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4. It brings them to perfect Holiness hereafter,

when the Church will be all Holy, Eph. V.

26, 27. 3. Catholick or Universal ;

; as, 1. Spread over all Places and Ages, Matt. xxviii,

19. Mark xvi. 15. Rev. v. 9. Kalorixi, appellatur quod per totum orbem diffun,

ditur. Aug 3. It teacherh all necessary Truths, 7oh. vii. 13,

Δια τη διδάσκουν καθολικώς και ανελλείπως άπαντα.

3. It enjoyns universal Obedience, and the

Exercise of all Graces, 1 Pet. i. 15.
Δια το καθολικώς ιατρέυειν και τραπευειν άπαν το

á magnâv hos. Cyril.
III. Such as shall be saved are brought into the
Church by God.
1. The Lord brings or adds them to the

Church, John vi. 44. Afts xvi. 14. 2. They that shall be faved are thus brought

by the Lord into the Church, Acts iv. 12. Habere nequit Deum Patrem qui non habet Ecclefiam


Atts xvi. 3i.

USE. 1. Thank God for your being brought into the Church, the pureft upon Earth, Matt. xi. 25.

2. Continue in the Church, and live up to the Doctrine and Discipline of it, Matt. v. 16. 1 Pet. ii. 12.

Unless ye do this, it will avail you nothing.

you do, you will ger to the Church Triumphant, Heb. xij. 22,


P s .

A L. xvi. 3. But to the Saints that are in the Earth,

Ommunion .
Cosaints in Heaven, Col. i. 12. Fud. xiv.

Thell. iii. 13.
Saints in the Earth.
I. Who may properly be said to be Saints.
II. How they did, and we may become such.
III. What Communion there is among them.
1. Who are truly Saints, and may properly

be called so; and what is to be a Saint.
In general:
1. Some are said to be Saints, or Holy, only

because feparated from the profane and heathenish World, to the Worship of the

True God, Deut. vii. 6. c. xiv. 2. Rom. i. Or, to some especial Service in the Worship

of God, as, Holy Priests, Levit. xxi. 6, 7. Numb. xvi. 5, 7. Holy Prophets, Luke i. 70. Holy Apostles, Eph. iji

, s. Rev. xviii. 20. 2. Some are Saints by Covenant with God,

Psal. I. 5. Exod. xix. 5, 6. 2 Cor. i. 1. Thus every one baptized is a Saint, 1 Car.vii. 14.

Rom. xi. 16. 3. Some are Saints only by Profession, Deut. xxvi. 17, 18, 19. I Cor. i. 2. with c. iii.

3. 4. Some are really and truly Saints by Parti

cipation, of all true Grace and Virtue, 1 Cor. yi. 1, 2, II,


6. 7.

Concerning which, in general, observe, 1. There are but very few of them in the

World, Matt. xxii. 14. Luke xii. 32. diregy

ποίμνιον. 2. It is an hard Matter to know, who are and

who are not Saints in this World. Fudas among the Apostles. Foolish among Wise Virgins, Matt. xxv. 3, 4, 5,

Matt. vii, 22, 23. 3. It is no easie Matter for a Man to know,

whether he himself be a true Saint or no,

Fer. xvii. 9. Luc. xviii. 11. Matt. XXV. 11, 12. 4. It is a very hard and difficult Matter to be

a true Saint, Matt. vii. 13, 14, But blessed be God, it is possible for us. In particular : A true Saint, 1. Is one that is renewed and fanctified by

the Spirit of God, the only Principle of all true Sanctity, Joh.iii

. 5,6. Tit.iii. 3. 2 Thell. ii. 13. 1 Pet. i. 2. 2 Pet. i. 4. 1 John iii. 24. 2. He is acted and guided by the same Spirit

, Rom. viii. 1, 9, 14. Gal. v. 18, 25. 3. Hence the Actions of a true Saint differ

from all moral or humane Actions, 2 Cor.iv. 13.
Eph. vi. 18. Phil. iii. 3. Col.i. 8.
1. They proceed from spiritual Motives,

and are directed to spiritual Ends, 2 Cor.

i. 12.


2. They are performed in a spiritual ManWith Zeal and Fervency, Rom. xii. 11, and

and yet with Order and Regularity too. Ει ζώμεν πνεύματι, πνεύμα και τοιχώμεν, Gal.ν.25.

That is, orderly and methodically, not against Reason



4. Hence also, he carefully abstains from

Sin, as contrary to the Principle of Grace that is in him,'ı John iii. 9. 1. The Bent and Inclination of his Heart

is against it, Psal. cxix. 113. Psal. xvii. 3. 2, Hence he cannot sin without Relu

ctancy and great Difficulty; as it were, Violence offered to himself, 2 Cor. xiii. 8.

Aets iv. 20. 3. He avoids Sin as Sin, because offensive

to God, and contrary to his Laws,

Gen. xxxix. 9. Pfal. 51. s. 4. Hence he sets himself against all Sin,

1 Thell: 5, 22. Hidden and secret, as well as open Sins, Pride, Uncharitableness, as well as Theft

or Swearing Sins of Omillion as well as Commisfion. s. He chuseth the greatest Suffering, ra

ther than the least Sin, Job xxxvi. 21.

Num. xxii. 18. V. A Saint is Holy in all manner of Conver

sation, 1 Pet. i. 15. He that is Holy at all, is all Holy, universally Holy. . » 1. In Respect of the Rule he walks by, the

the Word of God: Where, Gal. vi. 16. 1. He believes all the Truths there revealed, .

1 Fobn iii. 23. Gal. v. 20. 2 Pet. ii. 1.

c.iii. 16, 17. Jude 19. 2. Trustech on all the Promises there made,

Rom. iv. 20, 21, 22. Psal. xxvii. 1. Heb.

xi. 13. 3. Obeys all the Commands there enjoined,

Psal. cxix. 6. Luke i. 6.


1. He obeys them, because there command

ed; otherwise, 'tis no Obedience, 1 Sam.

xv. 22. Heb. xi. 8, 17, 18. 2. Hence he obeys all, Luke i. 75. 1. The Duties of the First, as well as

Second Table. 2. The Duties of the Second as well as

of the First, Matt. xxii. 37, 38, 39. 3. Every one of each Table as well, as

any one, Fac. ii. 10. 2. A Saint is universally Holy, in respect of

the Object, God and Man, Acts xxiv. 16. 1. In refpect of God, i Chron. xxviii. 9.

Praying to him, Acts ix, 11. Psal. xxxii. 6.

Eph. vi. 18. 2. Reading and Hearing his Word, Pfal.

xix. 9, 10. Psal. Ixxxiv. 1o. Psal. i. 2. 3. Loving and Fearing him above all Things,

Psal. lxxiii. 25. lfa. viii. 13. 4. Keeping his Sabbaths, Exod. xx. 8. Ifa. 5. Not speaking of him but with Fear and

Reverence, Exod. xx. 7. Deut. xxviii. 58.

Ecclef. ix. 2. 6. Praising his Name, Psal. cxlv. io. Pfal

. xxxii. 1. 2. In respect of Men: 1. Loving his Enemies, Mat. Vi 44. Rom.

xii. 17, 18. 2, Charitable to the Poor, 1 Jobu. iii. 17. 3. Juft to all, Mattxxiii. 14. Luc. xix. 8. " Mich. vi. 6. 3. Universally Holy in respect of Time,

Luke. i. 75. Pfal. civ. 33. Pfal. cxlvi. 2. i Thel. v. 16, 17, 18.

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lviii. 13.

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