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bere meet with so sure a Guide, and have fo true a Foundation'laid for the Superstructure they all think fit to raise upon it. And I have been still more inclined to think they may serve these good Ends, after . those many Letters I have received from several Parts . of this Kingdom, as well as from abroad, full of ear-, nest Sollicitations to oblige the World with the Remains of tbat Perfon, wbore profound Learning, exemplary Piety, and singular Humility bas so much endeard bis Memory to the whole Christian World; and more especially to ibofe that have a just sense of Religion or their Minds,

A CATALOGUE of the Greek, Latin, and Englila Works of the Right Reverend Father in God William Beveridge, D. D. late Lord Bishop of St. Asaph.

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Gen, i. 26. And God said, Let us make Man

in our own Image, after our Like..

nejs. OBSERV. Í. HE Trinity or Plurality of

:: Persons in the Godhead is

here implied. . I: There is but one God: And God said.

2. A Plurality of Persons were imployed in the Creation of Man, 176y).

3. He was made in the Image of that Plurality, :-How many are these Persons ? Three. ; : How doth that appear?

t. In the Old Testament, 2 Sam. xxiii. 2. Pfal. xxxiii. 6. Ifa. xlii: 1. ; 2. In the New, Matt. iii. 16. 17. Luk. i. 35. 2 Cor. xiii. 14.

Wherein is delivered, ; I. Their Names.

1. God the Father. This none deny. Vol. I.


2. God

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31, 32.

2. God the Son, Job. i. 1. i Job. v. 20.

Fob. xx. 28. Phil. ii. 6, 7. Otherwise he

could not be our Saviour.
3. The Holy Ghost, 1 Cor.iii. 16. Matt. xii.
2. Their Order, Matt. xxviii. 19..
3. That they are but One God, 1 Joh. v. 7.

OBSERV. II. All Three Persons concurred

in the Creation of Man.

1. Because he was the Head of the Creation.

2. Made in the Image of God.

USE, Therefore Man is bound to Worship

every One.

I, With Faith, Fob. xiv. 12

2. Fear, Fer. v. 22..

3: Love, Deut: vi.' 5.

4. Trust, Prov. iii.

5. Prayer, A&t. vii.

6. Joy, Phil. iv. 4.

7. Thankfulness, " Matt. si. 25,

OBSERV. III. Man was made in the Image

of God, which appeared,

I. In his Nature. His Soul being, by

1. Spiritual, Gen. ii. 7 .

2. Rational. .

3. Endowed with Free-will, Deut. xxv. 19.

4. Capable of the Enjoyment of God,

I Cor. xiii. 11.'.

5. Immortal, Matt. XÝV, 46. i
II. In his Uprightness, Ecclefi . 29. Epb.iv.


1. In his Mind, knowing God. Fol. xvii. 3.

2. In his Will, chusing God as his chiefest

. Goodo .

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