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Eph. i. 20, 21. Phil. ii. 9. and yet he needs no Viceroy, for he is every where, Matt. xxviii. 20. and therefore no Vicar-Ge

neral. 2. The Nature of this Kingdom as it refem

bles there on Earth. He hath,. 1. His' Throne in Heaven, there he keeps his

Court, Heb. viii. 1. c. xii. 2. 2. His Courtiers and immediate Attendants are

Holy Angels and Saints, Rev. vii. 11. ģ. His Ministers of State are likewise the Holy

Angels, Heb. i. 14. 4. His Secretaries are the Prophets and Apostles,

2 Pet. i. 21. Ś. Yet he gives Audience every where, Matt.

xviij. 20. therefore we ought not to go to his

Courtiers. 6. The Law he governs his Subjects by, is his

written Word, Fac. ii. 8, 12. 1. The Common Law is the Old Teftament,

Rom, iii, 19. 2. The Chancery, oř, Court of Equity, is the

New, Rom. iii. 20, 21, 23. 7. The Great Seals he ureth to confirm his

Grants, is the Sacraments, Rom. iv. II. 8. His Enemies are many, but he conquers them

all, Heb. X. 12, 13, Josh. X. 24. He soon conquered all those that opposed him

in the Propagation of the Gospel, Matt. xvi.
1 28.
But his great Enemies are Three great and

powerful Princes.
Satan, John xii. 31. Eph. ii. 2. c. vi. 12.
Sin, Rom. V. 21. Rom. vi. 12. ',
Death, Rom. V. 17, 14.

1. He conquers the Devil, Heb. ii. 14. 1 John

iii. 8. 2 Tim. ii. 26. 2. Sin, Rom. vi. 14. A&ts v. 31. Phil. iv. 13. 3. Death is also conquered by him, Hof.xiii. 14.

1 Cor. XV. 54, 55, 56. 9. He hath his Ambassadors also, 2 Cor. V: 20.'

U s E. In his Name therefore I beseech you, 1. To Honour and Reverence him as exalted

above all other Monarchs in the World,

Fohn V. 23. Phil, ii. 9, 10. 2. Submit unto him, and obey his Laws,

Psal. ii. 9. Luke xix. 27. 3. Trust to him for his Pardon, AEts V. 31.

and Protectionof you, and his bringing you to himself in Heaven, Revel. iii. 21. Reus vii. 12.

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MATT. XXV. 31: When the Son of Man Shall come in

his Glory.

I. CHRIST shall come again from Heaven

W to Earth. He is now in Heaven, and will be to the End of the World, Aets iii. 21.

But that he will one Day come from thence again, is attested, 1. By the Apostles, 1 Thel. iv. 16. 2 Thel. i. 7.

Heb. ix. 28. 2. By the Holy Angels, Aets i. 10, 11. 3. By Christ himself, John xiv. 2, Ž. Matt. xxvii

64. C. XXV. 31. II. His Coming shall be with great Glory. The Archangels shall be his Heralds, 1 Theilen.

Sal. iv. 16. All the Holy Angels Thall attend him, Matt. XXV. 31. 2 Thessal. i. 7. Mark viii. 38.

This was along ago foretold by Enoch, Judgi. xiv. 15. Dan. vii. 13, 14.

So he is often said to come in the Clouds, Matt. xxvi. 64. Rev. i. 7.

ענני השמים הם מלאכי צבא השמים

The Clouds of Heaven, they are the Angels of the Host of Heaven. R. Gaon.

III. Being

III. Being thus come with his Angels, he shall fit upon a Throne, that is, a Judgment Seat; Matt. xix. 28.

To open this, 1. There will be a Judgment. 1. Private, Heb. ix. 27. Eccl. xii.

87192 04 Targ. Luke xvi. 22, 23, 2 . General. Of which, i. That there is such a Judgment to come, apa

pears, 1: Froin the Testimony of Conscience, Afts

xxiv. 25. Rom. ii. is. 2. From the Justice of God, Gen. xviii: 25. 3. From the Visions of it, Dan.vii:10. Rev.XX. 12 3. From his express Assertion of it, Etcl. xii. 14.

Rom. ii. . Eccl. xi: 9, 10. 2. Who will then be Judge ? CHRIST. Joh.:

22,27. Rom. xiv. 10. 2 Cor. V. 10. A&ts xvii.31. ć. X. 42..' 1. Because it is but Reason, that he that was

judged of Men, fhould afterwards judge

them, Matt. xxvi. 64: Phil. ii. 9, 10, 11. 2. That so we may fee our Judge, John V. 27.

Fob xix. 25, 26, 27. g. Who fhall then be judged? All Nations and

People whatfoever, Matt: XXV. 32. 2 Cor.1.10: I. All that are Dead shall be raised again to

Life, 1 Cor. xv. 52. Rev. XX. 12, 13. 2. Thofe that are then alive shall be fuminoned coo, Cor. xv. 51. I Theil. iv. 17.

IV. What Law will he Judge by ? The Law of God, Fac. ii. 12. and by the Law of Nature, Rom. ii. 14.

By which he will Judge,
1. The Thoughts, 1 Cor. iv. s: 2 Pet. ii. t:

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USE. 1. Make a Virtue of that now,which then you I will be forced to do, even honour and re

vere him, John V. 22, 23. 2. Get him to be your Friend beforehand. 3: Live as you will then wish you had done,

2 Pet. iii. 10, 11. Fac. ii. 12. Matt. XXV. 44. piec Luke xxi. 34.



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