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USE II. Serve God.

DocTRINE II. We should will and chuse the Service of God before all other things.

I. What is it to serve God?
It implies our Employment, '

1. Of Soul.
2. Of Body to his Glory.
1. Our Souls.

1. By admiring.
2. Fearing.
3. Defiring.
4. Loving.

5. Trusting on him.
2. Our Bodies.

1. In praising.

2. Acting for him.
2. How should we will this Service?

1. So as to prefer it.
2. Desire it.
3. Endeavour after it more than all things.
4. Continuing always in it to the

our Power.
3. Why should we will the Service of GOD

1. It is our Duty.
2. Our Happiness.
1. Our Pleasure.

' Honour.

Satisfa&tion. . Use.

i dmth.

Use. Serve GOD above all things.

DOCTRINE III. We should endeavour that our Families should also serve GOD.

1. By giving them a good Example.

2. Good Instructions. Use. Look to your Families. Consider GOD will call you to an account.

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v. 4.


2. Slaves.

1. To Sin, Rom. vi. 17. 2 Pet. ii. 19.

2. Satan, 2 Tim. ii. 26. 3. Sons of Belial, 1 Sam.ii. 12. Targ. "V\U9

71731. Syr. Houts 2 Chron. xiii.7.qs. 41994, absque juga, rather

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4914), absque utilitate, nibili, inn

tilis. 4. Children of the Devil, 1 Fobn iji. 8.

Jobon viii. 44. 2. What contemptible things they are com

pared to. Reprobate Silver, Jer. vi. 30. Smoke, Psa. xxxvii. 20. Stubble, Psa. lxxxiii. 13. a barren Heath, Jer. xvii. 6. Dust, Pfa. i. 4. Dogs, Pfa. xxii. 16.

Hogs, Mattb. vii. 6. 3. What contemptible Businesses they are

employed about ; in Sin, the Devil's

Drudgery. 4. What contemptible Pleasures they are

delighted in: No other than the Plea

sures of Sense, which the Beasts enjoy • as well as Man,.. Nos aper auditu præcellit aranea tałtu,

Vultur odoratu, lynx visu, fomia gustu. is. What contemptible things they are put

off with ; the things of this World, P. xvii. 14.

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6. His Magistrates, 2 Pet. ii. 10. Jud. 8.
7. His Mercies, Ron. ij. 4.
8. His Judgments, Fob. v. 17. Heb. xii. s.
9. His Saints; 2 Tim. iii. 3,
10. His Favour.
11. His Spirit.
12. His Vicegerent, Conscience.

2 SAM. xxiv. 14. Let us fall now into the Hand of the

Lord. THE Hand of the Lord is in a peculiar man,1 ner seen in the Sickness:

Or, It is the Hand of the Lord, and the Sword of the Lord, i Cbron. xxi. 12. and Hand, Exod. ix. 3.

1. Neg. Not as if it always came immediately from God, for he useth secundary.

1. Supernatural Causes.
1. Good Angels, v.15, 16. 2. Paral. xxxii.

2. Bad, Fob ii. 7,8.
2. Natural.

II. Pof. But still it is in a peculiar manner from God. Ecce digitus Dei. As appears,

1. In the beginning from such various or no 2. The Poysonous Qualities of all sorts.. 3. Its Contagion, one not another, fometimes rich sometimes poor...

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4. Effects, it takes away so many.

Athens. Vefpafian 10000. Indies. Eufeb. 5. Its Attendants. 2. Why does God fend it? for Sin. :: In The Pride of Superiors, 2 Sam. 24.

2. Injustice and Oppression, as in Egypt. 1. 3. Contempt of the Word, Ezek. v. 11,12.

USE. What muft we do?
1. Preservatives.
1. Common.

1. Repentance.
2. Faith.
3. A Resignation of our Wills to God's.
4. A serious Consideration of the Mercy

in God in all Judgnients.
5. Live above the Fear of Death.
2. Special.
1. In the Morning.

1. Prayer.
2. Reading the Word, Pf.xci. Pr.
bus xxxi. 19.

3. Renewed Acts of Faith in Chrift. 2. All Day. 1. Trust in God's Promises, Pf. xi.

Rom. viii.

2. Frequent Ejaculations.
2. Cure of infected.

1. Look up to the Author.
2. Acknowledge his Justice, and thy Sins.
3. Lay hold on Christ, and the Promises.
4. Think much on the Power and Mercy

of God.
... 5. Submit to his Will and Pleasure,

Strengthen your selves with the Thoughts

of the Sting of Death taken out by

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