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4. Meditation, Psal. iv. 4. 1. Upon Sin. I. The Nature, 1 John iü. 4. 2. The Consequences of it, Deut. xxxij. 293

oningh 1712. Upon the World. 1. Its Uncertainty, 1 Pet.i. 24: 2. Its Vanity, Ecclef. i. 2. c. ii. i 3. Upon God and his Glory, Psal. cxxxix.

17, 18. 4. Upon Repentance. 1. As it puts a Man out of Danger of Evil,

Psal. xxiii. 4. Psal. xci. 9, 10. Prov. iii. 23,

24, 25. 2. It brings a Man into Favour with God,

and fo enftates him in all Good, Psal.

Ixxxiv. 11. 5. Trust on Christ for it; it is he that gives

it, A&ts V. 31. Fobn xv. 5. Phil. iv. 13. . He invites you to him, Matt. xi. 29. And

promisech, that if you come he will rem

ceive you, John vi: 37. 6. Receive the Sacrament of the Lord's Sup.

per, Luke xxii. 19. 1 Cor. xi. 26.

1 Cor. XV. 21. For fince by Man "came Death, by Man came also the Refurre&ion of the Dead.

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By this Means he will deftroy Death it felf,

1 Cor. XV. 25, 26. V. What will be the Consequent of the Resurrection ? Judgment, John v. 28, 29. Mati. XXV. 31, 32,

34, 41. U s E.

This should make us, 1. Admire, 1. The 'Wisdom of God in knowing all

Men's Dust.
2. His Power in raising them up.
3: His Justice in punishing Sinners:

4. His Mercy in rewarding Saints. 2. Be thankful to our Saviour for his Conqueft

over Death, 2 Tim. i. 10. 3. Arm us against the Fear of Death, 1 Cor.XV.

54, 57. 4. Keep us from immoderate Sorrow for the

Death of our Friends, i Thef. iv. 13. 5. Hence we should always be preparing for the Account we must give when risen again, A&s xxiv, 15, 16. I Cor. xv. 58...

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I IFE everlasting, in its general Notion, in L plies both the Life which the Just shall enjoy in Heaven, and that which Sinners shall have in Hell for ever, John V. 29.

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I. Of all Light over-whelmed with Darkness,

Matt. viii. 12. 2 Pet. ii. 4. 17. Jude 13.
2. Qf all Honour and Respect, so as to live

continually in Reproach and Ignominy, i Rev. xxii. 15. Matt. XXV. 30. Matt. iii. 12.

Dan. xii. 2.
3. Of all Wealth and Riches. No such Thing

there, Luke xvi. 23, 24.
4. Of all Pleasure and Delight.

1. Real, Luke xvi. 23, 24.

2. Imaginary, Matt. viii. 12. 5. Of all Peace and Quietness of Mind, being

in continual Horrour and Amazement, .

Ivii. 20, 21.
Hence, ó Rpuguio's os Sórtwy, Matt. viii. 12.

gnashing and grinding their Teeth for Grief
and Vexation for what they have done.

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