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GAL. iv. 6.
And because ye are. Sons, God haih

sent the Spirit of his Son into your
Hearts, crying, Abba Father.

Bserve here

I. In General. All the Three Persons of the Godhead are here mentioned together, as often elsewhere, Matt, iii. 16, 17. Matt. xxviii. 19. 2 Cor. xiii, 14. 1 Joh. v. 7.

II. In Particular. Concerning the Holy Ghost, observe, 1. He is here reckoned aniong the Persons of

the Sacred Trinity, A&ts v. 3, 4.: 1. Cor. xii.
6, 11. Isa. vi. 8, 9. cum Act. xxviii. 25; 26.
Matt. xii. 31, 32.
2. As. Christ is here called the Son of God;

so the Holy Ghost is here called the Spirit
of Christ, proceeding from the Son as well

as from the Father, John xvi. 15.
3. As the Father fent the Son, Gal. iv.


fo he sent the Spirit of his Son too, ver. 6. é&arésoas, in both Places, John xiv. 26.

C. XV. 26.
4. God fends his Spirit only to those who are

his Sons by Adoption, ver. v. onde est ýós.
That ye are Sons, appears from hence, be-
cause you have the Spirit'; or, because

are Sons therefore, buc. we partake of the
Spirit only by Vertue of our Union to

Which Union is made by Faith, John i. 1 2.


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Therefore none else are capable of its

John xiv. 17. s. It is the Heart of Believers into which the Spirit is fent, and wherein Chrift and it

dwell, Epb. iii. 17. For the Heart is the Fountain of Life,

Prou. iv. 23. And the Seat of all true Grace: Hence whatsoever a Man doth, how well fo. ever he speaks, unless his Heart be right with God, he may be confident that he hath

not the Spirit of Christ. 6. This Spirit thus fent by God into the Heart

of Believers, cries, Abba Father, which is the laft and greatest Work he doth for usy and in us, and therefore fupposeth all the reft. Now the great Things he &oth are, 1. External. Which as Means he usech. ». He hath revealed the Will of God and ne

ceffary Truths to us, 2 Pet. i. 21. John xiv.

26. 2 Tim. iii. 16.
2. He constituteth and appointeth Ministers

in his Church to expound this, the Will of
God, and apply it to Men, Eph. iv, 11, 12.
1 Cor. xii. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Afts XX. 28. A&ts

xiii. 2.

2. Internal. By these Means,
1. He enlightens our Minds, rectifies our

Judgments, and clears ap our Apprehensions
of the Truths he hath revealed, Atts xvi. 14.
Psal. cxix. 18. John vi. 63. I Cor. ii. 11, 12.

John xvi. 13.
2. He convincethus of Sin, and makes us

truly sensible of it, and Penitent for it,
fon xvi. 8,9. A&ts ii. 37

3. He

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3. He fanctifies and renews our Wills and

Affections, and so our whole Nature,
Tit. iii. 5. 2 Thell. ii. 13. = Per.i. 2. Job. iii. s.

I Cor. vi. II. 4. He guides, directs and governs us in our

Actions, Rom. viis. 1, 14. 26, 27. I Cor. xii. 3. 5. He affures us of oar Adoption and Recon

ciliation to God; whereby we are able to call him, Abba Father, Rom. viii. 15, 16. by. which Means he is an Earnet of our future Glory, Eph. i. 13, 14.


1. Hence we fhould learn to adore all the per

sons of the Sacred Trinity, as all concurring in our Redemption, 2 Cor. xiii. 14.

Ifa. vi. 3. Revel. iv. 8. 2. Pray earnestly for the Spirit, ocherwise ye

are none of Christ's, Rom. viii. 9. nor can do

any good Thing, Fohn xv. 5. And we have a Promise for it, Luke xi. 13.

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Acis ii. 47
And the Lord added to the Church

daily such as should be saved.

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THAT is meant by the Church? The

is from the Greek, Kuecam: But the Word here in the Greek is 'Exxandíd, frequently used in the New Testament. I. Sometimes for the Place where the Disci

ples mer to worship God, I Cor. xi. 22.

*Η η Εκκλησίας της Θει καταφegνίτε. Sicut Ecclefia dicitur locus quo Ecclesia congregatur.

Aug. Hanc tamen vocari etiam ipsam Domum Orationum, restis est idem Apostolas dicens nunquid domos non

habetis, &c. Id. So St. Basil, Chryfoftom, Jerom, &c. expound it. Conveniunt in Ecclesiả. Tertull. 2. Sometimes for the Assembly met together to

worship God. Any particular Congregation of Saints, Col. iv. 15. Rom. xvi. 3, s. 1 Cor. xvi. 19. If the Apostle had meant only their private Family, he would have express'd it so, as Rom. xvi. 10, 11, 14, 16. 2 Tim. iy. 19. He means therefore the Congregation that usually met in some Part of

their House consecrated to the Service of God, 3. Tho' there were many such particular

Churches there, yet the Scripture often calls the whole Body of Saints in any City or Country, a Church, as the Church of Hierusalem, A&t. viii. 1. Antioch,c. xiii. 1. Cæfarea, c. xviii. 22.. Thessalonians, 2 Tbel: i. 1.

For the Governours and Rulers of the Church in any City or Nation,Matt. xviii. 17,

Είπι τη εκκλησία το7' τις προεδρεύεσιν. Chryf. See what follows, Matt. xviii. 18. John xx. 23. 5. For the Body collective of all Christians in the World, whereof Christ is Head, Col. i.

18. Epb.i. 22, 23. C. V. 23, 25. Thus Christ himself useth the Word, Matt, xvi.

18. And thus it is understood in the Creed, and in

the Text.

II. What are the Properties of this Church, I. It is One. Εις ένα καθολικήν αποστολικήν. 1. As having one Head, and built upon one

Foundation, 1 Cor. iii. 11. Eph. ii. 19, 20. 2. As agreeing in one Faith, Eph. iv. s. 3. Lead by one Spirit, Eph. iv. 3,4. Hence we should all conform to the Doctrine

and Rites of the Church in general, i for:

xi. 16. 2. The Church is Holy,

1. Negacively. 1. Not so as that there were no unholy Per

sons in it; for Christ compares it to, A Floor, Wheat and Chaff, Matt. iii. 1?: A Field, good Seed and Tares, Matt.xiii.24,25: A Casting-Net, good and bad Fishes, Matt.

xiii. 47, 48. An House, Vessels of Honour and Dishonour,

2 Tim. ii. 20. 2. Not as if any were perfectly Holy in thiş

World, 1 John i. 8. 2. Positively Holy. Because, 1. It calls Men to Holiness, 2 Tim. i. 9. 2. It engageth Men to Holiness, 2 Tim. ii. 19, 3. In it many are sincerely Holy, Tit. ii. 14.

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