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2 PET.

2 PET. 1:6. And to temperance patience, I. W Hat is Patience ? 1. GOD orders the World, and disposeth

of every thing in it, Mat. x. 29, 30. 2. As he gives Comforts, so it is he too that

gives Troubles, Isa. xlv. 7. Job. i. 2. . .. and ii. 10. . 3. As we are to moderate our Affections to

• the Pleasures, fo we are to moderate

them to Troubles too. The first is Tem

perance, and the other Patience. Şo as 1. Not to faint under any Trouble,Heb. xii.

5. Prov. xxiv. 10. Heb. x. 35, 36. ... 2. Not to murmur or repine against GOD, : 1 Cor. X. 10. Rom. ix. 20. , 3. Nor retain any Malice or revengeful

Thoughts against his Inftruments,

1 Pet. ii. 20, and iii. 9. Mat. V. 44. 4. But to be always ready to bear any

Trouble, Afts xxi. 13. s. That we rejoyce and be thankful for

whatsoever we here meet with, Heb. X. 34. Aits v. 41. Mat. v. 11, 12. Job i. 22. Jam.v. 11.

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served them by our Sins, Lam. iji. 39.

Jab vii. 20. Mic.vii.g. , 2. They are much less than we deserve, Ezr.

ix. 13. Lam. iii. 22. 3. As our Sufferings themselves are but small

in Comparison of what we have deserved, so they are but of short Continu

ance, Heb. x. 36, 37. 4. God is patient towards us, and therefore

we must needs have all the Reason in the World to be fo to him, 2 Pet. iii,

9. Rom. xv. s. f. Impatience makes our Troubles worse;

Patience makes them better, yez, turns them into Bleffings, fam. i. 4. By this,

we pofle's our Souls, Luke xxi. 19. 6. All Troubles come from GOD, and that

fhould make us patient above all things,
as it did Eli, 1 Sam. iii, 17, 18. David
2 Sam. xvi. 10. Psal. xxxix. 9. Hezeki-
ab, Ifa. xxxix. 7, 8. Fib, Job. i. 22.

Our Lord.
This cannot surely but make us patient, as
-1. His infinite Wisdom in contriving,

2. His Mercy in moderating, 1 Cor. . X. 13. 3. His end in infli&ing any Trouble

upon us, Heh, xii. 10. 2 Cor. iv. 17. 7. Our Bleffed Saviour him elf hath fer us an

exact Pattern of true Patience, Ifa. liïi. 7. i Pet. ii. 20, 21, 22, 23. Heb. xii. In 2, 3.

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3. By desiring his Favour, Pfa. lxxiii. 25.

Pfa. xlii. 1, 2. Hereby we acknow

ledge his Excellency above all things. 4. Submitting to his Will, Luke xxii. 42. Hereby we acknowledge, Mat. vi. 10.

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