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PSALM xviii. 23. I was also upright before him, I kept my self from Iniquity.

DOCTRINE I. W E should all endeavour to be upright before

God. Heb..ovpn 1. Wherein doth our Uprightness confift? . 1. In the Integrity of our Profession, 2 Tim.

iii. s. and ii. 19. Ezek.xxxiii 1. 2. The Sincerity of our Intentions, intend

ing in all things sincerely
1. To plcase, i Thef. iv. 1.

2. To glorify God, 1 Cor. x. 31.
3. The Regularity of our Affećtions.

1. Love, Cant.i.4.
2: Hope, PS. lxiv. 10.
3. Fear,.7777772 Dibw 1919,71 Chald. Prov.

xiv. 2.
4. Joy, Pf. xxxii. 11.

5. Desire, Pf. xlii. I. and lxxiii. 25.
4. The Equity of civil A&ions.
5. The Piety of our whole Life and Conver-

fation: MOTIYE S. 1. Herein confifteth our Likeness to GOD,

PS. xxv. 8, and xcii. 15. 2. It's pleasing to GOD, Prov. xi. 20. 3. Not only their Persons, but Performances,

are acceptable to him, Prov. xv. 8.
4. Consider the Promises made by GOD to

the upright.
1. To bless them, Pf.cxii. 2.

1. 23.

2. To give them good things, Frov. xxviii.

10. 3. To with-hold no good from them, Pf.

lxxxiv. II. and xxxiv.9,10. . 4. He will shew them his Salvation, Pf.

5. To dwell in his Presence, Pf. cxl. 13. IỊ. We should also endeavour to keep our felves from our Iniquity. 1. What are we to understand by our Iniqui

ties, or how may any Sin be termed ours? 1. GOD made Man upright, Ecclef. vii. 29. 2. Man made himself a Sinner. 3. Hence he is naturally inclined to Sin in

general, more than to Holiness, Eccles.

viii. il. 4. But there is some Sin that every one of us

is more particularly inclined to thau 0

others, Heb. xii. 1. arising either from, !, Our Complexion. 2. Calling. 3. Condition.

4. Or Custom. 5. This Sin that we are thus particularly in

clined to, we may well call our Sin. 2. How may we know it? 1. That Sin which thy Thoughts run most

upon, that's thy Sin, as Abab, 1 Reg.

xxi. 14. 2. That Sin which thou intendest principal

ly, and endeavoureft most after." 3. That Sin which GOD hath plagued thee

for, and yet thou wilt not refrain from.

Thus Ambition was Pbaraob's Sin.
That Sin which thou hast oft prayed and

resolved against, and yet art overtaken

5. That

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PSA L. xxvii. 1. The Lord is my light, and my falvation, whom hall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life, of whom (ball I be afraid?

I. THE Lord.
I. His Name. There are three Names of

GOD, 0178, 1798 and 17176 which is ,
the essential Name of the chiefest good,
who being the Being of all Beings, isi
called 910 91 the Being, 01958 is tran-
flated GOD, IN the Lord in small
Letters, 171,7" the Lordin Capitalor great

2. His Nature, which is best known by the

Names himself hath given himself.

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2. .71771.The Being of all Beings, not

only the Basis, but the very Being of
them, without whom nothing can be,
which therefore implies him to be
the absolute Perfection of all things,


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