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that either a World of Happiness or else of Misery, according to their Carriage and Deportment hure.

1. Of Happiness for the good.

2. Of Misery for the bad, Mattb. xxv. 46. And nothing being more certain, than that all Mankind when they go hence are immediately conveyed into one of those Places, and by Confequence that you and I shall e're long be either in Heaven or Hell, as certainly as we are now here, it must needs behove us very much to be often thinking upon, and preparing for our Departure hence; and that not only when we have Spectacles of our Mortality lying plain before us, but all our Lives long, as we see here Job did, All the days, &c. , From which Words we may observe,

1. The Time of our abode upon Earth is appointed by God. himself, Job xiv. s. and vii. i. Matth. x. 29.

II. Death is a Change, .00170 M2 70 So it is called too, i Cor. xv. 32. because of the many Changes it brings upon us. 1. We shall then change our Place, going

from Earth either to Heaven or Hell, Places of a quite different nature from

that we are now in. 2. Our Company. Here we keep Compa

ny only with Men; but there with Angels, either bad or good. 1. They that go to Hell, shall have no

other Society but that of the Devil : and his Fiends, Matth. xxv. 41. · 2. They in Heaven shall enjoy the blessed Company

1. Of glorified Saints and Angels, Heb.

xii. 23.
2. Of Christ, John xvii. 24.

3. Of God himself, 1 Cor. xiii. 12.
3. Our Employments. Here we are gene-

rally employed about nothing but the Toies and Trifles of this lower World; but there, 1. Some will be employed in remembring

their former Sins, in beholding GOD as angry with them, and in bewailing their former Miscarriages, and Follies in provoking GOD and destroying themselves. 2. Others will be employed in admiring, praising and adoring the eternal GOD, the chiefest of all Goods, Rev. iv. 10. and v. 11,

12. and xi. 16, 17.
4. Our Opinions.

1. Concerning the World.
2. Concerning Sin.
3. Concerning GOD and Christ, and the

ways of Holiness and Religion.
s. Our Conditions. The Poor in Time may

be Rich to Eternity, and they Poor to Eternity who were Rich in Time.

III. We are always to wait for the Time when our Change shall come. . i. Patiently, Job iij. 20, 21, 22. So as not

to hasten it our selves, but to wait God's leasure till he shall see good to call us,

Job xiv, 15. 2. To be always looking for it, and expect

ing our Summons to depart hence into the other World, Amos vi. 3. James iv. 13. This is the Reason that tho' GOD


hath determined our Days, yet he hath not acquainted us when they will be expired, that fo we may be in daily Ex

pectation of it, Mark xiii. 33, 34, 36. 3. So as to prepare your felves for it, that

you may not be surprized, but may be ready to go whenever you are called,

Luke xii. 40. As considering, 1. As Death leaves you, Judgment will find

you, Heb. ix. 27. Eccl, xii. 7. 2. God will then judge you according to your

Actions here, either to Heaven or Hell,

2 Cor. V. 10. Mattb. xxv, 34, 41. To prepare your selves aright for your great Change 1. Repent of all your Sins; unless you turn

from worse to better while you live, be sure you'll turn from bad to worse when you die,

Luke xiii. 3.

1. Cordially, Joel ii. 12,13.
2. Universally.

3. Constantly. 2. Believe in Jesus Christ, Acts xvi. 31. trusting

only upon him for Pardon and Acceptance. 1. His Death. 2. — Spirit.

3. - Intercession, i Job. 2. 1. 3. Walk in newness of Life. Making 1. Reigion your Business, fets x. 38. 2. GOD's Glory your end in all you do, 1 Cor,

$. 31.


JOB xix. 25. For I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth. Numb. xxiv. 17. 1. | Know, that is, certainly believe, 2 Tim. i.'

1 12. The Heathens had Knowledge of GOD, Rom. i. 21. Aits xvii. 23. and of Christ, Ats X.

2. That Redeemer.2017. So Ifa.lix.20.421 Sais zieb. Rab. TIVAT 173. Ruth iii. 12. 197.1338 LATI

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. Christ became our near Kinsman by be- coming Man, Heb. ii. 16. hence called

the second Man, i Cor. xv. 47. hence

our Brother, Heb. ii. . . ; 2. Hence the Right of our Redemption was

in him: From Sin and Misery he redeem

ed us. : 1. From Misery, by undergoing it for us,

i John ii. 1, 2. He being of our blood, . Eph.i.7. . 2. From Sin, by fubduing it in us, Acts iii.

26. 3. My Redeemer. We must believe he died

for us particularly, Ifa. liii. 5, 6. John xx.

4. Liveth, John viii. 58. John i. 1.

1. Really as God.

2. Effcctually as Redeemer.
5. And that he mall stand at the latter Day

upon the Earth. Intimating,
1. Either his first coming, 1 Jobn ii. 18.

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1. Oft think of Judgment.
2. Prepare your selves for it.

1. By Repentance.
2. By Faits.
3. By Good Works.
3. Live like those that must see GOD with


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