into all Truth, John xvi. 13.

up himself,

3. To take Care that all necessary Means

of Salvation be afforded to those who believe, and to make them effectual,

Epb. iv. 8, 11, 12 4. To offer up our Prayers to God with

the Incense of his own Merits, Rev. viji. 3, 4, Lev. xvi. 12, 13.

Us E. 1. This should encourage us to pray, Heb. x. 19, 20, 22. cap. iv. 14, 16.

2. This should teach us in all our Prayers to act by Faith on Christ, as in Heaven interceding for us, Jobn xvi. 23, 24. Mark xi. 24.

3. Hence we should put our whole Trust on Chrift, and him alone, for our Salvation, Heb. yii. 25. Rom. viii. 34.

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i Pet. üi. 22.

Angels, and Authorities, and Powers, be

ing made subje&t to him.


S Kingly Office, 1. That Chrift should be a King, is plainly fore

told, Psal. ii. 6. Atts xiii. 33. Ifa. ix. 6, 7. Matt. ii. 2. 4. Zech. ix. 9. Matt. xxi. 5. 2. His Kingdom was not of this World : No

Temporal Kingdom, as the Jews thought, yea, and the Apostles, Acts i. 6. Himself Taith it was not, John xviii. 36. therefore he would not divide the Inheritance, Luke xii. 13, 14. nor be made a King by them, Foon vi. 15. 3. He exercised his Regal Power even when

he was upon Earth over bad Angels, Mark i. 25,27; c. iii. 11, 12. Good Angels, they attended him as his Guard, Luke ii. 13. and

worshipped, Heb. i. 6. 4. After his Resurrection he declared his Com

mission and Authority, Matt. xxviii. 18. S. At his Ascension, he was a&ually invested

with it, enthroned, crowned, A&ts ii. 36.

c. V. 31. Concerning this his Kingdom, we may ob

serve, 1. The Extent. It is over all, it is extended all over the World, Rom. ix. 5. 1 Pet. iii. 22.


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