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ix. 13:

3. General and particular, Psal. li. 3, 4. with

the several Aggravations of them, Dan. 4. With loathing and abhorring our felvęs for

it, Dan. ix. 4, 7. Pfal. xxxviij. 18, 5. With Prayer to God, Dan. ix. 20. 1. To pardon, Luke xvüi. 13. Psal. li. g. 2. To subdue it, Psal. li. 7, 10. Who fo thus confesseth his Sins, God will for

give them, Psal. xxxii. s. 2. To Men, Jac. v. 16. Éspecially when the Conscience is troubled,

and God eminently provoked, 2 Sam.

xii. 13•

IV. Resolutions against Sin, Psal. xvii. 3: Pfal. xxxix. 1. Joh. xxiv. 15.

This must be, 1, With serious Deliberation. 2. In the Name of Christ, and by the Grace of

God, John XV. S. 3. Strengthned with Prayer, Psal. cxli. 32 4.

Psal. xix. 12, 13.

V. Conversion. 1. What must we be converted from? Sin

and Wickedness, Ezek. xiv. 6. 6. xviii. 30. : 6. Xxxiii. 11. 7. I. From Sin, as Sin. 1. As it is the Transgression of God's Laws

1 John iii. 4. Rom. vii. 1?, 12. 2. Contrary to his Nature, Isa. iii. 8. 3. Dishonourable to his Name, Rom. ii. 23.

1 Sam. ii. 30. Mat. v. 16.

2. From

2. From all Sin, one as well as another, Ezek.

xviii. 30, 31: Fac. ii. 10. And by Consequence from our darling Sin,

Psal. xviii. 23. 1. That which our Hearts are most fet upon,

Ezek. xxxiii. 31. Atts viii. 22. 2. Which we are most easily overcome by,

Heb. xii. 1. 3. Which we are most loth to part with,

Matt. xix. 21, 22. To forsake this Sin, is very acceptable to

God, Gen. xxii. 16. We must not only turn from the Commission of Sin, but from all Love to it, all Pleasure and Delight in it, I John ij. 15, Fer. iv. 14. Prop. ii. 14.

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xii. 19.

OBJ. 1. I shall then leave my Pleasures. 1. They are not real Pleasures, Ifa. lvii.

20,?!, 2. At the best they are but Brutish, Luke 3. But for a Moment, 2 Cor. iv. 17, 18. Heb. 4. End in Misery, Rom. vi. 21. Prov. xxiii,

31, 32. s. You lose much greater Pleasures for them,

Pfal. xvi. 11. í Pet. i. 8.

xi. 25.

OBJ. 2. But there is Profit in them, Als xix,

.27, 28,

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1. It is but feeming Profit, Prov. x. 22. Jac. V.

2, 3. 2. You lose more than you get, Matt,

xvi. 26.
3. You will gain more by losing such Profits,

I Tim. iv. 8. c. vi. 6.
1. The Favour of God.
2. A Blessing upon what


have. 3. Everlafting Life, Matt. vi, 19, 20. 2. What must we be converted to? God and Goodness, Hof. vii, 16.

What is that? 1. Negatively 1, To turn from one Sin to another, is no

turning to God, Matt. ix. 13.1 Luke xi.

24, 25. 2. To turn to a meer civil Life, is not true

turning to God, Mark xii. 34. ... 3. To turn from one Sect to another, or

from a grofs - to 'a fuperftitious Way of Living, is not turning to God, Matt.

xxiii. 15.
2, Positively: We must turn from Sin, so as

to have our whole Hearts inclined to God,
Joel ii. 12.
1. To love him with all our Hearts, Deut.

vi. s. Matt. xxii. 37. c. X. 37:
2. To Defire him, Psal. lxxiii

. 25. Pfal. xlii. 1, 2. Phil. iii. 8, 9. 3. To rejoice in him, Pfal.iv. 7. 1 Pet. i. 8.

Hab. iii. 17, 18. 4. To trust and confide on him, Prov. iii. s.

Ifa, 1. 10. Psal. xxvii, 1, 2, 3.

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5. To fear and dread him, Isa. viii. 13.

Matt. x. 28.
6. To serve, honour and obey him, and do

all such good Works as he hath prepa-
red for us, Psal. xxxiv. 14. Ifa. i. 16, 17,

7: To believe in Jesus Christ, and the Pro-

mises which God hath made to us in

Take not up with a partial Repentance; 2 Cor.

vii. 10. Mark vi. 20.

VII. We muft not only be converted to God the Father, but to the Son too, so as to believe in him for Pardon, in order to our obtaining of it, Axts iii. 38. Mark i. 15. 1. There is nothing of Worth or Dignity in

our Repentance it self, whereby it can de

serve Pardon, Luke xvii. 10. 2. However, it qualifies us for it, and puts us

into a Capacity of obtaining it. -3 But it is conferred upon us only on the Ac

count of Christ, and his Merits, Col. i. 14.

Matt. xxvi. 28. Rom. V, 10.
4. Though Christ hath merited it for us, we

cannot partake of it but by Believing in him,
Axts xiii. 38, 39. Rom. iii. 28. Gal. ii. 16.
2. How doth it appear, that if we fo repent,

we shall be pardon'd?
God hath said it, Ifa. lv. 7. Ezek. xviii. 30.

Afts xvi. 35. Zech. i. 3.

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Means :

1. Prayer, Lam. V. 21. Fer. Xxxi. 18,
2. Hearing, Rom. X. 17:
3. Fafting, 1 Cor. ix. 27. Foel ii. 12;

Meditation, Psal. iv. 4. Psal. cxxxix. 17, 18. 5. Receiving the Sacrament.

Means : 1. Prayer, Lam. v. 21. Fer. Xxxi. 18. Pfal. li.

10, II. 1. No one can repent or convert himself,

without the Allistance of God, 2 Cor.
iii. 5. Jac. i. 17. Epb. ii. 8.
We cannot expea he should affift us, un-
less we ask it of him, although he hath

promised it, Ezek. xxxvi. 26, 27, 37 3: If we do sincerely ask it of him, he will

infallibly assist us, Luke xi. 13. 2. Hearing 1. This is the Means whereby we are instru.

&ed how to repent, and are called upon

to do it, 2 Cor. V. 20. Ezek. xxxiii. 11. 2. It is the Means whereby God doth ordi

narily work Repentance in us, Rom X. 17.

Asts ii. 41.

3. Fasting 1. This rightly used, keepeth the sensual

Parts in Subjection; and so takes off the

greatest Impediment to Repentance, 1 Cor. 2. It prepares and disposes the Mind for the Receipt of Grace and Virtue,


ix. 27.

ji. 12

4. Me

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